Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

magic wizard
dark muggle
traitor serial killer
ghost inflated body
racial slur giant spider
infirmary fortune telling
magic formula headmaster
broomstick transformation
boy with glasses anger
children's choir flying broom
divination returning character with different actor
slow motion scene epilepsy
living portrait turning into an animal
teenage hero goth
toad griffon
fugitive third part
fat woman strict teacher
escher stairway castle
bus altered version of studio logo
owl animate tree
cult figure magic wand
cult film child in peril
teacher student relationship sequel
godfather portrait comes to life
woods teenage boy
presumed dead hippogriff
mythology professor
best friend studio logo segues into film
choir escape from prison
fictitious sport year 1994
character appears on wanted poster surrogate father
communal dining hall snow
father figure one step forward gag
school life origami
stag twin
hereditary gift of witchcraft magic book
bus ride secret passageway
snowy owl rat
gothic teenage witch
train witch
wanted poster train encounter
time travel good versus evil
full moon floating
friend dog
evil wizard betrayal
dark fantasy scar
time reversal friendship
crystal ball hospital
executioner blockbuster
teenage girl magic broomstick
favoritism 1990s
reading tea leaves falling from height
boarding school obesity
human transforms into animal imprisonment
death sentence melancholy
year 1993 fear
prison escape werewolf
flying resignation
sorcery map
inflation cockney accent
wrongful conviction cat
invisibility no opening credits
eavesdropping pumpkin
based on young adult novel witchcraft
based on novel character name in title
surprise ending

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