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A Welcome return to Reckless Abandon
2blackcats9 February 2003
Caught a preview showing last night, and I'm a little surprised myself to report that the aptly named Old School is actually a welcome return to a formula all but abandoned by Hollywood for much of the past couple of decades - that of the unapologetic, raucous, cheap laughs for cheap-laughs sake, male-bonding fraternity picture. It is Animal House. It is Porky's. It is every cliche one comes to expect from such a picture - from wild frat house parties to girls wrestling in KY jelly. And, strangely enough, it delivers... with a good cast and a fresh twist. For the group of guys that assemble to start the fraternity that is the heart of Old School are all in their early to mid thirties. They are family men. They are husbands. They are fathers. They are boyfriends involved in serious relationships. They have all grown up.

Or so thought Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson), the "Godfather" of this return to the dorm comedy. When Mitch returns from a business trip to find that his girlfriend (Juliette Lewis) has been hiding from him a rather unnerving secret sex life, the guy begins to question the choices he's made in his life. And his friends are there to help. Best friend and self-made successful businessman Beanie (played with perfect comic timing by Vince Vaughn) suggests they take advantage of Mitch's new found freedom and start a fraternity. And it isn't long before every disillusioned and disenfranchised thirtysomething wants to join - to either recreate their days of reckless youth, or finally belong after years of being an outsider.

Among such misanthropes is Frank the Tank, a character that Will Ferrell makes his own. Literally baring all for the camera, Ferrell, like Saturday night live alum John Belushi before him, plays the wild but affable frat brother - the sad clown, the loveable loser. Ferrell gets all the best lines, but a few are reserved for the sardonic Vaughn. Wilson, to his credit, plays it straight, and the supporting cast (including Leah Remini, Artie Lange, and even the usually annoying Andy Disk in a hilarious cameo) is quite good.

Certainly, Old School is not Oscar material. It's not meant to be. And it makes no pretension to comedy of the kind that My Big Fat Greek wedding brought back into vogue. This is not a feel-good romantic comedy. But it is also not to be dismissed as some insipid throwaway college romp. Old School is intentionally sophomoric (all the more so, as it is director Todd Phillips' second big studio comedy). It is genuinely funny in parts, and a healthy hour and a half return to those days of reckless abandon that many of us dreamt we either had back - or had had in the first place.
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Raunch Supreme
Agent1014 March 2003
Much like the tradition of the raunchy flicks of the 80s, Old School encompasses the age old tradition of tactless and tasteless film creation. Buy the oddity of the situation, this is one of those films I can tolerate. Mid-life malaise couldn't have been drawn better in the lives of Mitch, Frank and Beanie. Men who serve no purpose in society, especially to their significant others. But that's the significance of the frat house. No, it isn't about being drunk and hitting on 19-year-old girls, its about reaffirming your role in society and making the inner soul feel good and relaxed. So, say what you want about the random nudity and cussing, this film is a life affirming film for all men hitting their 30s.
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How can you not like this??
HerGhostInTheFog_27 August 2005
Frank (Will Ferrell), Beenie (Vince Vaughn) and Mitch (Luke Wilson) three men who form a fraternity to legally stay in the house Mitch just purchased. This movie is jam packed with endless comedy of course it's Will Ferrell you can't help but laugh at the dude every time you see him. Old School when it hit DVD was the number one rented movie in North America thats quiet good for a movie anyone barely heard of when it first came out. But this movie caught the eyes of many fans. It should have a higher rating but I guess some people thought it was average. but to tell the truth it kicked some major comedy's to the curve. Not using so much of a teenage scene they conquered the mix of adulthood with college students forming a fan base for both a younger and older audience. By younger I mean 16 and up but usually movies either aim for 16 to 25 years of age. But this movie provides an entertainment that everyone can enjoy yes even your grandma. This movie definitely deserves a 10 and I have the power to do that. Buy this movie for god sakes it's a great movie to add to the comedy collection.
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Not perfect, but a solid comedy
thirdi25 June 2003
Like many others, I heard a lot of buzz about "Old School" before it was released. Things like "it's the new animal house" or "an instant classic". Well, unfortunately that didn't turn out to be the case. However, that doesn't mean its a bad movie. In fact, I loved it and would highly recommend it.

