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This is a science fiction film, but like all excellent movies in the genre, the focus never strays from the human heart.
The subtext is singular: The presence of potentially dehumanizing technology serves to make the characters seem more human.
As a complete work, Robot Stories is a solid collection.
Entertainment Weekly
The collection can be summed up in four words I never thought I'd see together: science-fiction chamber music.
In Robot Stories, technology hasn't colonized human life, it's finding ways to make living (and loving) better.
New York Daily News
The stories are sharply written and well composed. Some are high tech on a low-tech budget, but where they find their strength -- in the emotions of their characters -- money is no object.
Four stories with automatons as important characters...The last is the most touching, but all are skillfully made.
New York Post
If you ever wondered how robots make love, here's your chance to find out.
The Hollywood Reporter
Each of the stories, impeccably staged and acted, has just the right length, well befitting the slight aspects of their story lines. Never allowing preciousness or ponderousness to infuse the material, filmmaker Pak demonstrates a real talent for concise storytelling marked by poignancy and humor.
Ostensibly about artificial life forms, each of these four short, expertly crafted stories offers a poignant perspective on what it means to be human.
I was hoping to be blown away, but was left feeling much like the iPerson in the "Machine Love" segment -- kind of cold.

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