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My prediction, its a good show.
pumpkinmedia11 July 2005
Thats So Raven. Kids will love to watch this show, but its entertaining for adults too. 'Raven Baxter' (Raven Symone) is a bubbly teenager who loves to make her own clothes, have fun with her friends Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) and Eddie (Orlando Brown). Raven also has the power of 'Phsycic Visions'.... Although most people would find these easy to handle, Raven will always find some way to get into a 'bad or embarrassing situation' when she misinterprets the meaning of her visions. This show is very funny. It has an interesting storyline and great actors to play the characters. Its an easy show to watch and I would anytime!
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Surprisingly hilarious
Smoothpants17 February 2003
I figured for a Disney Channel production, this show would be just amusing, like "Lizzie McGuire" (a show I like, but I get no real hearty laughs out of it). "That's So Raven" always seems to make me chuckle. But what I am most impressed with is Raven-Symone's knack for physical comedy, and willingness to make herself look ridiculous (but not in a demeaning way) to get the laugh. Almost like Lucille Ball in a sense.

The premise of this show is pretty cool too. Young psychic has INCOMPLETE visions, but acts on them anyway, not knowing the actual result of her actions. The writing is fairly standard comedy, but is sometimes inspired. There was a scene where Raven had a vision of a parachutist crashing through one of the school windows. So she and her friend rush there to get a story for the school newspaper. When the parachutist actually crashes through, he asks Raven "So you knew I was going to crash through this window?" When she replies yes, he asks again, "SO WHY DIDN'T YOU OPEN IT?" I thought that was clever. I enjoy watching this show, and I cannot believe that is little Olivia from "The Cosby Show". Good show.
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The funniest and only Disney channel show i watch!
aj_ajc_aj7 August 2009
This is literally the only Disney channel show i watch. It is much more hilarious than all these other cheesy shows. including its spin-off Cory in the house. You can never get to many "oh snap's!" or "ya nasty's" its just so funny and always has you laughing. That's So Raven is not just a show for kids or teens or kids and teens it is a Show that the whole family can watch and laugh there guts off. Not only does That's So Raven keep you laughing but it also teaches our children life morals that we all need to know. Disney needs to spend more time playing reruns or even bringing the show back instead playing all of this Hannah Montana and Jonas brothers crap. Great show Raven! As for Disney change is definitely not always good!
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Clever and witty.
shadow_empress3 March 2003
I've only just watched "That's so Raven", but I can tell that it will be on the air for a few years to come. The script is witty, and Raven has definite screen presence. It's suitable for younger children, as the dialogue should be fairly comprehendable for any age, and most of the jokes can be enjoyed by nearly any age. Good job, writers of "That's so Raven"!
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mirandalambertfan307 June 2006
i think that raven is a good role model for young girls. shes not the skinny petite cheerleader type(but shes not fat) and not all young girls are either. this factor tells teens that they don't have to be bone skinny to be successful in acting and they can make their dream come true because raven. i think Hollywood needs to get over the fact that not all people can be jessica simpson and take them cause they actually have talent and are fit for the role in the movie. raven has as much talent has any actor thats big, shes has better vocals than hilary duff and Lindsay lohan and has just as much acting skills, she understands that she don't need to damage her body and go anorexia like lohan but can stay a healthy talented young woman and still be a role model for girls.
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Raven is a budding Superstar!
unitedbro12 June 2003
This show should be on Network TV like Sister to Sister was. It is at least as good as Half and Half and the Parkers. I don't understand why Disney does not air That's So Raven on Saturday mornings on ABC like it does with Kim Possible. Raven is about to blow up like Nick Cannon did, she has the ability to go over the top with her comedy like Lucille Ball instead of being a diva and not wanting to get dirty or look silly! This show is a riot and now with Hillary Duff leaving Disney it will be a Raven world because we know how Disney gets behind their actors!!!!!!!!!!
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Funny, Funny, and more Funny
CmHowell998 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I watch this show when it airs it is really funny. It's about a kid named Raven Baxter voiced by Raven Symone and her best friend Chelsea and her friend Eddie. I couldn't stop laughing at the episode where Raven's party got changed to a different day thanks to a school bully named Nikki and Raven got even by having her friends change her hair with a leaf blower, get her wet with the sprinklers, and give her a towel that had icing on it and Eddie got the camcorder so he can record her and show it to her guests then Raven realizes that two wrongs don't make a right. But the next day Nikki comes over and gets her flowers and she didn't know they had poison ivy. Another time there was an episode where Raven made some new friends and left Eddie and Chelsea out. Then there was an episode where they had to choose a school president Raven wanted to be that person. Another time Eddie was so psyched about making the basketball team that Raven feared she may be losing a friend. Another time Raven caused a class disruption that her teacher wanted to meet her parents and she pretended to be her mother.
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A show about a teen psychic
lilmissewnsew21 June 2005
The show "That's So Raven", is about a teen psychic named Raven Baxter(Raven Symone). She can see the future but can't always see what's coming next. She has two best friends named Eddie Thomas(Orlando Brown) and Chelsea Daniels(Anneliesa van Der Pol). Chelsea is Raven's Kind, Fun, and sometimes stupid friend. Or as Chelsea said,"I'm friendly, loyal, energetic..." Eddie is Raven's rapping, funny friend. He plays basketball and has a girlfriend named Shantel. Raven's family is a little weird at times. Her dad, Victor Baxter(Rondell Sheridan) owns a restaurant called "The Chill Grill" He is an amazing chef and a funny dad. Raven's mom, Tonya Baxter(TKeyah Crystal Keymah) is a tough but fair mother. She can sing very well. Raven's little brother, Cory(Kyle Massey) is a money obsessed, prank-pulling brother. He has a crush on Chelsea. Raven's boyfriend, Devon(Lil' J) really likes a show called Astro Force 5. That's all about the characters of one of the best shows of all time, "That's So Raven" Be sure to watch it on Disney Channel at 7:30/6:30 central time.
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Please read this if you posted a bulletin about this show
desperado55988 March 2007
I'm sorry I can't afford to do the chat thing, but I read them anyways and it bugs me, so I want to clarify that Raven isn't fat. I just read something that someone put saying that Raven is 5 foot 3 inches and 170 pounds. I don't think she weighs that much, and she's not obese! In case nobody else has noticed, and I promise I don't normally notice things like this since I'm a straight girl... Raven is VERY curvy! She has big hips as well as other body parts that I shouldn't put on a page for a children's show! Don't y'all think that THAT could be what weighs her down?! Duh! And stop being so shallow anyways! Why don't you go talk about Queen Latifah in some stupid chatroom! Raven is awesome and talented, and she sets a very good example for others. That's so Raven is, like, a really good show, and that's what this is meant to discuss, not Raven's weight!
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Raven's got it going!
kalendra27410 August 2008
**** out of *****