As someone in the same age group as the main characters, perhaps I related too much, but the idea is great: Three 30-something guys who are solidly on the path of a normal, mature life (marriage, kids, real job, etc...) decide to start a fraternity and recapture their college glory days. No, there's no real reason to do this, and no, its not realistic at all.

But who cares? Anyone who has ever been to a raging college party, done a few beer bongs and whippits, screamed along with some loud music, and hooked up with a random coed can immediately relate to this film. Not to mention there really are some gut-busting funny scenes throughout. Luke Wilson is the perfect actor for the steady, reserved professional guy. Will Ferrell is hilarious of course, and Vince Vaughn does what he does so well, playing the instigator trying to help a best friend have fun again. Unfortunately one of his funniest scenes only made it to the deleted scenes section of the DVD.

Which brings me to my main gripe with this movie: what was left on the cutting room floor. The deleted scenes, which can be seen on the DVD of course, aren't just trivial sections that you can understand were cut, some of them are classic. The movie was only an hour and a half long, and for the life of me I can't figure out why the 10 minutes of deleted footage didn't remain. I think some of them really would've changed the entire feel of the movie. The last act kind of changes into this "Rushmore"-ish Wes Anderson knock off, and I think at least a few of the deleted scenes would've helped it make more sense.

Despite that, this movie ranks alongside Dumb & Dumber, Meet the Parents, Kingpin, and American Pie as one of the best comedies of the last decade or so in my humble opinion. No it's not a classic, but it will stand the test of time as a very good comedy that you'll laugh at with each replay.
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Why anyone would not like this movie is beyond me
SomePerson786 June 2004
This has to be one of the funniest movies ever made. I laughed so hard during this movie. I've heard a lot of bad reviews for this movie, and I can't believe what some people have said. Apparently some copies of this movie were taped over with that godawful Jennifer Aniston debacle "Picture Perfect", because that is the only explanation that I have for the people who have said those things. Seriously, Old School has some of the funniest scenes in movie history...and I've seen a LOT of movies. Mandatory for all movie fans to see. One of the greatest movies ever created! If you haven't seen this movie yet, go get it NOW! Buy it, rent it, borrow it, steal it, whatever, just see it somehow. 10/10
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Best Comedy in the past 5 years.
stiles915 November 2005
This is the best comedy since Tommy Boy. Every college educated male between the ages of 25-50 knows someone just like Frank and Beanie. Absolutely hilarious. Will Farrell is perfect as Frank but Vince Vaughn steals the show. Half of everything Beanie says in this movie is just classic. The plot goes a little off towards the end, but it doesn't matter because my friends and I have been repeating some of the lines for the last 2 years. With all the really lame comedies that have come out in the past 5 years it is nice to see something that will stand the test of time- a modern Animal House. A little too cheesy towards the end but still a top 10 comedy of all time and a must own on DVD.
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Great cast turns old material into fresh laughs
CMUltra7 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
*Slight Spoilers*

Is this a classic? No, not even in the "frat comedy" genre, but it *is* funny! And, for a comedy, that's enough.

Some jokes are worn, and some set-ups will make you groan. But there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments thanks to the fantastic cast.

The material may be old but you understand immediately that Vaughn, Wilson and Ferrell are having a blast making this film. Their energy permeates the movie. From their delivery to body language to timing, all three are on target. The supporting cast of unusual characters adds to the joy.

My favorite is Vaughn. Though the movie revolves around Wilson's character, Vaughn is the glue that keeps it all together. Leah Remini has a too brief turn as Vaughn's wife and steals her few scenes. Jeremy Piven is a wonderfully hateful Dean.

