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A lot of fun

Author: valens-69 from New York
11 January 2003

The Back Lot Murders is a low budget straight to video horror movie.

Most of these types of horror films over the last few years were just flat out bad! The film-makers try and make a serious horror film and it blows up in their face.

But that's where The Back Lot Murders is different, the film-makers made a movie that was fun and you can see they had fun as well as the cast.

The movie is far from original, a killer is on the loose killing people off on a movie set and the set is Universal Studios actually.

But instead of a movie being made it's a rock video for an up and coming band.

Stephanie(Priscilla Barnes) is the bands manager so she shows up on set and has some great scenes with Henry(Charles Fleischer) who is the Director of the video.

The reason the band is getting this chance is because Lead Singer Dez(Brian Gaskill) is dating Janey(Jamie Anstead) and her father is a big shot in the music industry.

When Janey is talking to her father, about horror movies and she says how she doesn't like them, her father says you had to see the movie Psycho,and she replies with i saw that isn't Anne Heche in that one. I thought that scene was really funny.

It was a total t & a movie. The girls were very hot and let's just say very gifted.

When they're talking or running if you're a straight male your eyes will be looking at only one place.

Charles Fleischer was very funny in this movie but Priscilla Barnes steals the show with an over the top performance that was a riot.

We get a high body count with a good looking cast what more can you ask for. Though it could have used a bit more gore but the killings were pretty cool.

And look for Corey Haim in a small role.

And fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street films watch out for Ken Sagoes who played Kincaid in Elm St 3 and 4 in a small role here in The Back Lot Murders.

The Back Lot Murders isn't to be taken serious, just sit back and have a good time i know i did.

Not scary at all but really funny.

The identity to the killer is fairly obvious but watch for a pretty cool twist that you sort of see coming.

But if anything at least watch for the great performance from Priscilla Barnes.

I give The Back Lot Murders 7/10

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Author: mobilealusa from United States
3 August 2008

First let me say I am writing this with no agenda in mind, except perhaps to cut this movie some slack from the 'pros' who think they have to dump on something in order to review it. You know before you rent it or buy it that it is a b movie. As such, it is a very good movie. Priscilla Barnes, absolutely nailed every line. She did a great job in this movie. Carrie Stevens and Angela Little always do a great job, as they did in this movie. They had very small roles, as eye candy sometimes does, but as usual, they did their best, and did very well. This isn't Shakespeare, but most of the time even a movies aren't Shakespeare. They are just more expensive with more effects. There isn't enough eye candy for my taste, but at least it was high quality eye candy. You can certainly do much worse than this movie.

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what happened to corey haim, i'll tell you what happened!

Author: rboyd-6 from United Kingdom
23 December 2005

What ever happened to corey haim, the thrills famously sung, i'll tell you what happened, he seemed to go for any script thrown at him, this film included, I've always been facinated with Haims career and to be fair to him I and many others strongly feel that in any movie he can light up the screen, fever lake for example, minus haim that film would surly have not been rented, the guy is actually more talented than people realise. But this film is still weak, its got no direction really, maybe the budget was low , although haim as the guitar player made me chuckle, its funny because ironically had the lost boys been filmed in present day it would be haim who probably would have been cast in kiefer sutherlands role, to summerise this , give the film a miss, unless like me you are a die hard haimster fan.

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Awful, but entertaining

Author: BloodTheTelepathicDog from north dakota
20 April 2005

Somebody finally dug up Corey Haim and handed him this weak script, and told him he was acting alongside Priscilla Barnes. Granted blockbuster wasn't in mind for Corey, but just the thought of getting paid sounded nice.

This falls into the so bad it's good genre, but barely. Charles Fleischer was a riot as a gay music video director struggling with the fact that he is a flash in the pan. Brian Gaskill handled the role of demanding arrogant lead singer perfectly, and Priscilla Barnes did an okay job as snobbish band manager. Corey really didn't have a role. He was basically chewing scenery, playing second fiddle to Gaskill.

The main draw for this film is the braindead Playboy bunnies trying to act. Granted, Carrie Stevens and Angela Little are gorgeous, but they have no business uttering dialogue. They make Shannon Tweed and Kelly Monaco seem like the Hepburns.

