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A rare masterpiece

Author: NIKOS SONIC (1966nm) from MEXICO
20 May 2005

One of the best Greek comedies ever, this film is a silent satire of the modern Greek reality; that of a forgotten political passion, eternal struggle for gaining and lack of self-criticism.

True to their identity, the heroes of this film, men, relatives, passionate, are a microcosm of a whole nation, which always complains, always falls in love and always tries to make the most out of every situation. Moral when it serves them, ideologists when they are allowed to be, are "always right", always victims and always do what they want in the end.

The dynamic confrontation of Panos and Antonis (played by an established artistic pair, with natural chemistry) takes this film away from the typical atmosphere of a Tsiolis work, making it more oral and approachable by the wider public. Yet, it functions perfectly as a representation of two typical characters of Greek life.

Argiris Bakirtzis, the standard protagonist of the directors latest and best films, functions here as a balance factor, that only displays any personality "between the lines" covering the final third of the national character pool. Now the representation of the modern Greek man is complete! Women are almost absent in this film although men always appear under their influence. A superficial influence that even in the form of a marriage or mad love, play a second role in the eyes of these modern men. Women don't need to talk much here. Maybe because men don't listen anyway.

Tsioli's direction is as always more optical than integral. What people say is of little importance anyway, since it only serves them as a mask of sound to cover what they really are, and you can always see it in their actions, that never lie. The characters here talk a lot more than in other of his films, mostly because they are by nature big mouths. But the story again really takes place in their movements. Movements sometimes picturesque and stylistic, that reaches the level of pantomime.

Still, the comedy works really well, making it by far the funniest film of the director and one of the funniest Greek comedies ever. Yet, again a difficult one, for a non-Greek to appreciate, with all these inside jokes.

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One of the best Greek comedies ever...

Author: osavlos from Spain
14 June 2005

"As Perimenoun Oi Gynaikes" ("Let The Women Wait" is the exact translation in English) is a movie every Greek man should watch, according to my opinion. The 3 protagonists are married to 3 sisters in the movie, so that has made these guys relatives. Of course the sisters never appear on the film, their names are only referred by their husbands, while they try to make their way to Thasos (a magnificent island at the north of Aegean Sea) to find their wives and children for their summer vacation. The movie goes over almost every topic a man talks about in his normal life: Women, politics, football, easy-money... And all of this talking is being done with an incredible smart sense of humor. Almost every cue being spoken by the actors is hilarious, these actors are many years together, not only as partners, but also as friends, and are some of my favorite Greek comedians. In contrast to more Greek comedies, this one does not go all the time about sex. It talks about women, but in its very own delicate way. Everyone of the 3 protagonists is unique and different from the others, while the same time they are identical. Panos (Yannis Zouganelis) plays great the love-in-first-sight victim, while he cannot betray, not his wife nor his family, but PAOK, his really beloved football club, the greatest one in North Greece. Antonis (Sakis Boulas)is a high-ranked member of PASOK, the political party which governed Greece almost 20 years and Michalis (Argiris Bakirtzis) is somewhere in the middle, trying to balance things, trying to bring a state of equilibrium, which is an utopia of course. Personally I found this film almost genius, a real mirror image of the Greek society and people. I could not comment it to a non-Greek, but as I said in the beginning EVERY Greek man should watch this film...

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very few people know about this movie

Author: spyroshas from athens
21 February 2003

Great satire of the modern greek -tsifteteli, souvlaki, xavale- society given with a great political sense and fair doses of clever humour. The dialogues are inflammable and the interpretations are excellent. ( both Zouganelis and Boulas in the leading roles are very much worth being noticed)

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Author: (gdedas) from Greece
13 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is my favorite one.I have watched it more than 10 times, I literally know all the lines.Every time a friend was visiting me and haven't watched the movie,I was suggesting this one and every single time the result was dying laughters. The actors are fantastic,Zouganelis is by far the leading one. In my opinion this picture truly gives a realistic picture of north Greece. This movie was also the subject in one of my academical projects,in a Greek university for a computer science department. I had to analyze the content of the movie, and describe the hidden messages deriving from this wonderful picture