4/5 9/10

That's So Raven is a pleasure to watch and have on Disney Channel. I throughly enjoyed all the episodes and thought they were funny and enjoyable. It is just such a great show.

Raven Baxter an average American has just one secret, she's psychic. Only her friends and family knows and with the help of her visions in the future, Raven goes on weird, funny and challenging situations to set things right.

This show also delivers a inspirational message too, that always believe in yourself and stop at nothing to fight for what you really want. I thought, that was a spectacular message for the audience. Keep it up Raven!
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why the hell isn't this show canceled yet
nmking2628 July 2006
This show is probably the most retardest thing i have ever seen. The plot never makes any sense, they never have any real, real-life situations. the girl who plays Chelsea cannot act for anything. I realize that she is supposed to act dumb and stupid but they go way too far. a person who really could act dumb real good was the girl who played Hillary in Fresh Prince of Bel-air. this show is real stupid. also the show doesn't really have any continuation. It is so f***ing unbelievable how dumb it is. Raven could have done better, she used to be real good in the Cosby show. If she could act like that when she was 5 years old she should be able to do way better now than THATS SO RAVEN. This show is f-ing retarded.
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That's So Raven got old a long time ago
Dr_Wholigan3 October 2006
I enjoyed the show at first. Then I noticed something, all episodes have the same plots. "She has a vision, she has to keep it from happening or she has to make it happen by dressing up in an outfit she made" It got old 65 episodes ago. It better not make it pass 100 episodes.

Another thing I don't like about this show is that a lot of the time she gets away with what she does, and doesn't get in trouble like in the Christmas episode where she looked in her Christmas box and then she needed to buy a new one. No one ever found out, Thats why I like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, try naming an episode they didn't get caught for what they did. In other words: watch suite life of Zack and Cody, not thats so raven.
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For girls ages 12 and under
AnimeGirl9184 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
That's So Raven is not very good. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that a young black girl can actually get her on television show on Disney, but this is not what I'd hoped it to be. The show has become very predictable and it no longer catches my attention. The fake audience is absolutely awful. Another thing that makes no since is that Raven and her friends are supposedly in middle school. But look at them, they should be graduating high school. With Raven's visions shouldn't she have learned by now that maybe just for once she should just let things take their course without trying to fix it? Because all she does is make the situations a lot worse. I don't see how they spend so much time with Chelsea. She is an idiot. The excuse of "but she is my best friend" is getting really old. My little sister is six years old and she loves this show, she thinks that it is funny. But like I said this show is strictly for girls 12 and under. They wont understand just how awful it really is.
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Some crazy girl named Raven has the power to briefly see the future, and gets her and her friends in trouble.
Ryaniskool16 December 2006
This strangely repetitive series seems never ending, and pointless, as there are a million different situations in which they can put a girl with foresight into, each one as stupid as the next. This preppy teen bopping girl is more annoying than a toddler on Prozac. Between her high pitched squeals, her accentuated acting, and her pointless "jokes", this show quickly drains down to nothing more than a hopeless shell of a series. BONUS FUN: Listen to the opening song... It basically describes the rest of the season, so you no longer have to watch it! If you're a hyper, sugar high teenager, or a child, this show is perfect for you! If you're a nauseated adult who can spot repetitiveness, stay away!!!

