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Stays in the mind, changing the way we look at the world.
Birds are not just the movie's stars, but its whole universe. They inspire in Perrin and his crew, and in us, not just awe but humility. You'll never look at them the same way again.
Chicago Reader
The most astounding cinematic testament to flock mentality since Hitchcock's "The Birds."
Wall Street Journal
A magnificent documentary that flies us along with migratory birds on their intercontinental travels, it's the polar opposite -- North Pole, South Pole and all latitudes in between -- of modern feature films that rely on special effects.
Visually stunning, practically dialogue-free and very family-friendly.
Miami Herald
Leaves you in a state of stunned, exhilarated awe, both for what it shows and how it shows it.
Portland Oregonian
Somewhat marred by Bruno Coulais' treacly New Age score -- as well as by Perrin's somewhat daft and repetitive narration. But the key word is "somewhat." In the main, Winged Migration is an unforgettable piece of moviemaking.
Absolutely breathtaking documentary whose close-up shots of birds in flight are so freakishly intimate that the film is compelled to open with the statement they're not special effects.
The results are exhilarating, thrilling, and extend the wingspan.
As moving wallpaper, Winged Migration is the cat’s meow: One almost wishes the wondrous images had been filmed in the even bigger IMAX format. But as an informative documentary, Winged Migration’s birdbrain comes to the fore.

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