The best eye-candy in this film was Jaime Anstead and Heather Tindell. Heather was outshined by Jaime however, and I quickly subscribed to the Anstead Fan Club afterwards. She was perfect in her role as the spoiled naive producer's daughter who Gaskill was using to get a record deal. Jaime redefines sexy, and I recommend this film to see her alone.

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Stupid and awful. My kind of movie

Author: ( from Wauchula
25 April 2002

Call me crazy because I know my summary doesn't make any sense to you but it does to me.What I mean by this is the movie had awful acting,terrible dialog,no plot and stupid big breasted bimbos who were rather pretty.(Heaven forbid they cast a flat-chested ugly girl.)This is the kind of movie(for reasons unknown)I enjoy watching.The killers mask was rather original.This is one of those movies I do not recommend to everybody,just to people who enjoy watching cheesy cardboard characters running from a serial killer.This is solely amateur night.

P.s. Pricsilla Barnes acting was not very good,so don't watch it just because shes in it.

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A bit of fun, nothing serious

Author: jojoh1 from United Kingdom
18 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watched this movie last night I have to admit I was and still am a huge Corey Haim fan (RIP). The reason I decided to find this movie was to see some of his work since his untimely death a couple of months ago. I had not read any reviews or spoilers so went into this one pretty unbiased and this is my review. When the DVD arrived, I thought the cover looked good, very foreboding.

As soon as I hit the play movie icon and the credits started to roll my expectations did drop somewhat dramatically as the cheesy title dripping with blood looked very low budget. I realised then that this film is not meant to be taken seriously but is purely a "stab" at very low budget horror/comedy.

May contain spoilers......................

Opening scene and characters had some merits apart from the jackass songwriter who was abruptly fired and "fake beaten". 6 months later and the premise is of the band on the verge of superstardom filming a video at a famous studio, I thought was very good.

It was great to see a couple of famous sets and I was also trying to mentally picture some of the others in movies (sadly I could not work out anymore of these).

The bands manager wants them to be cutting edge and the video to put them "on the map" but sadly the direction isn't quite working out as the band are pretty much run of the mill. The lead singer is dating a record producers daughter purely for notoriety and has no real feeling for her.

I enjoyed the campness and insufferable elements from the cast but the rest of the supporting roles were your typical inane players who are literally forthcoming fodder to the killer. Gradually everyone starts to wander onto the backlot, where lots of riotous nudity and over the top fake stalk and slash takes place. Comical as each contained some silly one liner or rip-off of another slasher type movie.

The killer was very un-original and it was so obvious who was behind the mask. The so-called twist at the end again was very that again was predictable.

If you decide to watch this movie then please don't switch it on with great expectations. It is what is expected a very mundane B movie which does not stand out from the masses. If your looking for 90 minutes of horror or hilarity then you will be disappointed. Worth viewing at least for Corey's small part and for a giggle if your having a night in consuming alcohol with friends.

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Don't expect much and you might have fun

Author: Anthony Pittore III (Shattered_Wake) from Los Angeles, CA
1 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a rock band boots out a member before snatching up a big record deal (thanks to the lead singer's hot girlfriend's dad's record label), the shoot for their debut music video turns into a bloodbath when a rubber-masked killer begins to cut down those responsible for the band's successful start.

I'll be honest: This really wasn't THAT bad. It's cheesy and stupid, but it's damn fun. The comedic writing was actually funny, even though any time it got serious, it was just laughable. The acting was, well, not the best. But Haimster, who only played a bit role as the guitarist in the lame rock band, played his part well enough to satisfy Corey fans. He's not just a cameo, but he's not very integral to the story. The gore/violence is pretty well done, but the film is essentially a mockery of itself. It repeatedly makes fun of the horror genre as a whole, making fun of splatter films that rely on 'special effects' instead of real fear (and even put themselves on location at the 'Psycho' house to try to place themselves at the suspense level). . . but end up just doing the same (probably when they realize the film would be nothing if they didn't). Overall, it's a pretty fun horror-comedy that can be good with a couple beers and a couple friends. Don't expect much, though.

Final verdict: 4/10.

