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Chicago Reader
Starts out silly, gets sillier by the minute, and frequently had me and most of the people around me in stitches.
Boston Globe
It's also a message movie, about as weighty as Lara Flynn Boyle and twice as absurd. But I'd like to report that I had an excellent time.
The New Yorker
It’s party time, and the movie is wild and crude without being mean--it’s a comedy of infantile regression, “Animal House” for grownups. [17 March 2003, p. 154]
The disconnect between what men say and what they do makes Old School funnier than most of its gags and it also invests the movie with curious pathos.
Old School is exactly what director Todd Phillips intends for it to be: low-brow, moronic to a fault, and occasionally side-splittingly funny.
This year's kinder, gentler "Animal House."
Film Threat
A good laugh is almost never a bad thing and almost every frame of Old School is grade A goofball fun.
New York Daily News
A deliberately stupid movie whose crazy charm wins you over in the end.
Chicago Tribune
The movie is never more than the sum of its scattershot jokes; it's sloppily put together, with scenes seemingly cut mid-dialogue.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie has been slapped together by director Todd Phillips, who careens from scene to scene without it occurring to him that humor benefits from characterization, context and continuity. Otherwise, all you have is a lot of people acting goofy.

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