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The new trailer for Interstellar will leave you speechless

  • JoBlo
The moment after you finish watching this trailer, you are going to want to watch it again. Just like the first time I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight or Inception, I had to rewatch this new reveal of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar to try and figure out what every single mysterious frame meant. Nolan likes making puzzles and this trailer is as puzzling as any I have ever seen. After premiering this new trailer at Comic Con, the rest of us have been waiting desperately to see more of...
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Where did The Day Of The Doctor leave Doctor Who mythology?

Feature Philip Tibbetts 2 Dec 2013 - 07:00

Now the dust has settled on The Day Of The Doctor, Philip tracks the ripples it leaves across Doctor Who canon...

Warning: contains spoilers for The Day Of The Doctor and The Night Of The Doctor.

After a wild night of pleasure, now Doctor Who fans are feeling warm and tingly, affectionately clutching at anniversary memorabilia and basking in an euphoric post Day of the Doctor glow. Looking at the object of our satisfaction we ask the question – did the Earth move for you?

Obviously the anniversary weekend was the source of huge joy (and possibly some uncontrollable squee-ing) to the fans but it is becoming apparent that it has had a significant effect of the narrative world of Doctor Who itself – past and future.

The most immediately apparent effect is that the Doctor has been given a new direction in his life. The
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How I Live Now: Toronto 2013 - first look review

Kevin Macdonald has teenagers in the crosshairs with this post-nuclear puppy love story

When the voices in Daisy's head aren't calling her a fucking loser, they're reciting hackneyed pop wisdom ("If you don't give up, you can't fail") or ticking her off about skin care and hydration. Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) is your catalogue order troubled teen, re-located from California to spend a summer with her cousins in their charming English farmhouse. The cousins are cheeky Isaac (Tom Holland), sweet-natured Piper (Harley Bird) and big, brooding Edmond (George MacKay), a cow-whispering hottie with mud on his boots and sex on the brain. Daisy's aunt (Anna Chancellor) is too preoccupied with work to pay their rough and tumble much attention. So the kids play tag, fly hawks, go swimming. Daisy sits moodily to one side, addled by inner demons.

Still, nothing clears the mind like armageddon. World war three hits the Blyton-esque brood just after sandwiches.
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Holy Sinema: The History Of Christian Scare Films

This Christian Scare Film about the evils of porn and/or masturbation has been making the rounds for the last few days, and is filled with comedy gold. A heavy-lidded ginger tries to overcome temptation when he’s invited by his bud for an evening of munchies, special buzz juice and … mutual masturbation? Thankfully, his “Professor” is always standing by to provide support.

A lot of people are wondering if it’s some kind of parody, but even though it has been edited down to provide the maximum awesomeness, it is definitely real.

It’s easy to question its validity, as most Christian Scare Films run the gamut from batshit insane to really batshit insane, so who can tell a parody from the real thing anymore?

Let’s take a look back at some of the most famous, infamous, or must-be-seen-to-be-believed CSFs, and for the sake of our sanity, we
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Paulina Rubio -- Accused of Beating Male Assistant

  • TMZ
1:40 Pm Pt -- Paulina's lawyer has released a statement ... Ripping Felipe as an incompetent drunk whose allegations are "the subject of fantasy and make believe."The statement reads, "The moment after being fired and eventually recovering from his inebriation Mr. Restrepo ran to an attorney who was representing another individual in a meritless lawsuit previously filed against Ms. Rubio's company Link Tours, Inc.""Incredibly, Mr. Restrepo has concocted a fable about being beaten by a woman half his size.
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Top 7 Actors Who Should Play Father & Son

We start the Top 7. You finish the Top 10.

In honor of That’s My Boy, a comedy that pairs together Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg as father and son, let’s imagine other pairs of actors who would make for dynamic father/son duos. And we’re not gonna just put two actors together and let you imagine the rest. We’ve got plot summaries too. So now I’ll just sit by the phone and wait for agents and Hollywood executives to green-light this gold.

Read Nick Allen’s “That’s My Boy” Scorecard Review (2/10)

Here are the Top 7 Actors Who Should Play Father & Son in a film.

7. Christopher Plummer (“Priest”) & Michael Fassbender (“Prometheus”)

Tentative Title: “Ice Cream Men”

Reason: Fassbender plays the world’s biggest Cher fan, who earns his keep by driving an ice cream truck for a picky boss (played by Jackie Chan) to the different towns of Death Valley.
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The Walking Dead: “Better Angels” – Recap

  • Boomtron
There have been rumors floating around for a while now that Jon Bernthal had left The Walking Dead. The idea of it made sense; his character, Shane, has been heading down a dark path that would almost surely lead to a fatal confrontation between he and Rick. Yet after Dale’s surprising death in last week’s episode, I wasn’t expecting Shane to exit so soon. I thought for sure his death would wait until the final episode of the season, if only to distance itself from the loss of Dale. Having two major character deaths so close together can lessen the impact, and for me that is exactly what happened. The moment was perfect and I wouldn’t change it, I just wish it hadn’t happened so soon.

The episode, “Better Angels,” begins with Dale’s funeral intercut with Andrea, Daryl, Shane, and T-Dog killing a small group of walkers.
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DVD Playhouse--December 2009

DVD Playhouse—December 2009


Allen Gardner

Public Enemies (Universal) Johnny Depp portrays legendary Depression-era bank robber John Dillinger in co- writer/director Michael Mann’s take on America’s first “Public Enemy Number One.” Like many big studio releases today, Public Enemies has it all: A-list talent before and behind the camera, but lacks a heart or soul that allows its audience to connect with it. Film plays out like a “true crime” TV show with re-enactments of famous events cast with top actors and shot by the best technicians in the business, with little, if any, character or story development to hold it together in between. A real disappointment from one of our finest filmmakers and finest actors. The lone standout: the great character actor Stephen Lang as a hard-eyed lawman who’s seen a lot, but manages to retain a tiny piece of his heart. For a better take on the same subject,
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Classic Moments: Arthur's final task ('Merlin')

With strong surreal imagery that pays homage to Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece The Seventh Seal, this classic moment from the eleventh episode of Merlin's first season is a luscious visual feast. At its core though, lies a deeply intimate look into Arthur's psyche and his relationship with a certain young sorcerer. The Context Arthur kills a unicorn while out hunting and is proud despite Merlin's sadness over the death. This act leads to an elderly wizard called Anhora placing a curse upon Camelot. Soon, all the food begins to rot and the water supplies run out. Only Arthur can prevent a massacre by undertaking a series of tasks set by Anhora, although he initially fails to impress. It's left until the last task for his true nature to emerge. The Moment After emerging from a labyrinth, Arthur and Merlin sit down on a bench situated on the seashore. (more)
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