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Get ready for a nonstop onslaught of high tech action as metal leviathan collide in the ultimate ware of super science in Super Atragon. Moments after an atomic bomb falls over Hiroshima, a secret Japanese submarine sails into battle against its American counterpart, and both are lost to history. Some fifty years later, a special UN task force sent to investigate unusual phenomena in Antarctica is threatened by a mysterious black cylinder until the re-appearance of the long lost Japanese sub. However, the incident in the Antarctic is only the first round in a cataclysmic battle of wills between two descendants of an ancient race dwelling withing the Earth. Standing against them is a single, amazing ship, the RA, the Yamato-class battle sub secretly rebuilt after its supposed destruction in World War II. A science fiction masterpiece with a brilliant story and stunning animation. SUPER ATRAGON is a classic no one should miss!!! - Taken from the back cover from the DVD released by ADV Films.


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