Lewis' character was the only weak point. I know she was meant to be one of the mechanisms leading to Wilson's new "house", but it seemed weak and out of place.

If you're not offended by raunchy comedy, this movie will satisfy! Rent it, grab some popcorn and enjoy! Be careful drinking your cola though, you may end up snorting it out your nose.

6 out of 10.
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A school that doesn't suck
Pulp1 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
***1/2 Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Julliete Lewis, Jeremy Priven (cameo by Todd Phillips and Snoop Dogg). Directed by Todd Phillips

Mitch (Luke Wilson) is an average guy who happens to catch the early flight home. There he catches his girl friend Heidi (Juliette Lewis) watching some hardcore porn and then being tackled by a naked couple. With the help of his friends Frank (Will Ferrell)and Beanie (Vince Vaughn); whom help Mitch start his own frat house. Mitch is now promoted to The Godfather. After they round up all the members and make a 80 year old do push ups. The Dean Gordon Pritchard (Jeremy Priven) tries to shut them down. "Old School" is a smart comedy with tons of humor. Todd Phillips who directed Road Trip and Starsky and Hutch based on the 70's show all three are funny, has done a tremendous job packing plenty of good/bad humor. My final rating 8/10.
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More Fun Than an Assassination
wes-connors1 February 2010
Luke Wilson (as Mitch), Will Ferrell (as Frank), and Vince Vaughn (as Beanie) star as three dumb old dudes who open a "frat house" and act stupid. But, this is no "Animal House". Think frat, fat, and fag jokes. And, they're not even funny. Snoop Dogg and James Carville appear as lame versions of themselves. If that's not enough to turn you off, be forewarned - the performers you'd least like to see naked take off the most clothes, with Mr. Ferrell's bare ass hanging around for an interminable length of time. Apologies are in order. Director/co-writer/co-producer Todd Phillips may have taken it the wrong way when someone told him, "This movie should be shot."

* Old School (2/13/03) Todd Phillips ~ Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Piven
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An hilarious comedy
jean_mach20 May 2005
I saw Old School yesterday night on a french channel completely by chance. I knew nothing about it. It's a wonderful movie. I hadn't laughed like this since years. The main characters are caricatures but hilarious (especially Franck the tank...), the story is completely stupid (but fantastic) and the parties these thirty year old men who don't want to grow up organize are contagious and push you to go back to university with a good beer... Some celebrities make successful appearances (Juliette Lewis, Sean William Scott...) playing completely deranged characters, adding energy and fun to this well rhythmic comedy.

Old School reminds me Fight Club for the notorious "Godfather" as famous in this high school as Tyler Durden and a lot of incredibly funny sequences of this movie would be adopted by Monty Python themselves.

And above all, Old Scholl spares us an horrible ending like : "Well, I was a child, making mistakes, but now I understand a lot of things, honey, and I want to go back with you, our house, kids, dogs, canaries and God knows what else...". This film remains faithful to its principles and THAT'S GREAT!!

What else can I say : see this movie and be in a good mood for the rest of the day; I'm gonna see it once more now.

Thank you Todd Phillips.
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Thus far the funniest movie of 2003
DunnDeeDaGreat22 February 2003
I just got out of Old School and let me say I laughed myself silly. Todd Phillps has made a great follow up to Road Trip and the same way Tom Green stole the former, Will Ferrel steals every scene he's in. Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn also have equally funny scenes. If you want a funny movie then this is for you.
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enjoyable if not always on target
Special-K8814 December 2003
A man in his mid-thirties is restless, disheartened, and fed up with life in general after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend. He moves into a house on a college campus where, against his better judgment but with the persuasion of his equally depressed, unhappily married buddies, he starts an unofficial fraternity. To their surprise, the fraternity turns into a huge success that allows the three of them to recapture the spirit of their beloved college years. Intentionally goofy, college-oriented comedy from the director of Road Trip is uneven at times, but the cast is good and there are often some very funny moments. **½
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Old School- Same Nonsense *
edwagreen3 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I would expect this film being created by lower functioning junior high school students.

