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Elimidate -- my Guilty Pleasure!

Author: vandyguy82 from Atlanta, GA
10 April 2005

Elimidate differs from other dating/singles shows like Blind Date, Shipmates, Classmates, etc. in that there is *always* drama on these dates, or at least after the producers edit the date. The contestants on Elimidate are usually in their mid-20s to early 30s, with the occasional middle-aged episode of Elimidate thrown in throughout the season.

The *picker* eliminates one suitor each round until after 3 rounds the picker has chosen one of the suitors with whom he or she feels romantically compatible. The suitors, especially the women, need not to know much personal information about the *picker* (ie the man) in order to get into arguments/catfights with their competitors, often over a shallow guy who doesn't add much to the conversation on his date edgewise.

The dates with one man and four women are formulaic. Typically one or two girls will throw themselves at the man, often making out with the guy minutes after meeting him! Next, the man eliminates one of the girls that did *not* kiss him and/or was passive and not dominating the conversation. Now, there is some variety to these situations. Occasionally, the man is a real stud, or the women are more sexually forward than the typical suitor, which results in the guy making out with all 4 girls, many times back-to-back-to-back. The women (and occasional man) who are adamant about their self-prescribed rule of *not kissing on the first date* usually do not win this competitive dating show, and for good reason--the picker generally wants to select the person with whom they share a physical attraction, which possibly leads to a one-night stand or a short-term relationship. Unlike Blind Date, Elimidate does not have follow-up shows or segments on how the winning couple is doing 3-6 months down the road.

Dates with a female picker and 4 bachelor suitors often boil down to the men bickering about their careers. The token unemployed guy or college student is often on the receiving end of the disparaging remarks and he does not often succeed in being chosen in the final round.

The guilty pleasure aspect of Elimidate is laughing at people's awkward behavior while dating, often as the result of drinking too much alcohol, which is paid for by the show's producers. Another high point is when the rejected suitors will flip out after being cut/elimiDated and have juicy insults for the remaining contestants. For the man or woman who travels and dates a lot in various cities, Elimidate can provide some inspiration for venues and bars/clubs to take dates, or where to find singles.

Elimidate is syndicated on a variety of stations, WB, UPN, Fox, WGN, so you can usually find it on 3 or 4 times during the day at various times.

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Big egos and little brains

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
30 August 2005

Big egos and little brains is the recurring theme of elimidate. I work late and not much is on TV, and I watch portions of elimidate. The viewer observes the following. 1) Many of the contestants look burnt out. If the viewer's hormones are not at a high school level many of the people look like the bar trash one would not walk but run away from. Camera hogs, ego driven people who believe they are god's gift to the opposite sex. 2) The loser usually is the one who wins elimidate. Look at me I acted so foolish and for my stupid behavior I won a date with an idiot. 3) One gets to hear such interesting conversation like, you dress like a slut, body piercing, and I have bigger boobs than the other contestant. With Such a conversation I rush my finger to hit the channel change button on the remote. 4) Many of the contestants will probably be seen later on the Murry Polivich show. What is wrong with these people!

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The *real* dating game.

Author: Spider-Lou from Bristol, CT
12 December 2002

This probably is the game show-iest of all the dating shows in the vein of "The 5th Wheel" and "Dismissed." Four guys date a girl, four girls date a guy. For the single woman on the date, it pretty much mirrors real life. But for the guy, with all those honeys, it's a fulfillment of the ultimate fantasy. What makes this show so good? Well, they are not mired in Los Angeles, but travel the states. The women on screen are *real*, that is to say, yes they are very hot. But not unrealistic-Victoria's Secret-supermodel-impossible-to-attain-hot.

The girl-picking-guys episodes aren't all that interesting, just too much testosterone. Unless the girl is so hot you wonder how these idiots will act around her.

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Very Cool Show

Author: (cvpyeung)
7 November 2002

Every Monday to Friday night at 10:30pm, I watch this show. It's really good. 4 people go on a date together to have fun. Sometimes it's at the pool, nightclub or even hanging out and relaxing. I live in Canada but I can honestly say elimiDATE is the show that you need to watch.

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Author: cellomaster from Washington
26 October 2002

I thought 'The Bachelor' was bad, in terms of how far ladies will go to get the "man of their dreams". It wasn't until I saw two (and ONLY two, for I wouldn't be caught dead watching another episode) episodes of 'Elimidate' did I realize that 'The Bachelor' is nothing.

