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Sex & Nudity

  • Scale: 2/10
  • A man chases a woman out of his house, with only a towel wrapped around his body. The towel almost comes off, but the man manages to keep it on.
  • A few other light references to sex and/or involvement.

Violence & Gore

  • Scale: 4/10
  • A drunk guy has trouble keeping his balance. He spits some heated words at a lady.
  • A guy and lady have a screaming match off screen and then the lady comes onto the screen with the guy holding a gun. He threatens to use it, and the lady provokes him. He gets a shot off but it hits a window.
  • Later, the guy drunk again he plays imaginary football and crashes into a glass cabinet. The next morning he has a small cut on his face.
  • A guy after presumably getting drunk is in the police station a bit banged up and bloodied.
  • A guy talks about a scene for his book where someone would throw up.
  • A guy under close eye about when he leaves his bed mentions he has to go pee.


  • Scale: 4/10
  • At least 1-2 F-words (only one is clear, the other is yelled but from off screen). At least two uses of whore. Some other words like ($hit, damn, @$$, bitch) are used a couple of times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Scale: 7/10
  • The main character has a really heavy constant drinking problem thru/o the entire film. He manages to try and stop and pour the booze down the drain. Later, he has a drink and after a not so well conversation says to a lady that if she leaves, he'll start drinking again. A bit later, that same night he's at a bar where the bartender hands him 7 glasses half filled with some liquor. He starts drinking them down in one breathe.
  • The main character also smokes quite a bit. His secretary mentions this.
  • Other characters smoke and drink too every now and then.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scale: 4/10
  • The main character is very unstable when he's drunk almost falls. Sometimes some scary chords of music are played to accompany this.
  • The main character who's an author criticizes this one lady's writing and she takes it pretty hard.
  • The main character also apparently has a schizophrenia problem where he keeps seeing his wife whom is trying to insult him. In one scene he tells her to leave before he might do something to her, which she replies, "like what? Kill me? Rape me?" In another scene the guy gets a crazed eyed look in his eyes and we later learn he had a heart attack.
  • Total Scale: 21/50
  • Scale Break Down Blue Level (0-10): Something appropriate for everyone even for Sunday School. Green Level (11-20): Something appropriate for most people, except a Sunday school Yellow Level (21-30): Young viewers should be cautioned Orange Level (31-40): Adults should be cautioned. Red Level (41-50): Totally extreme. Reading the entire explicit content is necessary.

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