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Luc Picard is there to save this okay thriller...
Funky A5 March 2002
Le Collectionneur is a thriller made in Québec and based on a book by writer Christine Brouillet. This thriller seems to have been produced to test the market to see if there is room in the small Québec movie industry for the production of big commercial thriller. Right now, people are going to see this movie so it is probably not the last time we see such a movie, and don't be surprised if more adaptations of Brouillet's books featuring detective Maude Graham are released in the next years. But the main question is, is it any good? To that question I must answer that yes, it has its qualities, but also its flaws. First of all, for the cast, Luc Picard shines in an otherwise relatively bad cast. Maude Guérin, who plays the main character is quite bland and the two younger actors of the cast are not very impressive either. Yvan Ponton, who usually is quite good is ridiculous in this movie. It must be said that the quality of the dialogue he has to say doesn't help him but still, he could have done much better. But Luc Picard is truly incredible. He has incredible on-screen presence, his energy is undeniable and he can even almost convince us he can be a nice guy when he is not the crazy serial killer that he is. A great performance for a great actor. Other than him, the only other actor which is good is Alexis Martin, perfect for his small role. The main problem with this thriller is that while it is fairly involving, the story is slowed down by a very bad subplot about Guérin caring for a 16 years old male prostitute and a young boy which fled from his home. These scenes would have been better if the treatment was not as cheesy as it is most of the times. The movie goes from a brutal and dark murder mystery to a social drama which seems to have been made for an educational film about prostitution and leaving home. The murder story, though, is quite well-written. Picard casts the terrifying shadow of his madman over the whole movie and although we do not realy see him until the second part of the movie, we definately feel his presence during the whole movie. Le Collectionneur could have been much better if the overrall cast had been better and if the children subplot had been treated in a darker way, but as it is, it is a good commercial thriller that wasn't made in a big Hollywood studio and gives Luc Picard the chance to shine once again. It is an entertaining movie and the people who worked on it will hopefully learn from their mistakes when they work on the sequel.

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Good Canadian Thriller
Claudio Carvalho2 May 2005
In Quebec, a serial killer kills, rapes and takes parts of his victims in this sequence. The Detective Maude Graham (Maude Guérin), a lonely woman and very efficient detective, is in charge of the investigation. She uses the media to tease the criminal, and acts like a bait to find the unknown assassin. "Le Collectionneur" is a good Canadian thriller. The story and the characters are very well constructed, and Luc Picard is excellent in the role of a deranged serial killer. I regret only that the VHS distributed in Brazil is (horribly) dubbed in English. I do not understand why the distributor spoils many films with dubbed copies. They claim that there are many illiterate people, who do not know or have difficulties to read the subtitles, but anyway speaking is part of the acting and therefore is unacceptable such a procedure of dubbing the original language. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Colecionador" ("The Collector")
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Excellent thriller, poor DVD
McD24 August 2002
The film The film itself is a very interesting approach to the thriller genre.

Just when I thought I had seen them all (psycho killer vs

detective), this film came to remind some can always improve

things. Instead of pure suspense/action, the film opens many sub- plots that brings an extra to the main plot and characters. It's a

must see for amateurs of the genre and fans of Luc Picard. Actors

are great as well as the filmography.

The DVD What really annoyed me was the DVD version itself. The film is

presented in an anamorphic (2:35:1) format. Wow. Oh, it's very

crisp. But the whole film is shrinked !! It is so annoying I couldn't

follow the story by times. Actors look small and fat, objects are all

deformed, the whole experience is ruined. This is a truly amateur- ish kind of mistake, one that cannot be explained coming from

Chrystal Films and a 5$million dollar production. Thank god I saw

it at the theater.

Bottom line If you wanna rent the film, it's better to rent the VHS. It won't be

distorted and shrinked. Extras on the 2nd disc are nice though.
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The greatest movie "made-in Quebec"
marie_claaude_dore25 February 2002
Who said that a movie with a budget smaller than 10 millions $ can be excellent??? Le collectionneur is one of the greatest suspence have ever seen. There is a real story beneath the serial killer and the characters seems to be somebody who could live next door. The actors have done an amazing job, especially Luc Picard and Maude Guérin as Maud Graham (the detective). Better than many american movies I've seen.
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Americanized thriller inspired by a formulatic novel
~PL~1 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The film industry in Quebec has the sad and bad habit of releasing, every year, between one and three commercial films (this year, for example, it was Le Collectionneur, Seraphin, Les Boys 3 and Les Dangereux)...and Le Collectionneur is one of them. These films are not always THAT uninteresting, I admit that Les Boys, without being a good film, contains a couple of funny situations. And it is also the case with Le Collectionneur.

