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Anthony Begonia auditioned for the role of Spanish.
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Some of Luke Wilson's scenes (like when he arrives home) were done in one take. The crew nicknamed him "One take Wilson".
The foul-mouthed band playing at the wedding is a real rock band called The Dan Band. They have also appeared in Starsky & Hutch (2004) and The Hangover (2009).
Vince Vaughn had to keep the crowd at the Mitch-a-Palooza scene (over 300 extras) under control by entertaining them for at least an hour.
Frank's streaking scene was shot on a city street. As Will Ferrell remembered it, one of the storefronts was a 24-hour gym with Stairmasters and treadmills in the window. "I was rehearsing in a robe, and all these people are in the gym, watching me. I asked one of the production assistants, 'Shouldn't we tell them I'm going to be naked?' Sure enough, I dropped my robe and there were shrieks of pure horror. After the first take, nobody was at the window anymore. I took that as a sign of approval."
The man who played Marissa's father and gave her away at the wedding is Will Ferrell's accountant.
There were plans to produce a sequel, with the main characters on college spring break. Upon reading the script, Will Ferrell when promoting Semi-Pro (2008), said that he and Vince Vaughn had the same reaction when the story just felt like it was repeating itself.
Will Ferrell was really naked for Frank's streaking scene. He justified it by saying it showed his character falling off the wagon. "The fact that it made sense was the reason I was really into doing it, and why I was able to commit on that level," he explained to the BBC. "If it was just for the sake of doing a crazy shot, then I don't think it makes sense." Still, Ferrell needed some liquid courage, and was intimidated by the presence of Snoop Dogg.
Vince Vaughn signed his contract for the movie during the scene with the wedding. It was his first day of shooting and he had to sign the contract before he could start.
The wedding scene where Mitch makes a speech was added during filming; the idea came from Vince Vaughn.
Snoop Dogg agreed to cameo in the film so he could play Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch (2004). Todd Phillips admitted to essentially bribing him, using his desire to play Huggy Bear to his advantage. "So when I went to him I said, 'I want you to do Huggy Bear,' he was really excited. And I said, 'Oh yeah, also will you do this little thing for me in Old School a little cameo?' So he kind of had to do it I think."
The last scene shot was Mitch-A-Palooza.
During the KY Jelly wrestling scene the two female wrestlers are announced as residents of Hayden Hall. In reality, Hayden Hall is a dorm at director Todd Phillips's alma mater, New York University.
Rob Corddry had a jewel bag around his private parts for his nude scene, but his butt made it into the final cut. He had to sign a nudity clause, which gave the film the right to use his naked image "in any part of the universe, in any form, even that which is not devised."
Before filming, Vince Vaughn worked with Will Ferrell to figure out their characters' backstories and how they knew each other; he credited that with helping him figure out who Bernard was, which led to several ad-libbed moments. "The earmuff scene where he swears in front of the kids, and then I tell the kid to earmuff, that all is off the cuff. But that stuff is a lot easier to do when you know who you are and your circumstances, and who your characters are," Vaughn explained.
According to Vince Vaughn, the studio didn't want him for the film, as they were unsure that he could do comedy (this being before he was known as a comedic actor).
When Frank got married, he did so at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were in that same church two years later for Wedding Crashers (2005).
Vince Vaughn and his friends accepted an invitation to hang out in Snoop Dogg's trailer to play video games on the last day of shooting. Vaughn recalled seeing Luke Wilson later watching the news alone in his trailer; he had not been informed of the get-together.
The idea for the film came when Todd Phillips was talking to a friend of his who had seen and enjoyed Phillips' movie Frat House (1998) and told him, "You know what would be funny is a movie about older guys who start a fraternity of their own." After being told by Phillips to write it, he presented Phillips with a "loose version" of the finished product.
The elephant costume, worn by Rick Gonzalez's character during the birthday party scene, is the same as the costume worn by Johnny Messner's character in The Sweetest Thing (2002).
Terry O'Quinn agreed to play Goldberg, uncredited, in what was a two-day job for him. He neglected to inform his sons he was in the movie, and when they saw it, one of them called their father. "I got a call from my sons one night, and they said, 'What were you doing in Old School? We didn't even know you were in it!' They said, 'We're sitting there, and the first time we see you, it's, like, in a reflection in a window. And when we saw it, and we both thought we were, like, tripping or something!'"
Blue's real name is Joseph (Jay) "Blue" Pulaski. The Toronto Blue Jays have a minor league team named the Pulaski Blue Jays.
Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong wrote and rewrote every day for two months at Ivan Reitman's house, an experience Phillips described as comedy writing "boot camp."
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The song "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake is played four times in the movie - twice with the words, once without, and once hummed. The band Whitesnake is also mentioned by Mitch when he references Nicole's high school jean-jacket. Frank also wears a Whitesnake t-shirt at the very end of the movie, during the credits.
Director Todd Phillips's dog has a cameo in the movie as Garry, the oral sex instructor's dog.
The beer that Will Ferrell drinks during the Mitch-a-Palooza scene is O'Doul's (non-alcoholic).
The Writer, Court Crandall, an alumnus of University of New Hampshire ('87), based the story on his experiences at Phi Kappa Theta fraternity and his role as a husband and father of two boys.
Perrey Reeves and Jeremy Piven would later play Mr. and Mrs. Ari Gold in the HBO television show Entourage (2004).
The film was mainly shot on the Westwood campus of UCLA. The aerial shots of the fictitious Harrison University, however, were of Harvard; they had been shot for Road Trip (2000).
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Breckin Meyer has an uncredited role as a Highway Officer in the deleted scenes available on the DVD. Meyer previously starred in Road Trip (2000), also directed by Todd Phillips.
Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, and Will Ferrell dubbed themselves "The Wolfpack"-years before Todd Phillips directed The Hangover (2009)-because they would always make fun of each other. A particularly stinging exchange had Ferrell refer to Legally Blonde (2001) (which Wilson had co-starred in) as Legally Bland. Wilson said it didn't make him feel great. Wilson retorted by saying to Ferrell, "Will, you know the transition from TV to the movies isn't a very easy one, so you might just want to keep one foot back in TV just in case this whole movie thing falls through!"
First feature film role for Patrick J. Adams, who portrayed Patch.
Snoop Dogg's song on stage at the party is a cover of "Paid in Full" by Erik B and Rakim.
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During the KY wrestling scene, the song "Louie Louie" is playing in the background of the party. The song is also featured during a party in the fraternity themed movie Animal House.
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The fraternity name according to the Greek letters used on the flyers for the first chapter meeting read Lambda Epsilon Omega, which could mean they are the LEO's, Lambd-O's, Lamb-Eps or probably the more truthful Lame-O's
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Jeremy Piven asks Patrick Fischer if he was a standup comedian. Fischer would appear in Mad Men as a standup comedian.
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Stuart Cornfeld: Ben Stiller's producing partner appears as the cab driver who takes Mitch to the airport.

Director Cameo 

Todd Phillips: shows up at the door to ask about the gang bang.

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