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Better than Average TV Movie

Author: RileyHawk from USA
12 March 2002

This made for tv-movie tells the story of best friends Mandy Roberts (Bess Armstrong) and Jane Thornten (Cheryl Ladd) who find themselves at a crossroads. Mandy is the stifled wife of Will (William R. Moses) and mother to college student daughter, Kelly (Lindy Booth), but she longs to be more. When Mandy gets the nerve to ask for a divorce and open her own business she asks Jane for support. The widowed Jane obliges begrudgingly, but feels for the wounded Will and Kelly. Naturally (and predictably) Will and Jane fall in love. How will Mandy react? Will Jane's conscience let her love Will? What will Kelly do when she finds out? We know the answers already, but it's still fun to watch. A standout in this cast is up-and-coming Canadian actress Lindy Booth as Kelly. She is a joy to watch in anything, but it is especially exciting to see her featured so prominently here.

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Soapy but not too bad...

Author: Yabahonda from Toronto, Canada
25 June 2003

Whether intended or not, this movie seems to have some deeper levels. The predicament of the heroine naturally attracted to her "best friend's" discarded husband, the Oedepian (spelling?) reaction of the young daughter and the self centered and self seeking wife looking for herself... all made interesting viewing on different levels.... not the worst way to spend a couple of hours...

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Quite good

Author: howie73
27 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You don't have to be a genius to figure out what happens in this well-crafted TV movie. The clue is in the transparent title - Her Best Friend's Husband. In this case, Cheryl Ladd is the widower who falls for best friend's husband, Moses. The scenario is complicated by the fact Moses's wife, played by Armstrong, is suffering a mid-life crisis and starts divorce proceedings against her husband. This opens the door for Ladd. What follows is a carefully constructed, unsensational story that in spite of its soap-opera dialog, is very watchable and entertaining. Armstrong gives a strong performance as the wronged wife but her character is too cold to elicit our sympathy, whereas Ladd's character has enough emotional solidity to steal the core of the film from the married couple. Moses gives an adequate performance but the script doesn't require him to do much. The open-ended ending was a surprise but looking back it was the best way to finish up the loose ends.

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Another side of this sort of story...

Author: bhakta_allison from United States
3 November 2008

This is one of the first LMN movies I really liked and felt could have happened in real life.

I do not agree how Ms. Ladd's character was the villain or a bad friend to Amanda. For one thing, the wife no longer wanted her husband. Does anyone forget how horrible she acted on her birthday party after her husband gave her a nice gift of jewelry and how she was so quick to go onto a fast life without her family? The daughter quickly forgot how it was her mother's FRIEND who got her boyfriend-in-the-band on the charts when he seemed like a pretty greasy guy with no talent.

The movie does serve as a lesson. It is never advisable to go out with a friend's ex. Also, a woman should really think before throwing away a good husband. Good men are hard to find. Amanda is like a lot of women who will tell a decent guy to get lost and then expect them to pine for them. Life goes on. It is fairly normal for a separated or divorced man to move on a lot quicker than the ex-wives want and it is usually with someone they know rather than a stranger. I loved the slap scene!

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Nothing worthwhile

Author: jamiecostelo58 from United Kingdom
9 November 2006

The title of this rather tired film should be called I'm In Love With My Best Friend's Husband! Such a simple plot seen in countless other films etc, I can't help but think to myself why time and effort was wasted in making this. As a fan of Cheryl Ladd, she proves herself a worthwhile actress. However, it's Bess Armstrong who steals the show. Her reaction at finding out her friend's betrayal seems very true-to-life; her marriage may have been on the rocks, but it's still a shock to discover that he is involved with a person extremely close to you. Had it had been someone unknown to her, this movie would simply not exist!

My Best Friend's Husband could be factual in that sense, but the plot is certainly nothing new. In a nutshell, this film is one cliché after another, but viewers might be able to feel the emotion and anger towards the characters, and that is what makes it a little more interesting. 4/10

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Lifetime has done a hundred of these

Author: vchimpanzee
11 April 2006

Jane is a busy New York attorney who did not have time to come to the funeral when her best friend Mandy lost her father. But for Mandy's birthday, she is flying to Seattle and taking some time off.

