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Entertainment Weekly
Does more than capture the excitement of marching bands; it gets their clockwork beauty as well.
Charlotte Observer
The final drum-off (c'mon, you knew it would come down to that) resembles a combination of music, gymnastics and martial arts, and I don't think I've seen a more pulse-pounding scene this year.
Chicago Sun-Times
Entertaining for what it does, and admirable for what it doesn't do. It gets us involved in band politics and strategy, gives us a lot of entertaining halftime music, and provides a portrait of a gifted young man who slowly learns to discipline himself and think of others. That's what it does. What it doesn't do is recycle all the tired old cliches.
San Francisco Chronicle
These aren't the marching band songs of your father's or mother's generation but a musical expression that is modern and exciting to watch.
That it's got a positive message may strike some as decidedly not "edgy" -- but they should be too busy stomping their feet to notice.
Miami Herald
Everything in Drumline engages, from its likable cast to its breathtaking finale. Only the most jaded viewers won't be cheering by the end.
New York Post
It's a tribute to the sheer professionalism of this crossover charmer that it holds your interest for two solid hours.
A bonanza of pop uplift. It wraps the up-from-nothing drama of ''Flashdance'' in the sassy, interracial pep rallying of ''Bring It On'' and the military romance of ''An Officer and a Gentleman.''
If it's conventional, it's also competent. Thanks to director Charles Stone III (of the famed "Whassuup?!" Budweiser spots), the clichés at least have a good beat.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The marching bands' duels are as fun as the cheerleader wars in "Bring It On."
New York Daily News
Bogged down by a lazy script and underwhelming performances. Fortunately, there's no hiding his jubilant passion for ritual and symmetry, which makes each perfectly choreographed band scene a genuine thrill to watch.

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