In the only fairness I will give to the show, it does have its moments.
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Nice show.
DominqueZarinha24 May 2003
Okay, so this show may not be all that but man, I gotta say, it's still good enough to watch. The show stars Raven who plays a psychic teenager. This show makes me laugh so much, I am so serious. I love it as a matter of fact. I'll never forget the episode where she had put on the fat suit and was dancing in the hallways, laugh out loud. Chelsea (Anneliese Van Der Pool), she cracks me up the way she never gets it. But she can act good enough I'd say. She just needs to get a clue though. And Eddie (Orlando Brown), he's great. He always gets mixed up in Raven's schemes. He's kinda like the innocent one. Corey is also cool. I love the way Corey is clever and is always doing something tricky. However, the parents, they're okay but the father, he's a bit too flat and I don't know how to summarise him but no, the show needs a new dad. The one they have, i hate to say it but HE SUCKS. One thing that always stands out is the teacher who spits, Mr. Lawler. One thing I don't understand is that when MR. Lawler is talking to them and spitting, in real life, a person would move away, I know I would. BUT THEY JUST STAY THERE AND GET CLOBBERED WITH SPIT! EWW! MOVE AWAY! That's gross. And you can see that it's real, these huge junks of spit pelting, gosh, that's so gross. I like that Raven Symone has made a comeback. She is a very talented young lady and I've watched her grow up from the Cosby Show to Dr. Dolittle to Zenon to That's so Raven. I love her, she's awesome. The thing I also like about the show is the way Raven always misinterprets her visions and does something stupid. And who could forget Stinky Sturkey, I mean Ben Sturkey. He must smell real bad to actually knock people inconscious. Disney constantly airs reruns of the show, so much that I only have to see the first scene of the episode to know what they're gonna say for the entire show. I think there should be new episode each week. But anyways, I love the show, Good Job Raven.
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Another Hack 'Tween Comedy
Jpgrif19 January 2008
A long time ago, both Disney and Nickelodeon found a recyclable " 'Tween" format and stuck with it. It works as follows: Take one supposedly "cool teenager" and a goofy side-kick, put them in an improbable situation, and throw in some incompetent adults.

"That's so Raven" follows the format exactly.

This show follows Raven Simone, who some will remember as the "Cosby Show"s Jumping The Shark. Raven is now too grown up to be cute and chubby anymore; she has blossomed into a full-blown "Big Girl"... And due to her lack of acting talent, look for her on next year's "Celebrity Fit Club" Raven's acting ability seems to be that of mugging at the camera like she was in an "Amos & Andy" re-make. This puts her firmly in Third Place behind Josh Peck and those awful Twins (Tied for First) in "The Suite Life".

What really gets my goat about this show is that Raven Baxter is supposed to be "Psychic"... COME ON! Too many little girls and FAR too many adult women actually BELIEVE in astrology and palm reading and such bull-dada... Do we REALLY need to encourage them? Raven's "Visions" are always incorrect, and she always gets her friends involved in trying to correct(In her opinion) some perceived future wrong. This almost always involves Raven wearing some goofy "disguise" and taking some pratfalls to prove that she is "The Next Lucille Ball"...

This show would be a lot better if Dad (An always wonderful Rondell Sheridan) would explain at the end of each episode: "Honey, I TOLD you! There is no such thing as psychics! Your GrandMa is a Crazy Old Lady from the Bayou who believes in Old Wives Tales and superstition."
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This is the worst show I have ever seen....
Steph Gillanders13 September 2006
This is the worst show I have ever seen. I cannot even bear to have it on in the background. My mother loathes it. My sister watches it, literally, just to annoy me- even though she ends up wanting to kill herself by the end, too. I don't have a *clue* how this is one of Disney's most popular shows- I guess it goes to show some people will watch any old crap. Raven, the lead, is a good role model- not being skinny-to-the-bone- and that is the one and only thing I respect about this show. Speaking of the lead, she's inexplicably annoying and her voice grates on me. Her friend, Chelsea, is so stupid, but it's not the Joey-Tribbiani-type stupid, that is hilarious, but the annoying I-don't-know-anything-look-at-the-stupid-white-girl stuff of nightmares. The other characters are so boring I can't be bothered to write about them. The premises of the stories are ridiculous, and sometimes make little sense at all. Nevertheless, it does make me laugh- that embarrassed I-can't-believe-I'm-watching-this-crap laugh that so often kicks in.

