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The exuberance of the package, coupled with a sexual frankness seldom seen in English language cinema, makes this the most fun foreign film since "Y Tu Mamá También."
Sexual doublespeak is everywhere.
Chicago Tribune
A smart, sprightly little movie with beguiling actors and few inhibitions. Though there's nothing startlingly new here, there's a freshness and vigor to the acting, and the crisscrossing love affairs hold your interest.
New York Post
Funny and frothy sex comedy from Spain with a very appealing cast -- and mediocre musical numbers.
Chicago Sun-Times
Everyone in The Other Side of the Bed, alas, has the depth of a character in a TV commercial: They're all surface, clothes, hair and attitude, and the men have the obligatory three-day beards.
Entertainment Weekly
While we can agree, for the sake of Iberian-American cinematic friendship, to go along with the whole simplified 1960s swinger premise and ''The Jackie Gleason Show'' choreography, we can also long for the comparatively nuanced 1990s swinger premise of ''Friends.''
The Hollywood Reporter
A big fluff ball of a sex farce that's so light and flimsy it's a wonder they were able to thread it through the projector.
Emilio Martinez-Lazaro fails to provide a consistent tone for his movie, which totters between earnest realism and camp.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Even the visions of attractive half-dressed bodies lolling about in various Madrid bedrooms or leaping into spontaneous music videos don't prove compelling for long.
Too bad it doesn't deserve to fold the bedsheets of Paul Mazursky's L.A. roundelay "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" (1969).
Lame and inane, but a huge hit in Spain.

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