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New York Post
Combines big laughs, a big heart and thoroughly winning characters to become the first big surprise of the fall season.
Wall Street Journal
Why, in our drum-thumping, ritually trumpeting time, did so little fanfare precede the opening of a movie with so much to recommend it? This is grand entertainment.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is a kind of music to their conversations, now a lullaby, now a march, now a requiem, now hip-hop, and they play with one another like members of an orchestra. The movie's so good to listen to, it would even work as an audio book.
San Francisco Chronicle
Here, as in the "Friday" movies, the jokes are big and rude and vulgar and very funny.
New York Daily News
Best of all, and worth the price of admission, is Cedric the Entertainer.
Entertaining, surprisingly well-written and often rowdily amusing picture. It is predictable in many ways but also full of heart, humor and personality.
A broad, very funny, unexpectedly graceful comedy of character and community.
Entertainment Weekly
The mixed-up rhythms of the story rescue Barbershop from bland goodness.
Genial but largely predictable ensemble comedy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A stage-y but likable ensemble piece.
Rolling Stone
Good-natured fun when it isn't stale, which is most of the time, this talky comedy set in a Chicago barber shop is a sitcom pilot disguised as a movie.

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