The premise of three guys opening up a fraternity home near the school where they graduated from is absolutely ridiculous to begin with.

The only good thing here is Jeremy Piven, who has personal reasons for wanting to break up this nonsense. As the dean of the school, he tries but the writing is so bad and inane that his reasoning soon falls off the charts.

The film also follows the love lives of these 3 jerks-Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson. Each story is more absurd than the other. Well, Wilson falls for the boss's daughter. That could have been played up more as far as the reaction of the boss finding out. The boss doesn't even find out that his daughter has been sleeping with the Wilson character.

The picture defies logic. Having an 89 year old frat member dropping dead in the middle of exercise is just too stupid to discuss. At his funeral, Vaughn's comments that all old people die, said in front of an elderly woman is heartless and in poor taste.

How much longer must we be subjected to Hollywood's goal of trying to satisfy the youth by coming up with films that lack sanity?
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#1 comedy of all time
Stew15 April 2005
This is the ultimately guy comedy of all time. I'll be quoting this movie until i'm 80 years old. The plot is original and hilarious and you can watch it from front to back 10 times in a row and still laugh every time. I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan and he doesn't disappoint. As Frank "the tank" he manages to be one of the funniest characters in movie history. This is a movie that most guys can relate to. If you've ever wanted to get back to the days of partying and girls, yet are stuck in the boredom of everyday life, then this movie will have you rolling around. Hecks, i'm even contemplating starting up my own fraternity. I can only hope that there will be a sequel to this one. I'll be the first in line to see it when it opens.
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Just awful
supah7929 September 2005
Man, this was bad.

Totally unfunny, filled with characters that get on your nerves. And a story which really is not a story. It's a midlife-crisis inflated daydream.

I can't understand why anyone would cast Wilson as a lead. He always looks constipated.

I also can't understand how this got made. Which studio-exec greenlight this crap?

Man, what a turkey!! I want my three Euros back from the videostore plus compensation for the 90 minutes of my life I've wasted watching this junk.

Man, this was bad!!
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Poor movie
gpignol6 May 2005
As a non-teen movie, '' Old School'' contains the ingredients we didn't like in teen movies, i.e. vulgarity, obscenity and poor jokes. This movie is even worse than American Pie 2 and 3. Don't see it, it's not funny and can make you totally idiot. If you live in the U.S., this movie was rated R for strong language and nudity. But if you live overseas, be cautious with your children (if you have) because the movie was allowed to all audiences (in most of European countries). Prevent them from watching this awful and very vulgar recipe. All you will find in it is rubbish at all levels. Not even a piece of laughter. In the same category, avoid movies like ''Not another teen movie'', ''American Pie 3'', ''Van Wilder Public Relations ''. Rate : 1 out of 10.
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protopor2 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(I'm from Europe. Sorry for my English) I can't believe I spend half an hour of my valuable life watching this crap! This thing is totally crap! Anyone call this a comedy and is ready for drowning! Most of the scenes were disgusting, the air was full of these stupid American habitats and way of life which make me sick and I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw an actor like Will Ferrell running totally naked in the streets after that "party" - for God's sake! Do you call this a movie? I call it the reason why Steven Spielberg will suicide! I really hated this "film". I know I a being rude but and only I rent this DVD really strikes me! If you are not Americans 1st) thank God and 2nd) break this DVD! Oh! And sth else! I just noticed that this monster - with the bad meaning - is going to have a sequel! With the same characters! Sorry, but this cannot be commented! WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE UNIVERSE?
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Lame and pointlessly vulgar
four_calendar_cafe1 January 2010
To start with, why make a comedy that is for the most of it not even funny? If your idea of a good laugh is Will Ferrel showing off his white fat ass running naked in the streets this film may be promising. But something is really wrong in this screaming advertisement of "male freedom" of brainless vulgarities parading as "real men, untamed and free" to go get ass drunk and something really wrong with imposing the idea that for men to have a good time must exclude marriage and children and certainly should include blow jobs as the utmost desirable form of sex.

