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The final drum-off (c'mon, you knew it would come down to that) resembles a combination of music, gymnastics and martial arts, and I don't think I've seen a more pulse-pounding scene this year.
Chicago Reader
Exuberant music and precision choreography furnish the thrills in this thoroughly enjoyable saga.
Chicago Tribune
That it's got a positive message may strike some as decidedly not "edgy" -- but they should be too busy stomping their feet to notice.
Boston Globe
A bonanza of pop uplift. It wraps the up-from-nothing drama of ''Flashdance'' in the sassy, interracial pep rallying of ''Bring It On'' and the military romance of ''An Officer and a Gentleman.''
Brimming with heart and humor -- Drumline is a formulaic crowdpleaser set in the competitive world of university marching bands at predominantly black universities.
If it's conventional, it's also competent. Thanks to director Charles Stone III (of the famed "Whassuup?!" Budweiser spots), the clichés at least have a good beat.
New York Daily News
Bogged down by a lazy script and underwhelming performances. Fortunately, there's no hiding his jubilant passion for ritual and symmetry, which makes each perfectly choreographed band scene a genuine thrill to watch.
Portland Oregonian
It's an odd, overly long picture, filled with too many pauses but dotted with just enough funky band sequences to keep you interested.
Village Voice
An exhilarating serving of movie fluff.
Dallas Observer
If you were ever in marching band, you'll love this; if not, stay far away.

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