Robot Stories (2003) Poster


Plot Keywords

robot robot baby
baby android
love office worker
sculptor immortality
toy robot dying
death machine
toy clay
model fatherhood
broom robot robot relationship
tokyo japan asian
destruction of property mother daughter relationship
microbot art gallery
loss of son closet
toy store ethics
1990s watching tv
digital scanning shoplifting
family relationships computer programmer
reference to stanford university motel
aging baby bottle
subway gigatron
asian american black american
animated opening credits hospital
4 stories hiding in a closet
year 2027 master's degree
reference to bogota colombia hit by a car
marketing maturity
flashback photographer
battery rain
theft purse
humanoid future
coughing temp worker
consciousness growing
technology learning
father son relationship telephone call
graphite comatose boy
tantrum girl
missing part underwear
education spirituality
coma human robot
water artificial heart
brain dead action figure
run over by a car neurology
robot as pathos hallucination
one year to live 1980s
mother son relationship hiding
nurse robbery
sculpture train
social satire privacy
cat collector
computer comic book
recharging a battery doctor
humanism selfishness
father daughter relationship parenting
vacuum cleaner penicillin
dream husband wife relationship
runaway human brain
lung infection folding bed
vice president of marketing 2000s
marriage tears
sex satire
crying humming
cleansing room happiness
adoption mortality
old man food
brother sister relationship kiss
boy childhood
motherhood missile
african american stream
thief episodic structure

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