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it's a comedy

Author: spacecase30 from san francisco
29 April 2002

I was at the premiere for "The Back Lot Murders", at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills. Unlike the two sadly amateurish reviewers above, a crowd of over 1,000 people "got it" to the point they were laughing throughout and cheering at the end. Maybe if the reviewers read the description on the packaging, they'd understand that a send up of shallow Hollywood types would inevitably include venal stupidity and bimbos with fake breasts. Oh well, one can't expect people always to understand the written word; the vexing part is that the unqualified ought to keep quiet.

As for "The Back Lot Murders", for the comical stylings of Charles Fleischer alone, this movie is well worth the 4 dollars. Playing gay video director (how's that for progressive?) Henry, Fleisher is a riot as he's forced to deal with one moron after another. The scene where he critiques the band for lackadaisical effort during a play along sequence is comic genius, and was rewarded at the the Goldwyn premiere with wild, spontaneous applause. Meanwhile, Priscilla Barnes, cast in a role most opposite the Terry chick from 3s Company, displayed an easy chemistry and perfect timing with even some of the first timers hired to appear. All the band members were perfect playing dumb asses, and the girls are gorgeous. Newcomer Jamie Anstead deserves special plaudits for displaying not just a perfect body, but some excellent comedic touches, with fleischer, Barnes and even vet soaper Tom Hallick.

As for the "stupid plot" contention, well, even a film hobbyist ought to see how much better the plot is when compared to drek that gets released in theatres. For one thing, it makes total sense. How often does that happen in a splatter movie? Secondly, the third act is riveting, with unpredictable twists. Finally, there is a kill towards the end which the special effects company said was completely original, as in, never before seen in any splatter movie, despite it being one of the most notorious murder techniques ever reported on real life crime pages. It's disgusting in a way which ought to clue a viewer into the fact the the producers and writers are in complete control of the material.

As one of the creative principals, I have seen Back Lot many times. Over repeated viewings of any project, one can become numb to its charms and virtues. But, that night last fall in Beverly Hills, (which, incidentally raised over $100,000 for Animals Anonymous) when the 1,000 plus attendees cheered wildly at its conclusion, we all knew that something good had happened. Something certainly worth 4 dollars.

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Priscilla Barnes deserves so much better!

Author: JohnnyOldSoul from Here
31 October 2003

I found this film in a DVD bargain bin at a Walgreens of all places. Seeing that Priscilla Barnes was in it, I decided to give it a was to be a decision I would regret for some time to come.

First, the good points. Barnes is EXCELLENT in an over-the-top performance. What made her characterization of Stephanie so appealing is that she was the only performer in the film to not take this mess seriously. It's obvious she's having fun, and that she knows what a stinker this film really is. I can't go into much detail on her role without giving the, uh, plot away so I'll move on.

This film plays out like a nightmare version of Baywatch. Big-breasted women and only moderately attractive fellows run around and scream. Okay, we've seen that before.

The funniest part, however, is in the doco included on the DVD where the director calls this a "thinking man's slasher film." Actually, the direction is just fine, he's just let down by his actors. I've enjoyed the director's other work and will not hesitate to see more of it...providing he is given a bigger budget for better talent. The idea was great, the sets amazing, but something just misses in the execution.

Good job Priscilla Barnes, shame on you everyone else.

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Pretty bad but not a total wash-out

Author: preppy-3 from United States
8 April 2003

An up and coming rock band (one of its members is played by Corey Haim!) gets together on a back lot one night to shoot their first video. But somebody is stalking and killing off the cast and crew. Could it be the psycho band member they fired 6 months earlier?

This movie definetely has its moments--Priscilla Barnes is quite good and funny as a bitchy agent, there's a few good in jokes for horror fans (like me) and some of the murders are good and bloody. But that's about it.

Most of the murders are not shown or bloodless and dull; I wasn't scared once; the acting (except for Barnes) is horrible (Brian Gaskell is the worst offender--I don't care how cute he is!); there's sick, homophobic jokes; cheap, needless nudity and an endless stalking sequence at the end. Really not worth seeing.

If you do see it, there are some funny outtakes during the closing credits.

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