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Author: marxi from Louisville, Kentucky
1 January 2005

I was blown away when I happened upon this film while channel surfing on TV. Richard Harris is tremendous. The story captured my attention immediately.

The biblical and historical underpinning of this account seems as solid as a rock. The account of what happened to John on Patmos is engrossing and whether based wholly on historical research or or embellished by the author's imagination, I believe it is close to what actually occurred. I highly recommend this film to all believers. I hope to find it on DVD.

I also found the other actors in this film to be outstanding, especially the actress playing Irene and the actor playing Valerius.

Apocalypse is inspiring. Don't miss it.

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This was a first; a very good one

Author: EighthSense from California
27 April 2006

I will only write about one thing, since others have covered the excellent Richard Harris' performance: This was the first time we got a small idea of Revelation, thanks to good computerized special effects. I say a small idea, because the actual book of Revelation in the Bible contains what must be the ultimate in fantastically spectacular scenes-and a multitude of them at that. It is strange that no big production has ever attempted it. From all the existing films with titles referring to Apocalypse or Revelation, this is the best one by far. The others are no different than low budget-low interest movies, which don't even begin to reach the magnitude and magnificence of the book of Revelation.

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John The Apostle And The Book Of Revelations

Author: Desertman84 from United States
24 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Apocalypse is the story of John the Apostle comes alive on the TV screen as never before.It features Richard Harris takes the role of the biblical figure together with Vittoria Belvedere, Benjamin Sadler, Christian Kohlund and Erol Sander.It was directed by filmmaker Raffaele Mertes.

In 90 A.D., the Roman emperor launches a fierce campaign against the Christians, and John is being held captive for his efforts to spread the gospel. When a young Christian named Irene arrives with hopes of visiting the last surviving witness of the Lord's passion, John entrusts her with a written record of his divine visions that will eventually form the Book of Revelations.

This is an excellent TV movie about John the Apostle and it gives the viewer more insight about the Book Of Revelations.Also,Harris' portrayal is worth noting considering that it happens to be his last film before he passed away.Overall,it a recommended and worth watching.

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Worthwhile and moving

Author: meredithdevoe from United States
25 April 2013

Richard Harris's moving performance is the centerpiece of this film, in which members of the early church, struggling for faith and reassurance in the face of violent persecution, are searching for John the Beloved, last of the living apostles, who is "hiding in plain sight" on the prison island of Patmos. However, don't ignore some very good performances by several of the others. The visions of John are depicted judiciously, considering the CGI available in 2000 and the budget (that is, they don't scream "made-for-TV"); the montages do not try to show every detail but give a general idea of the visions. To watch this is a good adjunct to reading Revelation, to remind one that these fantastic visions came to a real person in a very chaotic time.

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A Very Fine Performance by Richard Harris

Author: Uriah43 from Amarillo, Texas
7 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While banished to the island of Patmos, "St. John" (played by Richard Harris) receives visions from the Lord which results in his writing the "Book of Revelation". However, this is not a movie about "the Apocalypse". Rather, this film is more about his life on Patmos and his visions than anything else. I say this for several reasons. First, the event called "the Apocalypse" isn't constrained to just the "Book of Revelation". The fact is that much of what we know about this subject also comes from the "Book of Daniel" and the "Gospel of Matthew" along with various passages from other books in the Bible as well. Because of this, there were many passages about the Apocalypse which were left out of the film. Along with that, those passages that were included weren't explained well at all. Further, like so many other Biblical movies, there are some non-Biblical elements thrown in for dramatic effect. In this particular case it involves a beautiful Christian woman named "Irene" (Vittoria Belvedere) and a Roman spy by the name of "Valerius" (Benjamin Sadler). So basically, if you're looking for a film about the Apocalypse then it might be better to look elsewhere. However, thanks to a very fine performance by Richard Harris, this movie is still somewhat enjoyable all the same and can safely be recommended to anybody of any faith. That said, I rate it as slightly above average.

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Biblical Revelation, Fact or Fiction ...

Author: berberian00-276-69085
10 January 2014

I write this commentary with standard copy of the Holy Bible by my side not because I distrust the Movie which has many Bible Advisors in making, but for sake of corroboration which is essence of life today - cf., "The Apocalypsis Revelation" (2002). I am an end-user myself, neither working for the Cinema Business nor for some Church Society. My experience by now show me that religion in 21st century shall continue to play important role both as a Statecraft and Community-Family institutional matter.

Watching this movie I disbelieve many of the things presented as such pertaining to 1st century A.D. when Christianity was thriving to establish itself as a Cult vs. Emperor Domitian being a God. Times were sore for the Gentiles in those days and the visions of St. John (last of Jesus Christ's Apostles) were reflecting their inanimate fight for survival. John fled from the penal colony of Patmos (island in the Aegean) and went to Ephesus where he wrote the last chapter of the Bible before dying in 90 A.D. Christianity didn't perish, the Bible became most read book for all times and we Christians should read it from time-to-time although not necessarily believing in every word of it. Moreover, new communities of converts in Christianity are appearing as of modern times which should be encouraged to believe in God as common parlance. Otherwise Morality is gone, we should resolve to War.

