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People Just Don't Get It

Author: SoncoChairman from Los Angeles (West Coast HQ)
1 July 2003

I know loads and loads of people who have seen this movie and they have all told me how insulting and disrespectful it was toward the memory of the people lost in the Pearl Harbor attack. Folks, it is not making fun of the situations that it represents, it is a satire of the films directed by Michael Bay. It's accuracy in portraying the superficial storytelling and ludicrous shots that have been famous with Bay is unmatched. I think it is truly creative to blend three movies, Armageddon, The Rock and Pearl Harbor, into own ridiculous tale. I give the director of Pearlmageddon mad props for making this film. I laughed and laughed and laughed. My only problem with the film is that I didn't make it first.

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Author: Steve Boatright ( from honolulu, hi
13 November 2004

I saw this movie a few years back at the Comedy Arts festival in Aspen when it got picked up by Cinemax. Great short, I think the people who find it insulting don't know the Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer style film-making it mocks. Saying that PH2 is disrespectful to the veterans is like saying The Dancing Cow is disrespectful to Harvey Weinstein. Personally, I think the glossy portrayal of Pearl Harbor that Michael Bay made is more insulting than PH2, but thats just my opinion. As for Rob Moniot, this guy has a great eye and is a hilarious writer, and if you haven't seen his other movie, The Dancing Cow, check it out. Its just as good, if not better than PH2, knuck, knuck, knuck... -A fan

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The best spoof EVER!!!!!

Author: D. Scott Hewitt EMTB ( from Stuarts Draft, VA
17 December 2002

This fifteen minute short is a hundred times better than the revisionist crap it makes fun of. I found myself laughing all the way through it. I hear schools are making kids watch "Pearl Harbor" around December 7th. They should watch this short film, then a real movie about the cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor. A movie such as "Tora, Tora, Tora".

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Author: Shad Scott (favrefanmt_23) from Billings, MT
28 May 2004

Saw this short on Cinemax. I absolutely adored it! I've read a lot of the other comments about this film and they talk about how insulting it is to veterans and blah-blah. Well that's just crap. The intention of the film is to deliver a much deserved slam to Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer (two of the worst filmmakers in all of film history) and their all style/no substance $100 million action flicks. And to this point the short succeeds impressively. With scenes of quick back-and-forth, genre-distilling moments ("I'm the smartest man on your panel who never speaks up unless the world is in terrible danger..."), Ben Affleck is blown up by a piece of asteroid. Funny, funny stuff. But more then funny, it's down-right clever. Congratulations Mr. Moniot, you just got yourself a fan! 10 out of 10

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A spoof and not a really good one

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
7 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon" is as the title already states an 11-minute spoof from 2001, so this one already had its 15th anniversary last year. This includes elements from two big blockbuster movies that may not be as good as they are famous by today's standards. So they are somewhat easy targets for the comedy approach by Robert Moniot and his cast here. Still, these films were at least original and maybe at least visually amazing. This one here is none of the above and it is also not really funny. to me it looks like a bit of a desperate attempt to cash in on the success of these two blockbusters. And sadly, it was a slightly successful one too. But it shows that for most of the people working on this one here, it is also the most known work a lot of time later, so this is not exactly something positive in favor of the involved's talent. I myself cannot really praise this one for any reason. One or two moments that are mildly funny and credits that last basically one third of the film simply won't cut the cake. 4 stars is very much on the generous side here I guess. Watch something else instead.

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Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon kinda bomb, but it did leave a short impact on me.