This is reality TV meets softcore porn and Jerry Springer. Four "singles" (usually brainless, twiggy blonds with personalities similar to a melted crayon) go out on the town with one guy (usually a tall egomaniac), and through the day and into the night, the guy eliminates the girls one by one until he is left with the one he likes the best. During the date we see private interviews with the girls, and 99% of time they diss each other. The most creative adjectives used: slut, ho, and whore. Boy, these ladies sure do have low self-esteem and limited vocabularies.

What disgusted me most is that the 'prize' in the first episode wanted his ladies to prove they were worthy by giving him a lap dance. NOTHING was edited out, and even some body parts had to be blurred for obvious reasons. What I would love to know is how these guys can even be attracted to these women; they don't have much to offer.

This is trash TV at its worst. Avoid at all costs.

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Elimidate was the best show in TV and nobody knew it

Author: wewah from United States
28 January 2007

That other guy who commented about TV being sad or some garbage is a moron. Elimidate rules! I wish It were still on TV so badly. That's all I have to say about that, but it is required that I provide ten lines of copy. So, I hope that Elimidate releases some sort of DVD comp, or every episode ever. And Next does suck. Sometimes Dating on Demand will fulfill a date show craving, but it's like synthetic Elimidate. Is this enough frigging lines yet? Well, I guess not. My friends are watching 24 right now, and I do not find this show to be nearly as entertaining. In fact, I think I hate it. Although I have heard that you really have to get into it for it to be good. And when you do, it is.

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Eliminate this show!

Author: cguevara4
18 December 2004

ElimiDATE is a dating show where a single guy or girl goes out with 4 people at a time and one by one someone gets eliminated until it is down to one "special" person. ElimiDATE is trash television and not even a good reality show. This show is skanky, desperate, and dumb just like its contestants. Mostly, they seem to highlight desperate women who try to compete for the affections of a man who they don't even know very well. Yes folks, these women will curse, spit, and pull each other's hair out over a guy they don't even know. How pathetic is that? Out of all the dating shows in America, this one has to be the worst. No one ever decides to take the high road and just ignore the snarky comments thrown at them by their fellow competitors. Instead we see the contestants feeding into their insecurities by engaging in gossip or resorting to violence. No wonder why everyone on this show has trouble getting dates and don't have any stable relationships. Let's face it folks, although reality TV loves its histrionics, in real life it doesn't cut it to be any of the following: Narcissistic, a slut, a drunkard or an instigator of any kind. And if you hate this comment about ElimiDATE, then maybe you are any of the descriptions I just named or was a former contestant of the show. In any of those cases, you are part of the problem and not a solution. Realize that you are being exploited and everyone in America is looking at you with complete disdain—your drama is NOT attractive.

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a.k.a. how desperate are you to get a date?

Author: icehole4 from Irving, TX
17 June 2003

While this isn't the worst dating show out there - I think EX-treme dating holds that dubious title - this one isn't much better. Four men or women compete to get a date with a member of the opposite sex. I'd only go on this show to get a free meal and then leave. The whole premise is silly and farfetched; the people on it are either incredibly desperate singles or people who shouldn't be dating in the first place. Sometimes it does get unintentionally funny.

Real dates ABSOLUTELY bear NO resemblance to this.

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Desperate Dating, Bad Choices

Author: hillari from Chicago, USA
10 April 2002

I feel sorry for twentysomethings dating today, judging by the people that I see on this program. Once in awhile, the person who has their pick of four people at least has one person in the bunch who is halfway decent, but not often. The four who are scrambling to be "the one" say and do some of the silliest/outrageous/dumb stuff to win. It's even worse when there are four women competing for one man; there have been near catfights, and almost X-rated play. The stuff that takes place on this show is laughable, as well as a good primer about how NOT to act on a date.

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Author: Knut Torgersen (knutt) from Drammen, Norway
24 June 2008

This show should have the tagline "How desperate can you get?" or "The Lifestyles of the bold and desperate". One "lucky" person dates four of the opposite gender and eliminates them one by one. Lots of bickering and lots of downright dirt throwing. Everyone seem to get half drunk and everyone seem to be more than happy to tell really, REALLY intimate details about themselves - details we here in Norway would reply to friends revealing similar ones with: "Too much information". It is probably an OK show to watch if you love partying and do not really care about finding a partner for life. Also great for people who believe you have to get wasted at a disco to find a friend and love one-nighters.

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