This is not a comedy; this is mental birth control with the target audience being the white race already on its way to extinction.

I may give this movie more than it deserves on its own right, I might have tolerated it a bit better if this was the first of this kind, but then again, it was such a condensed "piece" that it definitely blew the fuse with me.

I simply refuse to be manipulated by something this unoriginal and tediously forced. Ever sat in a company where you had to keep smiling too long when no part of you felt like and had to laugh at gross jokes of a boss afraid of the repercussions? This is how this movie felt like.

I quit after half an hour – too late.
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Frat Pack climax
jediduck9510 July 2005
This is one of the better if the not the funniest of the 'frat pack' movies. I love 'animal house', and this movie basically pays tribute to it. It's probably the closest thing to a sequel to 'animal house that we're ever going to get.

It's definitely a great movie to watch with your college friends even if you hate fraternities. The movie starts out funny but it loses steam. Most of the characters are funny, and Will Farrell is probably the funniest of the cast. Cuthbert is smoking hot with her cameo which is alright by me.

The director has some funny jokes but it's not enough to reach a full potential (like 'road trip'). If he took more time with the jokes and the plot then this movie could of been a classic 'frat pack' movie.

This is definitely a guilty pleasure with some laugh out loud jokes and funny situations. The movie loses steam when the plot balances itself between being serious and being funny.
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Bloody awesome movie!
rochellep2 November 2003
Great movie, heaps better then what I thought it would be. I shall be awaiting the sequel! Farrell did an awesome job, had me in fits of laughter

Vince wow what can I say Highly recommended!!!
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Will Ferrell...
afncsu6 October 2003
I love Will Ferrell, therefore I will support (just about) anything he is in. I loved this movie-it is hilarious. My only only problem was that Will seemed to carry most of the humorous scenes (except the lead singer of the wedding band). I never tire of his humor, but they should have given him a break.
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This is a funny movie
masterchief98925 June 2003
Hey everyone, this is my first review. I rented Old School because i love a good 'R' college comedy and was in the mood to laugh; and it payed off. I got the Unrated verson and made the mistake of watching it with my family... I might have been the only one who liked it besides my younger brothers. This is not a slapstick comedy and its not a dark one either. Rent this and watch it with your friends.

8 out of 10
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Terrible Movie
natedogs21200023 February 2012
I can't believe that people that are older than the age of 18 actually liked this movie. It is moronic, childish, and immature. Will Ferrell does his usual SNL acting, which wasn't to good in the first place. Everyone else seemed to be in this movie because they wanted the paycheck. Therefore, didn't take this job seriously and did not do the best job they could have. I think that everyone in this movie was trying to pretend that they were actually younger and more immature than they actually where. Adding to the actual negativitity of this movie. I don't know how to explain how terrible this movie is without actually using bad language and added swear words. The best way to describe it is that this movie is for the very immature and self centered losers who peaked in high school and couldn't climb out of being a kid and actually become a REAL Adult who is successful personally as parents and REAL Adults. I am very disappointed. Unless you are a 15 year old male kid then I suggest that you keep away from this movie.
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Brilliantly stupid comedy, ideal for watching over a few beers!
Colm McAteer19 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The great thing about Old School is the lack of pretension in the story and the characters. Yet another film where will ferrell steals the show, just as he did in zoolander and starsky and hutch (thats no disrespect to stiller, vaughn or the Wilson boys!). This film has so many wee lines and scenes which you may not even notice the first time you see it but become hilarious and unforgettable after several viewings with your friends over a few beers. One example is the way Ferrell reacts after (SPOILER?) taking his first beer at the party and there is of course the well known brilliant consequences of these beers, not to mention the scene with the tranquilizer dart! A great show which fans of ferrell, Wilson and co. will love and anyone who enjoys dumb, entertaining comedies about grown men acting like complete idiots!!!
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