The film tells the story of a serial killer who kills people and cuts off some of their body parts (SPOILERS) to recreate the body of his parents (THAT'S A PURE COPY OF RESURRECTION!!! It's funny, because in his cottage, we see a lot of stuffed animals, so why didn't he just stuff the bodies of his parents instead of killing a dozen of people...and I have to mention that the motives for all that is never explained! So the film doesn't even study a killer's mind or the origins of his madness, except in a scene where Graham says some of the most pretentious and badly acted lines I've heard in years during an interview). In order to stop him from killing people, a detective named Maude Graham is in charge of the investigation. At the same time, she keeps a young male prostitute and a homeless kid at her home and takes care of them.

First, let's say one thing. It is inspired by a book written by Christine Brouillet, an overrated writer that I recognize as a responsible person for low quality books that always use the same formula. The story of the film is totally unoriginal, it's really a shameful cliche. It completely copies Se7en, and all its derivates (Resurrection, Blowback, Along Came a Spider, among others). It is sad that today, even in Quebec, where directors usually have original ideas, the word "thriller" is automatically associated with a stupid story about a serial killer with cruel methods that is chased by a nice police officer. In Se7en, it worked...it's a good formula, but it has to be exploited the right way. And in Jean Beaudin's film, everything is recycled. It's to originality what a bowl of Kraft Dinner is to food.

Then, there's the acting...it is unbelievably weak, except for Luc Picard, who really got into his role well, even though everything he does or says is a cliche. The protagonist is not so bad, but she really isn't impressive. The two boys are awful, really, I can't believe the director, after the take, said they did a good job and kept it for the final product...unbelievable. It's true to say that the stupid script didn't help them, because the lines are absolutely not natural...Did they have someone to adapt the dialogues for a film? Because it doesn't seem they had someone. Alexis Martin and Yvan Ponton suffer a lot from this huge flaw, because they're usually pretty good actors, but in this film, they seem to repeat their text like machines in front of the camera. On the other side, Luc Picard, like I said before, plays his role very well. The problem is that his role sucks. Yes, sometimes he seems to be exaggerating a lot in his acting (a problem that every actor in the film seems to have, but in a bigger amount) just to look freakier, but he's good, even thought we end up not knowing his character very well, with lots of things unexplained, and a very deceiving ending.

The directing is ordinary, even lower than average. His directing has no style, no signification and is a proof that Beaudin has a lack of instinct, which is essential when directing a thriller. Beaudin doesn't know how to create a creepy mood, as well as to reproduce terror. Okay, he copies the Americans in the settings, the characters, and pretty much everything, but he doesn't even direct the film decently, which is probably the only point that traces a difference between an American thriller and Le Collectionneur. Also, he makes a huge mistake, which is the subplot with the two kids (VERY CHEESY stuff!), which was needless and didn't fit in the film.

Alright, I bashed it a lot, but it certainly has an entertainment value. But again, it's its only goal, unlike the superior Se7en, which had a message and was not only a meaningless show of cats and mice. Briefly said, this film was made to sell out...that's it! And they did. Too bad.

This film has no real directing, one great actor, many BAD ones, a terrible script (especially the dialogues!), and has everything very formulatic.

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A special movie
landypice15 March 2002
so I and my girlfriend saw this movie together and we found this story very original. Everybody can like this movie because it is not difficult to understand but it's different of other movie. This thriller is a good story of "Christine Brouillette" who write the book of this story and "Jean Baudin" who have made the movie. "Maude Graham" is a very original character play very well by "maude Guerin". This is a very good Quebec movie better than any American movie. So the story talk about hard subject like homosexual prostitute but is right. So the note for le collectionneur are 68%. thank you...
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Awful or, in French, «dégeulasse»!
jussssst27 January 2007
Some writers are by far more lucky that genuinely talented. And I personally think that Miss Brouillet (rightly surnamed «la brouillonne» by her own so-called «snobbish» circles!) is, indeed very lucky! You can catch a glimpse of her, in that movie, as the TV hostess for a wine-tasting show. This is something she managed to do, in real life, for one very brief and quickly forgotten season. I found her, in this «blink-and-you'd-miss-it» sequence very «provincially» mannered and lisping. How could she manage to become somewhat popular amongst the less demanding readers.... is a mystery to me. A mystery similar to her using a «Y» instead of an «I» in her forename! Her worse... hum... «qualities», as a writer, are all found in this misfired movie. I doubt very much, had she not been somewhat notorious, that any film would have been made of her very violent and very sensational novel. It goes without saying that the film is NOT much better than the novel. Which is a real pity, considering all the talents involved such as the director, and Luc Picard. Better luck, next time, Miss B. For French readers, you can find a confirmation of my opinion at this site: http://www.ratsdebiblio.net/brouilletchrystinelecollectionneur.html
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