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The best film about Greece

Author: apapage from Orestiada, Greece
8 December 2013

A road movie, where all aspects of modern Greek (especially North Greek) common psyche are exposed. I consider it the best film ever made about modern Greek lifestyle, especially as far as men are concerned. It is not a comedy only. It is a drama, a surrealistic masterpiece and a documentary. Using humorous dialog, the actors, each representing different characters of Greek men, get exposed and become vulnerable. Their standards become fragmented and their weaknesses visible. The audience will love the characters. Acting, directing, script... Everything touches perfection. Difficult for non-Greeks to understand the meaning of this film, as this is hidden behind smart dialog that only insiders will recognize. A must see!

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Accurate, Cult & Classic

Author: billbrando
9 August 2014

This Movie is unique in many ways but is mainly targeted towards Greek audience, and foreign audience will not be able to associate with it.

It portrays realistically the decadent society existing in Greece in 80s- 90s including: -Coffee and Smoking abuse -Song preferences (including subliminal battles between folk vs classical) -Political themes -exaggeration of behavior -Football fanaticism (Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos) -Regionalism (North vs South Greece)

Sometimes acting is horrible during the movie but this contributes to the cultness of the movie.

It is not easy to judge this movie without thinking of the consequences of these behavior in modern Greece, having that in mind this movie remains a Drama of major historical importance.

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A True Masterpiece

Author: alfapiomikron from Greece
11 March 2014

It is a part of Greek tradition for hundreds of years that political life should be played as a parody or satyric drama in theaters and movies.

From the pioneer of comedy Aristofanis to the latest and one of the greatest (in my opinion) ever lived Stavros Tsiolis, dramatic comedy writers know that in order to succeed they have to be modern, topical and timely.

In this movie through the short trip of these men and through their conversations Stavros Tsiolis presents us through a parody the political and everyday life in Greece through the 80's and the 90's.

This play is a comedy but the creator for the first time in he brings elements from a tragedy such as the part of chorus.

closing this small Review i would like to say that for me this Film is almost perfect i would watch it every day without getting even close to get bored to it. It is defiantly a straight 10 but many people from outside Greece could never understand 100% what the writer did here.

No offense but the most of the Greeks cannot understand the satyric humor and the irony that this film presents us.

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Keeping wifes waiting

Author: michalis damianou ( from limassol-cyprus
26 December 2006

 Three guys related from marrying three sisters (Batzanakides) meet in Northern Greece at Lake Volvi. The two of them (Panos and Michalis) have as have as destination the Thasos Island whilst the third guy (Antonis) comes to see what is happening with other two falling behind. Panos was struck with the view of a beautiful accompanied girl during the route. Antonis will fall in love too (with the one of the two nurses of Panos) Two old ladies (Sultana and Arhontoula) sitting nearby will act as DJ using a CD player offering very good popular music that suits to the evolution of the movie. Antonis will go to Porto Carras Hotel at Halkidiki with the two nurses for casino playing and will use the number that fails for Panos and Michalis.  The movie turns into a study on how men perceive marriage and the impact economics have on their life.  "Eheis dikaioma na meineis i na fygeis" (Music: Nicos Zervas, Lyrics: Stavros Tsiolis) was a later success with Antonis Remos.

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Author: dchatzoudes from Athina
24 May 2011


- You HAVE to watch it!

- If you watch it and you don't like it stop watching films! You are helpless...

It's a movie with extremely clever script, extremely clever lines. It's a deep movie, sarcastic and funny! The 3 main actors are majestic, so very natural! The directing is not flawless, the production is not huge, but the truth is all there!

I strongly recommend it, since it is one of the best movies of the Greek cinema.

I would not recommend it for non Greeks, if you don't speak the language its very hard to get the meaning.

For more details read the above Reviews! Thanks Guys!

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