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This isn't the Bollywood blast of color and song or the brassy razzle-dazzle of "Chicago," but a quieter, sweeter approach that works against the chaotic comedy while humanizing the characters.
New York Post
Funny and frothy sex comedy from Spain with a very appealing cast -- and mediocre musical numbers.
A satire of contemporary sexual warfare that leaves you smiling but also stung.
Baltimore Sun
Too bad it doesn't deserve to fold the bedsheets of Paul Mazursky's L.A. roundelay "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" (1969).
Emilio Martinez-Lazaro fails to provide a consistent tone for his movie, which totters between earnest realism and camp.
Consistently sleek but works best if no more is expected of it than a mild diversion.
Dallas Observer
The film is smart enough to aim for farce rather than whimsy or reality. The songs are still bland--"I hid the alarm clock," "too much lipstick"--but at least the characters are somewhat entertaining.
The dancing is dazzling in director Emilio Martínez-Lázaro's The Other Side of the Bed, but the movie itself is a dud.
Lame and inane, but a huge hit in Spain.
Village Voice
If Martínez-Lázaro, as he reiterated at the Miami Film Festival earlier this year, wants to expand the U.S. Spanish-language film market, one hopes he'll aim higher than this.

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