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black screen with white text :

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....

Mara jade is caught thrown into a wall of a prison cell, she crumples to the ground in pain. A storm trooper and another officer leaves;

Main theme plays and text zooms out to show The Dark Redemption

Yellow words scroll up the screen.

There is a state of emergency in the galaxy. Tension is high with imperial forces spice control of the OLD REPUBLIC spice mining colony of Kessel.

Hopes for the rebel alliance lie in the hands of Jedi Mara Jade who is being detained on Kessel. The prisoner is suspected of holding plans to the empire's top secret DEATH STAR project. In an attempt to maintain a hold on valuable shipments of Kessel's contraband spice, Jabba the Hutt has dispatched the bounty hunter Boba Fett to the planet to strike a deal....

Screen goes black showing stars and scrolling down to show a red planet, A Tie fighter flies by heading towards a large Star destoryer as it flies under the ship avoiding trash that floated in space. Boba Fett's ship Slave one seems to appear from its hiding spot among the trash. It waits till the ship passes then then makes a break for the planet.

It cuts away to show the inside the ship where a man telling Fett over com to Id himself. Fett speeds off with two Tie fighters on his tail. Three storm troopers lead a large group of slave through the sands and watches them as they work to mine spices with whatever they can. As their lead away one trips and falls and get a good hit with the butt of a storm troopers blaster riffle. Boba Fett is allowed to land his ship on the planet, deeper within the compound a officer followed two stormtroops each holding one of Mara Jade cuffed arms dragg her into the room behind the officer.

One of the stormtropper holds Mara on her knees as a the officer before ells her she's been foung guilty of acts againt the empire and that she would spend the rest of her life working the spice mines, she doesn't like the idea of enslavement. As Mara is taken away another officer named Garrock speaks to admiral Melaan who passed the judgement on Mara , telling him that she is force strong and should be "Taken care of" but he won't hear of it that the empire himself had taken a intress in her.

Mara lays in her cell she hears the voice of the empire telling her to come to the darkside it was her destany. She see glimps of the empire and the deathstar fully built. She opens her eyes hearing the door open, as the fugure grows close she springs attacking him but stop seeing it was her friend Zelig. He hands her a bowl of food, he tells her that he has a message from Kyle Katarn. After he hands her a com device and tells her to trust no one, that she was their only hope he leaves. In the local bar/cantena is packed full of stormtroopers, officers and aliens all drinking and having a good time. A officer sees a storm trooper flirting with a women sends him away before sitting down beside the girl and starts to hit on her. At that moment Garrock walks in with Bobba Fett. The women Slaps the officer storming off.

In Mara cell she lays on her cot and sits the com down. The image of Kyle Katarn apears telling her to be extra careful that she has to get the death star plans to the rebels and princess leia at all cost. She has another flash seeing the empire and he speaks of the dark side again. At the bar Garrock and Fett speak about the spice that were in a ship about to take off captain by one Han Solo and Garrock tells him he make sure the spices get to Jabba. He uses a com to call off the troopers about to detain Han Solo's ship telling them to let the ship go. He then tells Fett he has the real power on the planet.

A small shuttle makes its way towards the planet, inside two males dressed in stormtroopers outfit (all but the halmets)and a male Aqualish. The com tells them to send there id and what their carring. Zev Senesca tells them that Mara's signal was coming from the planet and he hoped they won't to late. The empire officer thinks its a prison transfer and lets them land. Now waring the complete stormtrooper outfit they pretend the Aqualish is their prisoner and with him handcuff leading him towards the prison wing.

The Admiral, Garrock and a stormtrooper go to Mara cell asking her if she's ready to talk , she is not she'd die first. The admiral leave Garrock to try get the info out of her. The fake stormtroopers get the Aqualish to the prison ward everything seems to be working untill the officer asks them about a astorid strike on a city. When Zev and his partner say two different answers at the same time their forced to open fire. Alarms are blaring and unable to find what cell Mara is in Zev partner decide he has the "Key" and blast the control panel destorying it. They take off down the hall to find Mara. In Mara cell she lays on the cot not moving eyes closed, Garrock tells the stormtrooper to leave them. Onice they are alone he reaches over brushing some red hair from her face, touching her lips. He leans down as if to kiss her buy then he notices her necklace, Mara wakes up pushing him back off her, he relizes that the nicklace is the deathstar plans they were looking for as he holds a blaster at her. Just then the door opens and a storm trooper enters knocking him out. Mara fights him but the trooper pulls his halmet off and she sees its Zev, The two embrace and kiss. Zev gives Mara her saber and she tells him that she has info that must be delivered to the allance. As they make their escape blasting troopers as they go, Fett was busy planting a explove on he was going to make sure the spice got the Jabba. The group was almost there when Mara heard the empire again telling her her time was almost up. She tells the others they must deliver the plans now. After a little fighting and a force push they agree and follow her. They force their way into a com room taking out everyone in the room. Mara gets to work trying to send the data as the other three defend her the best they can. The admire tells him Not to let the link to go through but the man cant seem to block the signal. Garrock tells the admiral that if he had heeded his works to begain with this wont help. The admiral tells him to be quiet and Garrock waits till the admire gets close and shots him with a blaster killing him, he tells the stormtroopers to arrest the bounty hunter who was standing near by. Fett blasted the troopers and gets away after dragging Garrock down the hallway by a rope till another officer blasted the rope and freed him. Fett blast down the hallway with his blaster packs taking out troopers as he went, He pushed his way past Zev pushing the poor Aqualish over the edge of the platform they were standing on. He held on with one hand for dear life. One of the officer start to stand fighting for one of their guns, Fett blast him reaching down and helping the Aqulish up showing they were on the same team. They worked together to defend the com room as mara works. The Millennium Falcon blasted off. The stormtroopers blasted at the ship but it made it out the hanger doors only to be caught in the tracterbeam stopping it in its tracks as three tie fighters head towards its location. Fett see the ship is caught and pushes a button his his guntlet there is a explosion and the tracterbeam is disabllity letting the ship get away as Darth Vader watches the ship fly by from the bridge of a nearbyship. Able to get the info through it is transmitted to another ship where a alliance members tells the princess that she should take a look at the info as it is transmitted. Darth Vader tells two other men to seach every ship nearby for the the plans. Han tells Chewie to dump the spices, Chewie grumbles and Han says he can handle Jabba what's he going to do put a price on him. Chewie dumps several containers of spice which hits one tiefighter destorying it giving the Falcon a chance to escape into hyperspace.

Still fighting off stormtroopers they decide its time to leave. They are about to make a break for it, when Mara hears the empire again in her head telling her her destainy lays with the Zev screams her name but is held back by the others as she falls.

Garrock stood surrounded by stormtroopers speaking to Darth Vader, he tells him that Mara has been recaught that he saw to it himself. Darth Vader doesnt belive him and starts force chocking Garrock. He starts chocking not able to breath, as sounds of bones braking could be heard. He manged to get out that they were aided by Boba Fett before he dies. On the deathstar the empire says everything was working out just as he planned it. That the death plans would bring out the rebel for sure. Mara dressed all in black rose now saying that they didn't suspect a thing. The empire tells her how her dark powers were ground and soon rebel would soon feel the full power of the dark side, as Mara bowed her head thanking her Master. As the Slave I and a transport ship went into hyperspace away from the planet.

End credits.


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