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Impressive, most impressive
Jawsphobia30 January 2004
One of the better fan films out there. I've always thought Myra Jade would be a great character to base a TV series around. You can imagine the Emperor's Hand appearing in the background of settings we find familiar, perhaps in a Bespin shaft catching Luke's lightsaber or whatnot. Certainly something that was in dire need of being exploited. Right down to a rather good original song over the end credits, The Dark Redemption is outstanding fun. I'd like a copy.
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Awesome Underground Film
darkjediknightmare17 September 2005
I'm not a fan of fan-made films, but this one piqued my interest at a local sci-fi con a few years back. This was a small film that helped fill out a huge story and help to introduce (on film anyway), Mara Jade. This character has always intrigued me and this was the first time i saw her in action. The best part about her is you really believe she's the good guy until the very end. Whoever came up with the idea of this film was definitely a visionary. More underground films like this should be made. The dialogue was a bit unoriginal (using a lot of lines from the original films) and the special effects weren't the greatest, but, all in all, it was well-made.
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Not a "bad" fan film
acu7618 June 2005
Just watched it last night on DVD. Not bad quality at all I was happy to say. This film by far does have the best quality of actors in it, but not the best acting. The story is paper thin and very "campy" at times. I watched this movie right after "Knightquest", and "Broken Alliance". That was my fault I admit. KQ and BA are the two best fan films to date in my opinion. Dark Alliance is very average at best, but never falls into the "poor" category. Mara Jade is perfectly cast here. The actress that plays her really fits the part. One can tell the Villain is a fine actor, but not given much chance to really shine. Vader's voice is done very well I have to admit. Boba Fett was a bit short and pudgy here. Pretent he just left the Galactic Chinese Buffet. That worked for me. This is a must see for all SW fans. Just don't expect anything special.
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Mediocre Star Wars fan film
Warning: Spoilers
"The Dark Redemption" is a live action movie from 1999 and it needs to be said first that the version I watched ran for 25 minutes as did all the other versions I found and I believe that the 35 minutes stated here on IMDb may be incorrect unless there is an extended version out there somewhere. The director and also one of the many writers of this Australian/American co-production is Peter Mether. Sadly, the story and film itself are pretty generic and mostly forgettable. The female character are all stunning young women, the male characters are either packed with muscles or older and possess a certain authority apparently. And then there's the non-human characters that add very little (almost nothing) though compared to the "real" Star Wars film. So yeah, overall I would not recommend the watch here, but I am also not a huge Star Wars fan which may be the reason. Maybe you really need to love the franchise in order to appreciate this work. After all, this is one of the more known Star Wars fan films, even if not among the most known. Overall, I give the watch a thumbs-down here as I did find nothing about it memorable, apart from the looks of the females perhaps. watch something else instead.
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What a load of crap.
j-graniczny30 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK, as a long time fan of Star Wars, I am annoyed that someone would make something like this that does not fit into the story. Mara Jade was the Emperors Hand. She wanted to Kill Skywalker when she first met him. Why in the hell would she want to hurt the Empire and help the Rebels? Kinda retarded if you ask me. If she is the Emperors helper, why would she be held by the Empire? If she was so damned by the Empire, why is she allowed to help the main man later on? WHY? I don't understand any of the plot. I also can't believe Lucas would allow some crap like this when he's so hard on the book writers. I would never buy this item and frankly I wish I had never seen it. I don't understand why people have to make stuff like this at all. Honestly, will people with brains start making stuff that fit's in? It would be nice to see talent not wasted on useless projects.
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a terrific Star Wars fan-film
jtuttle12 December 2002
There are a LOT of Star Wars "fan-films" out there but this really is one of the best. OK, the acting isn't stellar (but the bad guy is pretty good!), but great sets, special effects, and even a theme song make this a "Force-ful" film.
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