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Nice Look at H20 and the Original Halloween
Michael_Elliott31 October 2011
Unmasking the Horror (1998)

*** (out of 4)

Making of featurette shines the spotlight on Jame Lee Curtis' return to the Halloween series for HALLOWEEN H20. Curtis along with Michelle Williams, Kevin Williamson, Nancy Stephens, Josh Hartnett, Steve Miner, Janet Leigh, Adam Arkin and LL Cool J are interviewed about the film, the series and of course the original movie. It's always fun seeing famous people talk about a movie you might love so it was interesting hearing the responses that most people had with the original John Carpenter film and needless to say most say it scared the hell out of them. Curtis gets to go into some good detail about why she wanted to make another Halloween film after nearly 17-years away from the genre. Williamson, the writer of SCREAM, mentions all the homages in that film towards the original Carpenter film and there's also quite a bit of talk about the homages to PSYCHO. This documentary even has Wes Craven on hand talking about the origins of horror and what you need to make a horror film work. Finally, Carpenter is also on hand discussing his original film as well as H20. The sad thing is that he never mentions why he chose not to director H20 even though he was offered the project first. He also makes sure to remind people that in the original there wasn't any brother-sister connection and the only reason this came to be was because he ran out of ideas and needed something else for the sequel. Overall, this is a pretty good little featurette that actually has quite a bit discussed in such a short running time.
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