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Chicago Tribune
Just as Zhao uses his comic gifts to create an affecting human, so Dong's performance as Wu is a triumph of honesty and tact.
This is a film that goes its own way to the end as it asks the audience, "What you just saw, were they happy times or not?" The question is a good one, and the answer, like this film, is sure to stay with you.
L.A. Weekly
Anchored by two fine performances, this bittersweet comedy about second chances just might signal a new beginning for the director as well.
A wise, gentle and sad new comedy by Zhang Yimou.
Miami Herald
May disappoint those who expect a more traditional Chinese setting. But, despite its modern look, this is far from being a Western film.
An extremely funny, ultimately heartbreaking look at life in contemporary China.
Wall Street Journal
Crude as its build-up may be, the movie pays off with unexpected delicacy.
This is a film strictly for hardcore sentimentalists, despite its straight-ahead depiction of the harsh urban landscape in contemporary China.
The A.V. Club
Happy Times doesn't buck the clichés so much as infuse them with feeling, playing off the pleasant, unforced rhythm of two characters who pine for simple companionship.
Small but delightful tale about a dyed-in-the-wool spieler who develops a soft spot for a blind girl dumped in his care.

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