This is one of those shows that you either love-or-loathe, I guess. My family and I hate it with the intensity of a thousand suns.
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xxRebeccaxx13 July 2006
That's So Raven is a stupid show. Raven talks far too loudly, and when the show is finished I have a sore head. And it isn't because I have the volume up to loud. The best thing about the show would probably have to be the character Chelsea. She is by far the funniest character in the whole programme. The story lines are very predictable and some of the jokes aren't even that funny. I could watch a whole episode of That's So Raven and not laugh. It has a laugh track.

It is OK, for smaller children who like to laugh at a teenage girl who is jumping around the place stupidly but not really for teenagers/adults who will just find it annoying.

Do yourself a favour and do something better with your time!
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funny and enjoyable
AnimagusGirl29 December 2003
This show can have interesting plots, and frequently does, and you have it credit for being original. But it's sort of like, if you've seen one Raven episode, you've seen them all. The jokes are sometimes the same, and get boring. But mostly it is funny. And if they try to make the jokes different, it isn't very good. But overall, it's pretty good.
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Another Racist Disney Show?
Illyngophobia12 April 2008
I've been thinking about this a lot.and I thought the show was funny when it aired,but now I'm not sure where I stand.Today,I'm gonna be expressing my feelings to this show.

I liked the idea for the show.Seeing a psychic was cool.It was like Heroes in a small way,but with only one person with a power,with the one exception of the episode with the other kids that have weird powers.

It wasn't until recently I had this weird thought."Is this show racist?"Now,every show has it's joke or two,but to me,these are the ones that stick out more.The point ,to me they tried to make several times was that "white people are racist" upset me a little bit.Because,wouldn't saying white people are racist,make them racist?Racism is everywhere,and everyone can be racist to everyone,but I'm wondering if I'm the only one who thinks about the show like this.They made several points of "racism".I don't think I need to mention the stereotype with Newt in Cory In the House being "stupid".

Correct me if I'm wrong about the racism,but the comments and remarks made in this show,I found upsetting and it won't change my mind anytime soon.
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dangeros6516 May 2005
With "That's So Raven," the Disney channel has failed another attempt to create a truly funny sitcom. The heart of the story (Raven's psychic visions) has proved to be a nuisance. The plots that unfold as a results of said visions are most times more ridiculous than funny. Adding to the sometimes absurd plots of the story, is the foolishness of Raven's actions. Her cuteness has since long gone since "The Cosby Show," and, although a talented actress, her performance of this show might hint otherwise. The only thing that might save this show is Chelsea's complete lack of common sense; which provokes her random and funny ideas for solving the day's problem, which Raven hardly ever takes into consideration, using instead her own ideas which never work anyway. The character of Chelsea is casted well, and in my opinion is the only thing that gives hope to this show. I believe Disney has failed in the creation of this show. Especially given the successes of most of the other sitcoms that have aired, and are current on air.
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A hilarious show starring the most talented actress in the world.
armen_s31019 December 2006
I think that the show "That's so Raven" is a hilarious show for all kids and teenagers who like comedy because this show won't let you stop laughing for one second. Also, i think that Raven and the other actors/actresses on this show are very talented because they really know how to make people laugh, and how to act. This is by far, the best show i have ever seen on TV, the most witty and the funniest. I think that That's so Raven's episodes are all hilarious and you will want to watch them over and over again. I really recommend this show for everyone, and i hope that Raven and her friends will keep making more and more episodes because it's the best show ever. Great job Raven Symone and all the actors and actresses on this comedy.
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There's just one problem......
tyranid_slayer23 May 2007
The story lines are always the same. My little sister watches anything on Disney channel. Thats so raven isn't her favourite show but she still watches it.

The story is basically about a girl called raven who is physcic and can see in to the future. And for a show that focuses on seeing into the future the show is very predictable. The comedy is supposed to ensue but the stories are always the same. So basically Raven sees bad future, tries to change it funny stuff is meant to happen but fails to deliver. One thing i have noticed about this show is that it does touch on some serious issues like smoking and racism. But the show is racist in it's own discreet way. Notice that it is a black dominated show and the white female character Chelsea is so stupid. The show is almost trying to insinuate that black are smarter than white people. This is also true for the spin-off series Cory In The House were newt is white and is incredibly dim-witted.

This show is very predictable and gets incredibly repettative you might just give up.
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