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This movie just lost its virginity, but I still have the box, in which it came from. What a horrible movie!

Author: ironhorse_iv from United States
6 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly with a title like this, you would think this TV Show turn into movie, would be a Hentai fan service film, but no, it's much, much worst! Even billionaire Richard Branson thinks it's an awful title. I doubt, Madonna wants to sing about this. To give credit where credit is due; one thing that drew me into watching this anime was its alternate history steampunk Sci-fiction feel. You don't see a lot of stories involving the Russo-Japanese war of the turn of the 20th century. Still, the movie fails in every way, you can think of, from its long-list of unlikeable characters, off the wall plot, lack of action and just how unfunny, the comedy is. If there is any good thing to say about the film. I have to say, for the way, it was animation, it's not that bad. It's well animation. They must had high hopes with this show, but when people reaction negative to what was shown. The studio pull the plug. Virgin Fleet really fail as a show in Japan to the point that only three episodes ever produced. To save what left of their production, the studios decide to repack it as a movie in 1991. When Sailor Moon and Sakura Wars become a hit in the United States in the mid & late 90s. The studios once again, try to sell the movie off to the United States in 1998, this time with English dubbing. They market it as Sailor Moon/Sakura Wars similar concept to get their target audience: young girls to watch it. Like, Sailor Moon, most men that watch it, probably heard of it, by the oddly place sexual title. They also made DVD version in the early 2000s. Directed by Masahiro Hosoda, the plot is similar to that of his later show, 2000's Gate Keepers. The movie is about a young girl Shiokaze Unimo (voiced by Jessica Calvello in English version and Sumi Shimamoto in the Japanese) whom torn between her dream of becoming a pilot in the all-girl squadron known as the Virgin Fleet, and a normal life with her fiancé. As a new war between Russia grow closer, Shiokaze must discover what she must do with her virginity. Fight for her country or live with the man, she loves. Honestly, I think a powerful message was kinda lost in this movie. There might had been, a metaphor of how Japan youths, generation after generation was willing to throw their lives away for blinded patriotism for Imperial Japan and how history of Japan, play forth to the what happening to Modern Japan's society with its declining birth rate and sex trouble culture. Maybe, I'm looking into it, too hard. Clearly, the movie didn't care to make this plot seem serious as the main character seem not to. She clearly doesn't want to do anything, she ditches classes, and treat her fiancé badly. Honestly, all the women in this anime, treat men badly. Not only is the movie really misandry by having all men be stupid, or evil characters, but it's over misogyny as well, by having the men treat women like they don't belong. WTF!? Did all the men in the movie forget that the Virgin Fleet save Japan in this alternate universe, in the Russo-Japanese war!? Virgin Fleet takes Feminism and shoots it twice in the forehead to be sure it's dead. It's that bad. Honestly, I thought maybe the people in charge of dubbing could have completely rewritten the story, but watching the Japanese version, it's indeed a movie about virgins having superpowers. The whole story premise of ships fueled by sexual energy is just outrageous. It never truly explain what it is, or what it does. How come virgin women can get it, but not men? Anyways, somehow Shiokaze has the power, not only to control water, but fly and fix planes, she never had training on. The sub-plot doesn't make sense as well. Why in the hell would Japan allow a member from Russia that they just in a war with, come to visit, to test out their new experimental aircraft? This show is just full of stupid in the worst possible way. None of the supporting characters are good. They are just as unlikeable as the main character. Even the movie had an awful death fake outs with them that was just unrealistic and annoying. The Japanese voice acting is just alright, but the English dubbing is horrible with overacting. The music is mediocre, there is nothing positive or negative to say about that either. Its sounds so generic. Overall: I said, don't bother, watching this, unless you're a huge anime, and have to watch everything. If so, maybe, watch this last. Don't die a virgin, because there is terrorist up there waiting for you.

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A typical girls to the rescu of mankind OAV. Directed to girls 6-15 years old

Author: danyael_x from Sweden
2 October 2002

Konnichi wa! As I said, it's a typical Girls to the rescue movie, and not a Hentai as tha title may leed you to belive. However, it makes use of girls with a special power called Virgin Energy, and no it still isnt a Hentai even if it sounds like it. It is sett in Yokohama in japan, during a war between japan and some undefined countries. I suspect on of the undefined countries to be Russia (see teh movie, you understand), and there is this special naval accadamy for girls with this Virgin Energy. The main character just wants graduate the accadamy so she can get married wit the ultimate proof of her purity. Things change and... welll I'm not gonna spoil it for you so go rent it or something. It is worth it, if you like Anime.

Now normally, this movie would be seen as generaly ridiculus by annyone above tha age of 13-14 years. But the whole OAV becomes quite funny becasue of theis so called virgin energy, if you are older (like I am. 20 year old male) you just cant stopp laughing because of all the sexist comments and undertone of the 3 part miniseries.

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