Author: ironhorse_iv from United States
19 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This short movie didn't really get its 15 minutes of fame when it came out. Maybe, because it's run time was honestly, just 11 minutes with 4 minutes of credits. Still, it was very surprising, a pretty good parody of some of director Michael Bay & Jerry Bruckheimer's biggest films. Amazing work by director Robert Moniot & writer, Taz Goldstein! Brought back fond memories from back when spoofs were good like the Zucker brothers's flicks, every Monty Python's movies, and most of Mel Brook's films; rather the obnoxious 'movie genre' movies, series such as 2007's Epic Movie and 2006's Date Movie. This movie was pretty clever with its humor. It didn't shove, too many movie references into one short movie. It didn't became too crowd and too unfocused. The people that did this movie, work with what they got with the source material. The people that did this, also work on the short line, 1999's George Lucas in Love. So, you know that the production for this short were going to be pretty epic. It has alright special effects quality for production of this kind. Certainly, not a feature film level, but the synthesized images really do mirror that of the film, Pearl Harbor. The short movie is well-shot with tracking shots to the crane shot to others. It doesn't look, one bit amateurism. It didn't look hasty made. It also didn't felt tiresome to watch. Most the jokes in the film, were pretty new at the time so they hit the funny bone, much more than later Michael Bay's spoofs. You have to remember that in 2001, Michael Bay wasn't as a big joke as he is today, because his tropes and clichés were kinda new to audience. After the big disappointment that was Michael Bay's 2001's historic love story, Pearl Harbor; it was now wide open to anybody to parody his films without seeming like unlikeable unfavorable opinion of something that most people love or playing against the crowd. People want people to make fun of Pearl Harbor, because they felt Michael Bay's film was horrible, and people like Taz Goldstein and Robert Moniot capitalize on it. It didn't felt too dated in the jokes. Jokes like the 'armed Iraq' deserve another hindsight, after all. It was made before 2003's Iraq War. The only thing, bad about the film is that it didn't have enough material to make a normal comedy movie with a run time of an hour and a half. Maybe, that's a good thing. Who knows? The movie could had been horrible if the movie ran a little longer than 11 minutes. It does seem hard to stretch jokes for that long. Maybe that's why Internet spoofs are so popular, and low grade movie parodies are slowly dying. Pearl Harbor 2: Pearlmageddon just knew, how long to take their idea for. The movie starts after the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor on 1941, the US president, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Bryan Clark) learns that a gigantic meteorite will crash on Pearl Harbor. He knows that it will take a team composed of the best men to save the world. Ben (Nicholas Shinners) & Matt Ripley (Jim Rothman) feels like they are the men to do the job, but both friends are torn apart due to the love of a girlfriend, Gwen (Hallie Beaune). Who will Gwen choose? Will the world be save on time? Watch it to find out! The actors did pretty well in their roles. None of them were annoying or overstay their welcome. By the way, the actors, really resemble the real actors, in their portrayal. It's pretty cool to see, how much, they look like the real actors, Affleck, Damon and Paltrow. They did act, over the top cartoony, but it was needed for the role. The movie plot is a bit silly, somewhat dated and rather predictable, but you can't take the movie, too seriously. Was the movie offended to the original victims of the tragedy? Somewhat—but let's remember, the movie is parodying the film, not the real events. The short movie can be found in the internet, or in the DVD, 'Short Collection'. Most of the picture quality in those copies are quite good. So look it up if you want to. Overall: I give the director of Pearlmageddon mad props for making this film. I laughed hard. Is it the best spoof? Sadly, no, but its works with its means. It's more than I can say, about the real film. It deserves a another look.

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Author: (cassondragordon) from Atlanta, GA, USA
31 October 2002

Yes! This is a most excellent film, making fun of all that is wrong with inane action thrillers full of eye candy but no plot. This is no medium for impossible technology, fast cars, and pointless special effects. This is the kind of farce I would make if I had the time (and the budget, and the eye candy).

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Decent Short Film....

Author: tdvda from Coral Springs, Florida
22 July 2002

I caught this film on Cinemax, and i must say its a decent short comedy all though I've seen better on cinemax & HBO, like "In God We Trust" & "Da Six Sense."

If you like this film you'll differently like those. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

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Short and silly

Author: Carroll-3 from Atlanta, GA
7 December 2002

Appears to be an attempt to satirize all past movies about Pearl Harbor. And maybe all other movies about war. The credits are more interesting than the movie - maybe longer, too. But the production quality is surprisingly good. I do hope there's not a sequel :)

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As much of a parody as a special effects show

Author: Mr Dark Pink from United States
1 August 2005

Despite what you may think, this movie is not a Michael Bay parody. It makes fun of three of his movies, but they do not make fun of his style or his personality. Camera work makes no attempt to emulate Bay's DPs and most of the jokes are from the scripts of his movies.

Get one thing straight people: Michael Bay does NOT write his movies. If you are cheesed off why don't you blame J.J. "I made Alias and Lost" Abrams? He is as much responsible as Michael Bay.

Sadly, the screenwriters of Bay's films are often overlooked. One day Akiva Goldsman will be killed once someone realizes he wrote Batman and Robin AND won an Academy Award.

There is one great joke in the movie which parodies one of the best lines in The Rock. If only the rest of them chose to go that route instead of making Ben Affleck and Matt Damon jokes.

Lastly, the short film is about 5 minutes long. The first 30 seconds is the worst logo for a movie I have ever seen and the remaining time is spend on credits. The film truly shows off better than anything the talent of some people's home special effects. They look down right horrible, but still better than flash animation. I don't know whose idea it was to use shoddy special effects, when Bay actually uses some great ones. At least, the sets are amazing.

Does this film make fun of Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer? Sadly, no. The film uses corny jokes and a poke at America every now and then. It's no better than if the director looked at the camera for 5 minutes and said: "Hey, isn't this funny because I'm making fun of stuff you hate?" Lame jokes get you nowhere, Mr. Moniot.


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