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Season 1

4 Oct. 2001
Episode #1.1
Stella, a short and fat Greek woman, is a fashion designer living in Melbourne. Vicky is a model pursuing an international career and one of Stella's clients. Stella falls for Nikos, a handsome Greek businessman. But he falls for Vicky.
11 Oct. 2001
Episode #1.2
Nikos tries desperately to find Vicky and his efforts pay off. Meanwhile, Stella goes out on a date with a Greek-Australian lawyer who has been flirting with her for a long time.
18 Oct. 2001
Episode #1.3
Stella, devastated by the fact that Nikos and Vicky are dating, decides to go to Greece and meet Grigoris, her online friend. Nikos proposes to Vicky, while trapped in an elevator.
25 Oct. 2001
Episode #1.4
Nikos's family is preparing to meet his future wife. Vicky re books her ticket to travel with Stella. During the flight, she panics about meeting her future in-laws and comes up with a plan.
1 Nov. 2001
Episode #1.5
Vicky introduces herself as Stella to Grigoris, who is greatly surprised. Meanwhile, Stella as 'Vicky' prepares for a dinner with Nikos's family.
8 Nov. 2001
Episode #1.6
Stella confesses her love for Sotiris to Toula, while Nikos's family are sending them to Andros for the weekend. Vicky finds out and decides to go too with Grigoris.
15 Nov. 2001
Episode #1.7
Nikos's family become suspicious, since the behavior of 'Vicky' (Stella) doesn't match the story he told them. Anneta and Sotiris are trying to find out who she really is. Meanwhile, the actual Vicky is over the moon with Grigoris.
22 Nov. 2001
Episode #1.8
Stella is interrogated by Nikos's family about her behavior. Anneta is not convinced and hires a detective, while recruiting Sotiris to help her-without him wanting to. Vicky, on the other hand, is extremely happy with Grigoris.
29 Nov. 2001
Episode #1.9
Vicky has a great time with Grigoris, while Stella is trying to get rid of Sotiris's girlfriend. Both Stella and Vicky, even though they are getting used to their new reality, are in danger. Meanwhile, Nikos wants to go back to Greece.
6 Dec. 2001
Episode #1.10
A teddy bear that Miltiadis gives to Stella creates a serious misunderstanding. Lazaros makes a shocking discovery about Vicky, who is torn between Grigoris and Nikos.
13 Dec. 2001
Episode #1.11
Stella goes into Sotiris's room and discovers a different side of him. Vicky leaves Grigoris and goes to Melbourne, looking for Nikos, but instead she's in for a big surprise.
10 Jan. 2002
Episode #1.13
Vicky finds comfort in Grigoris, while Stella moves back in his family's house, whose members are trying to make her to take him back.
17 Jan. 2002
Episode #1.14
Tsirigkoulis, a previous love interest of Vicky comes along and that affects her relationship with Grigoris. Anneta finds out about him too and ends up 'interrogating' him. In the same time, Stella focuses on the wedding preparations.
24 Jan. 2002
Episode #1.15
Grigoris goes home with Vicky and Lazaros and introduces her to his parents. Vicky leaves him, but for a good reason. Stella gets dangerously close with Sotiris. However, a surprise from Nikos awaits her.
31 Jan. 2002
Episode #1.16
Nikos lives a nightmare, since he has to pretend that he and Stella are engaged and in love. One of Stella's dreams, though, comes true. Grigoris lives his own nightmare, after the disappearance of Vicky.
14 Feb. 2002
Episode #1.17
Nikos and Stella stage a fight, in order to get out of the awkward situation they got themselves into. Grigoris, blinded by his love for Vicky, goes to Australia to find her.
28 Feb. 2002
Episode #1.18
While Grigoris tries to find Vicky in Melbourne, Nikos suspects the presence of another man in Vicky's life and is obsessed about finding his identity. Stella prepares for a date with Sotiris but ends up meeting the man with the roses.
7 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.19
Vicky tells everything to Grigoris but leaves him once more. Lazaros lives his own drama, since Mitsos goes missing. Stella prepares to leave from the house of Nikos's family. But first, she has to tell something to Sotiris.
21 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.21
Stella leaves for Australia, but only after she meets Grigoris. Panagiotis starts acting out and not complying with Anneta's 'rules' anymore.
28 Mar. 2002
Episode #1.22
Panagiotis decides to leave Anneta, while Lykourgos faces a health problem. Sotiris receives a letter from Stella, who is going to face a big surprise. Vicky replies to a job ad that isn't as innocent as she thought.
Episode #1.23
Anneta meets Vlasis Mandalas, who constantly flirts with her. Nikos reveals the reason of his visit to Stella. Grigoris tries to move on, while Vicky and Sotiris meet again.
Episode #1.24
Grigoris bumps into Vicky and Sotiris, while they're at Monastiraki. Stella decides to help Nikos and go back to Greece with him. Vlasis and Anneta keep dating, while Panagiotis finds shelter in Sotiris's house.
Episode #1.25
Stella and Sotiris can't hide their feelings anymore. Mum Vera suspects that something is going on but Stella gets away with it. Grigoris brings over a girl he likes, but Lazaros won't let him enjoy it.
Episode #1.26
Nikos goes out on dinner with Stella, but Vicky shows up and her attempts to make him jealous succeed. Meanwhile, Vlasis meets Panagiotis and Grigoris kicks Lazaros out.
Episode #1.27
Stella and Sotiris's relationship experiences a serious crisis, and Stella's reaction to Sotiris's words is surprising. Grigoris goes out on a lot of dates in an effort to make a fresh start.
Episode #1.28
Grigoris can't stand Vicky's behavior anymore, while Lazaros visits Stella out of the blue. Toula arrives at Nikos's house for the wedding and catches up on what has happened.
Episode #1.29
Stella is worried that the wedding is a mistake, while Sotiris plans to leave for a motorcycle trip a day before the wedding so that he won't have to see Stella get married to his brother. That's when Toula decides to take action.
Episode #1.30
Nikos, unaware of what happens inside his own house, prepares for the wedding, while Stella is depressed. But is this the end? Will Stella, Sotiris, Panagiotis, Anneta, Vicky, Lazaros, Grigoris, Toula say the words 'you're me other half'?

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