Mandy is not happy. She never sees her architect husband Will except when they are in bed. She wants a divorce. And she wants to start her own design business, to be located in a building owned by furniture designer Elliott. Mandy also thinks that two years after Peter died, Jane needs to start dating again, and Jane and Elliott seem to get along.

Mandy and Will have a daughter Kelly who is in college and dating Sam, a rock musician. Kelly doesn't think her parents will approve. Jane has connections that might help Sam's career.

From the movie's title, you can probably guess what will happen. I won't give too much away, but I will say characters have mature reactions to the events that take place ... eventually. They set examples for people who might behave otherwise in the real world, because situations like this happen all the time.

Lindy Booth was absolutely adorable as Kelly. I hated to see her sad, but Booth handled both perky and depressed well.

Cheryl Ladd looks cute with short hair. And, at least when this movie was made, she had nice legs for tennis and ... other activities.

Bess Armstrong wasn't much to look at and all her character seemed to do was complain, and yet I didn't find her unpleasant. It has been a lot of years since she was so cute in "On Our Own", and I would say she looks her age. But she must have done a good job with this role, because a guy should automatically run and hide on hearing the first words in this paragraph.

If you cry during movies, make sure to stock an ample supply of Kleenex.

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In good times, and bad times...I'll sleep with your man forever more. THAT'S what friends are for.

Author: bkriger from Hollywood
18 February 2004

Absolutely nothing says, "I'm your BEST friend.", like sleeping with said friend's estranged husband.

It's a scary feeling knowing that this movie is being beamed out via satellite and other civilizations may honestly think that we're the imbeciles that most Lifetime movies portray us to be. I have to go, my best friend's husband is here to pick me up for our romantic weekend in Bali.

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I hated this movie - unrealistic and too many logic errors

Author: Geoff Hazel from Seattle
4 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A wife is suffering because she is nearly an empty nester. She refuses to tell her husband word one until "I want a divorce". Nice. The best friend tries to help her out, and gets the "go away -- no come back" treatment. The husband doesn't even TRY to make it work. And nobody has answers for the daughter "It's complicated" -- hey, I'm adult, not a 5 yr old -- how about you explain it to me, OK? And then, the best friend somehow falls in love with the husband? She could do better. And she should! Hello, it's your BEST FRIEND's HUSBAND.

Oh, yeah. And him "Uh, you didn't return any of my calls. Did you get them?" - hey idiot, here's 100 dollars, buy a clue. No return calls = I don't want to talk to you.

Ugh...I can watch most of what LMN puts on when the wife has the remote but I walked out on this unrealistic debacle.

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Excellent Movie...

Author: horsehungtop4 from United States
8 May 2006

The movie was excellent! However, It should have been titled: My Best Friend's Husband. I thought Cheryl Ladd was an excellent actress and William R. Moses was an excellent actor. It was great that the setting was in Seattle, Washington. Seeing Space Needle brought back the kid in me and would have wanted to go to the top to see the world. I really hated that the fact that Cheryl Ladd slapped Bess Armstrong across the face, knowing the fact, she should have felt guilty for sleeping with her best friend! It should have been an Alexis and Krystle cat fight Dynasty since Bess Amstrong was slapped! That would have been really cool. Overall Grade: A

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Lightweight diversion

Author: evening1 from United States
21 August 2011

This is the kind of movie you can have on in the background as you catch up with piles of paperwork. Which is exactly how I experienced this flick I'd taped from the LMN channel.

It's got its strengths. Cheryl Ladd was good as star-crossed Jane, a Nancy Grace lookalike who consistently demonstrates the fortitude to tackle difficult conversation topics. The actress who played Mandy was less successful, but her part was far less interesting. William R. Moses did OK with another limited role; I liked that his character said the frazzled Jane should confide in HIM once Mandy was off-limits. More guys should show that kind of patience and curiosity!

The plotting was predictable, but hey -- so was Shakespeare's. The fun here is going along for the ride (a very limited ride). This flick was worth the cost of admission -- free. But it only ranks a 4. Zzzzz....

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