The Other Side of the Bed (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

friend love
cheating lesbian
flatulence watching tv
washing machine videotape
video camera vcr
unfaithfulness underwear
torn panties topless female nudity
theatre theatre production
theatre audience tennis racket
telephone call tears
tearing shirt taxi
taxi driver talking in sleep
surveillance camera surprise
storytelling squeezing breast
spying spanish
spain song
sociologist singing
singer sex
science sangria
role playing revenge
restaurant remote control
reference to the warren commission report reference to o.j. simpson
reference to medici reference to marilyn monroe
reference to marcuse reference to franco
reference to elvis presley radiation
promiscuity pool table
playing pool piano
piano player photograph
penis penis size
pay phone pasta
panties orgasm
oral sex nudity
nuclear power plant nitroglycerine
mountain monkey
money milk
melon masturbation
machismo love triangle
love rectangle loneliness
locker room lie
liar ladder
kiss italian food
investigation infidelity
husband wife relationship hotel
honeymoon homosexual
hand job graffiti
going dutch gay
friendship following someone
flowers fight
fertility female frontal nudity
fellatio fake orgasm
extramarital affair experimental theater
earring doughnut
dancing dancer
cuba cuban
crying crying into pillow
conspiracy computer
co worker clothing
cafe break up
boyfriend girlfriend relationship bolero
blow job bisexual
bible bar
bare breasts avila spain
amatalascañas spain adultery
female rear nudity local blockbuster
female nudity tennis
spy betrayal

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