Richard Harris (1930-2002) in his last role deserves commemoration. I always wanted to say few words about him and a handful of other British actors that made Film Industry in the 20th century something big. They were Gods for our young generation and now when we in turn are becoming old, it's relevant to pay humble tribute. I liked every movie of that Actor, not standing lower than Marlon Brando for any particular reason. Strongest are his appearances in the 1970s and 1980s when crack movies manifested, such as "Man Called Horse" (1970), "Man in the Wilderness" (1971), "99 and 44/100% Dead" (1974), "Cassandra Crossing" (1976), "Orca" (1977), "Wild Geese" (1978), etc. Particularly striking is the last scene from "Wild Geese" when wounded Harris couldn't overcome the pursuing enemy and cries to Richard Burton in taxiing plane - "Shoot me damn it, I'm ill!" Still haven't watched all the Movies from Harris' collection yet.

Finally, I have prepared some notes on the Apocalypse (Revelation to John) as given in the Bible and want to share them with the reading list. Albeit, the Movie interpretation is abridged, nevertheless, remains the fullest record of events narrated in this vision. I checked also works of Art (frescoes, icons, paintings) that have endeavored to present fragments from Biblical Revelation. Those are numerous items under the title "Antiquities" whose owners or galleries don't even know what is the story about. Now shameful as it is, we shouldn't hallucinate as the Elder St. John. I would recommend to anyone interested in reading to consult the Encyclopedia of Biblical Scriptures (from Jehovah Witnesses). Best presentation. Amen!

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Richard Harris' - L'apocalisse

Author: caspian1978 from Boston, MA
26 August 2004

Without the addition to Richard Harris to the movie, the movie would never have been made. With that, San Giovanni would still be trying to sell his script to a religious market. Still, without Harris, the movie is very good. The production value and story are worthy of a straight to video release. One of Richard Harris' last movies, you can tell it was since he dies at the end of the movie. Gladiator, Caesar, and about 5 other films all have Richard Harris dying during the movie. The same goes for his role as John the Apostle. A brilliant performance like much of his work, Harris carries the film as he speaks of his visions in Revelations. Not too much is said of Titus in 90 AD. This is the story of John and his journey in the last years of his life.

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Preaching to the Quire …

Author: t_atzmueller from Germany
27 March 2012

"Holy s**t", was my first impression when watching "The Apocalypse".

There are two types of films when it comes to historic-religious movies: there are such epics as "Ben Hur" or "Quo Vadis", which have religious undertones, yet are fun and accessible to those who don't particularly care for religion. And then there is a legion (pardon the pun) of pesky little bible films, that makes you feel like you've invited Jehovah's Witnesses into your DVD player. "The Apocalypse" belongs to the second category.

Two reasons prompted me to watch this film: for one, this was to be one of the final performances of Richard Harris. Secondly, since "Passenger 57", I've always rooted for Bruce Payne playing a villain, but in the end, I wished that I hadn't squandered two hours of my precious time.

Harris looks like what he is: a frail, dying old man. Payne as the megalomaniac Emperor Domitian is hamming it up for all it's worth, grimacing and glaring, never tired to remind the audience that he's "Domitian the God" (fortunately Payne's role is rather small, probably filmed in a single afternoon). The rest of the cast are extras and two-bit actors, assembled from European TV-shows and series. None of them practice what in the classic sense you would call 'acting', but who are we to deny them a handful of dollars and warm meals from the caterers.

So, what speaks for the film? Preciously little. The overall tone is so preachy, the viewers come to believe that this was actually directed by Ned Flanders of "The Simpsons". The special effects (remember: this is a film about the apocalypse, the end of mankind) are laughable, either culled from documentaries (exploding volcanoes, bad weather at sea, etc) or animated on some cheap computer. Watch out for the scene of the angels appearing with their trumpets and tell me that you didn't expect Eric Idle to appear, blowing a bullhorn. Let's not forget the music: since this is a bible film, there is a strong need for incessant, ever unnerving choruses and quire music, that will make you wonder, whether you want to listen to this for all eternity or rather join the opposition, where at least they play catchy Rock n' Roll.

And watch out for that talking sheep that randomly appears during scenes, preaching and sermonizing about some things or the other.

You may have seen the film and wonder where all those glowing reviews and the high ratings came from. You may also have noticed that virtually every movie of the same ilk has similar positive comments and ratings. Yes, sometimes the wish is the father of thought … but mostly it all just remains wishful thinking.

If you're into Roman films, why not go for the TV-show "Rome" or re-watch "Gladiator"? If fantasy films are your thing, "The Hobbit" is only a few month away. If the Apocalypse interests you, Roland Emmerich has made quiet a few films about that but as far as religious films, none was able to live up to the standards of "Life of Brian" yet.

I give it two points out of ten: one for the memory of Richard Harris, and one for the preaching sheep. Amen!

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