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Season 1

15 Sep. 2001
Survival: Part 1
#101 - Survival Pt. 1: Glen Canyon is once again ground zero for an outbreak of the Genus.
22 Sep. 2001
Survival: Part 2
#102 - Survival Pt. 2: The Genus doesn't give up.
29 Sep. 2001
Survival: Part 3
#103 - Survival Pt. 3: The Genus has gone underground ... deep underground in the sewer system of the fair city of Glen Canyon, Arizona.
6 Oct. 2001
Don't Drink the Water
#104 - Don't Drink the Water: While saving Glen Canyon from a giant Genus amoeba, Wayne accidentally washes the Genus cells into the city's water system where they quickly spread and multiply.
13 Oct. 2001
#105 - Slick: When an oil tanker laden with Genus infested petroleum runs aground near the Galapagos Islands, a disaster of epic proportions threatens humanity.
20 Oct. 2001
#106 - Swarm!: When a swarm of Genus wasps overruns a rural farm, Ira and the team are sent in to deal with it.
10 Nov. 2001
Junkyard Dogs
#107 - Fire and Ice: An outbreak in the French Alps leads to the discovery of a new kind of Genus ... an ice Genus.
17 Nov. 2001
French Underground
#110 - French Underground: General Woodman is involved in an accident that allows the Genus to escape into Paris' underground Metro.
1 Dec. 2001
Runaway Strain
#111 - Runaway Strain: In an effort to create an anti-Genus germ, General Woodman accidentally produces a stronger strain of Genus that takes to the air.
8 Dec. 2001
Dead Wayne Cells
#112 - Dead Wayne Cells: After battling a horde of rapidly-replicating Genus creatures, Wayne's sympathetic mutation system kicks in and he starts to multiply.
9 Feb. 2002
Roman Holiday
#113 - Roman Holiday: When Ira and the gang track the Genus to Rome, they must leave the bustling grandeur of the city behind and travel into the bowels of the earth - hunting the purple menace through labyrinthine catacombs and getting separated along the way.
16 Feb. 2002
To Carthage Then I Came
#114 - To Carthage Then I Came: A Genus outbreak in the deserts of Tunisia has Ira and his crew fighting Genus monsters that move through the sand as if it were water.
23 Feb. 2002
Year of the Genus
#115 - Year of the Genus: When the Genus travels to Hong Kong in a crate of infected fireworks, the Alienators aren't far behind.
9 Mar. 2002
Ira Knows Best
#117 - Ira Knows Best: After devolving a major outbreak in Philadelphia, the Alienators have the weekend off to relax at Ira's parent's farm.
23 Mar. 2002
Genus in Your Tank
#119 - A Genus in Your Tank: When Genus infested gas makes its way into the cars of New York City, vehicular mayhem rocks the Big Apple.
30 Mar. 2002
Cradle Will Fall
#120 - Cradle Will Fall: When Wayne passes the test and finally becomes a Fireman, he and Gassie head off to join the Glen Canyon Fire Department, leaving the Alienators in need of a couple of brave, courageous, trustworthy and dependable replacements.
18 May 2002
General Disorder
#123 - General Disorder: When General Woodman receives an infected bite from Scopes, Ira and the others must hunt the head of the Genus down in order to create the life-saving anti-venom.
8 Jun. 2002
REAPER 1: Countdown
#124 - REAPER I: Countdown: General Woodman discovers a plot by General Granger to launch a military payload of Genus into space.
15 Jun. 2002
Reaper: The Ark
#124 - REAPER I: Countdown: General Woodman discovers a plot by General Granger to launch a military payload of Genus into space.
22 Jun. 2002
Reaper 3: Alpha Omega
#126 - REAPER III: Alpha Omega: This is it.

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