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Pretty Funny!

Author: FlickersRULE from making films
20 March 2008

I saw this at the Schweitzer Lakedance Film Festival in Sandpoint in 2006 and it was very funny. The whole crowd (it was on a Friday Night) laughed and enjoyed it. The Bachelorman is a light crazy sometimes-hip sex comedy that is often over-the-top and sometimes predictable... but so what? Its fun to watch, and thats all that counts.

As for someone who could possibly give this film, or ANY film a one star out of ten? I mean take a step back for a second. I've seen some TERRIBLE films, but I've never seen a 1 star film. Generally, the worse it gets the more you can appreciate the camp value.

I just heard this got picked up for distribution and I'm really happy. People who want some simple fun adult comedy should pick this up!

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Not what I thought

Author: rposter-1 from United States
3 February 2006

At first I thought this was going to be a romantic comedy, or maybe a sexy kind of chasing around film.

Instead, there were moms with vibrators, old ladies in diapers being stripped down, a moose that shits aphrodisiac candy, a baby that tries to crawl INTO it's mom, tons of blow jobs, a giant penis and tons of guys and girls getting laid.

It's about time.

I laughed for 90 minutes. David DeLuise is the perfect BachelorMan. There is no downtime in this movie, except for the three or four scenes where he comes up from under the covers to take a breath.

Viva BachelorMan

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Cheap but hysterically funny

Author: veo from Romania
17 March 2011

I have to start by saying this looks like a soft porn film: the photography, the actors' faces, the actors' playing. The actresses are all ugly and old. The film is cheap and clumsy and it has low production values. But... This impression fades out by minute 3, when you have already laughed more than you laughed in the entire Adam Sandler filmography. If you ignore the fact that it looks like a film school license movie, you realize it's one of the funniest movies in years. More gags and jokes per minute than a Mel Brooks film. All in all, excellent writing and humor. And I've just found out here, on the IMDb, the main actor is Dom DeLuise's son. Well, it's hard to be as funny as Dom DeLuise, especially when you look like you only act in Richard Grieco movies... still eventually you get to like this guy and admit he's funny as hell.

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Betcha Bachelor Man will make you laugh but, its adults-only fun

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
12 April 2010

Ted (David DeLuise) is a television executive who finds and promotes offbeat programs. Away from his job, he is such a confirmed "unmarried" gentleman that he has developed a super-hero type persona among his circle of friends. That is, he is "Bachelor Man", one who conquers any available woman with his pick-up lines, charm, good looks, and psychological assessments. As of late, nevertheless, the beautiful woman who resides in the apartment next door, Heather (Missy Pyle) has been putting a crimp in his style. It seems she has as many romantic encounters as he does and her exclamations of ecstasy reverberate through the walls, chasing Ted's dates away, due to lack of privacy. But, no matter what Ted does, Heather doesn't seem to give him the time of day. Naturally, Ted sees this as the ultimate challenge and he becomes obsessed with taking Heather out on a date, so much so that even his work begins to suffer. Lo and behold, Ted starts to make some progress in his pursuit and a few secrets come to light as well. First, Heather may not be getting all of the "action" it seems she is and, more importantly, she may have been recently jilted, accounting for her cold attitude toward love. Then, too, Ted is surprised to actually find himself "falling" for her beauty and personality. Are his bachelor man days about to end? This is quite a funny film but very adult in nature, making it unsuitable for the under 18 crowd. The cast is wonderful, with DeLuise a total delight. Why hasn't he surfaced in other films and television shows? He is one good looking and comical performer. Pyle, too, is great as the woman with brains and beauty and the lesser cast members, especially the couple playing Ted's parents, are also very entertaining. Although the production was probably one with a lesser budget, the costumes, sets and camera work are quite acceptable while the direction is lively and the script is extremely inventive and humorous. As such, betcha Bachelor Man will make you laugh. Why not give it whirl next time you visit the usual DVD providers?

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I thought it was very funny

Author: deeharris3154 from United States
19 January 2006

I have seen this movie and I thought it was very funny. The entire cast is great, including Rodney Conover. David Deluise is totally cute and sexy and don't know why he's not a superstar yet. Saw him on CSI a few times and he is really coming into his own. Missi Pile will always be great, too. I recognized a lot of the cast from other projects and was very impressed with the amount of talent in this indy film. The director is very well-known, too, so the whole line-up was very good for what was probably a lower-budget attempt by these people to get around the Hollywood politics and I think they did very well. I would love to see this movie made into a TV series with exactly the same cast. I think David DeLuise could carry off a weekly venture into the world of Ted Davis very nicely.

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Author: weberpr from Australia
18 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

David Deluise stars as (Ted Davis) a businessman who is the man when it comes to the dating game, conquerer of many women and many uses of extremely cheesy pick up lines he looses his mojo.

Ted finds himself wanting to settle down but no one will take him. In search of a new start he falls for his next door neighbour who is a phone sex girl.

Bachelorman didn't appeal to me I am not like that with women and I can rarely find humour in guys that are like that, I don't believe thats the way women should be treated.

If this was suppose to be a comedy it wasn't very well done.

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Oooh this movie was better then expected

Author: Christoffer ( from Sweden
3 February 2004

I first saw the beginning of this movie for 2 weeks ago. But it didnt attract me a bit. Today i gave it another chance. After i watched the whole movie i can only say that i was a good choice because the movie was really good. Good actors.. nice clean story and it felt very personal.

My vote 7 out of 10.

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I was embarrassed at how much I laughed...

Author: Kenburns_2002 from Los Angeles, CA
8 October 2004

I just saw this movie at a theater in Chicago with a small but energetic group of 20-somethings. I thought, "Hey, some mindless entertainment for an hour or so", and I must say, I was delightfully surprised at how genuinely funny this movie turned out to be. There are a few moments that you find yourself doing that little groan-then-snicker( I won't give away any punchlines) , and you are embarrassed that you let yourself belly laugh at few envelope-pushing jokes, but that's what makes little sleepers like this so fun to discover. Great cast (David Deluise should have his own series), fun script, and I look forward to seeing it again when it hits cable.

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Excellent writing and editing!

Author: oldquatscher from Beverly Hills, CA USA
1 October 2003

David DeLuise and Missi Pyle are great together in this cheeky film that thumbs its nose at political correctness in the evolving world of the 21st century. Saw it at its sold out Archlight Premiere. It is no wonder that it is winning so many awards!

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The only guide for bachelors

Author: filmfreak64 from california
3 March 2003

Great movie! Extremely entertaining! The use of the "Bachelor Dating Tips" is hysterical and very effective. This is THE movie to see for anyone who has been a bachelor, yet this is not a "guy" movie. Ironically, this is a great date movie which points out the flaws and devices used in modern dating technique (but it is also really entertaining!) The humor lies in the truthful observations of "Ted", played by David DeLuise. Overall a really fun movie!

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