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Season 3

1 Oct. 2004
Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy
When Raven gives a boy with a rather poor sense of fashion a makeover, she has a vision that he falls in love with her. To prevent this from happening, she makes it clear that they will just be friends. The makeover becomes a greater success than anticipated and Raven falls in love with him.
11 Dec. 2004
17 Dec. 2004
Double Vision
Raven has a vision that she is going to share a kiss with Chelsea's crush. But when she actually meets the guy, she realizes that they share a lot more than that, and that keeping apart might be harder than she thought. To make matters worse, Raven's visions cause even more problems for Chelsea as she tries to plan a benefit concert at the school. Meanwhile, Cory and Cindy want to make their newly formed relationship official.
4 Feb. 2005
True Colors
Raven and Chelsea apply for jobs at an upscale clothing store at the nearby mall. Though Raven is overqualified, and Chelsea is clearly under-qualified, it's Chelsea that ends up getting hired, and Raven can't figure out why until she has a vision of the manager's bigoted hiring policies. With no evidence against her other than her visions, Raven, Chelsea, Eddie, and a local news reporter try to get the store's manager to expose herself as the racist she truly is. At the same time, Corey is having trouble with his Black History Report.
22 Apr. 2005
On Top of Old Oaky
An old oak that's stood outside Bayside for several years is about to be cut down. Chelsea then starts demonstrating against this while Raven and Eddie don't care. Chelsea then meets Jake, a new student who appears to be her complete soul mate, who joins her. Raven then has a vision of Jake eating ribs in BBQ-sauce.
8 Jul. 2005
Extreme Cory
Raven mocks Corey's skateboarding efforts.
23 Jul. 2005
Point of No Return
At the mall, Raven finds a blouse that she just has to have. To buy it, she uses the $100 her dad gave her to buy a calculator for class. But Raven has a plan, buy the blouse today, wear it tonight, and return it tomorrow. But the plan changes, when Raven accidentally stains the blouse.
4 Nov. 2005
Goin' Hollywood
Corey wins a brief guest appearance on an episode of the 1950's-era sitcom "Better Days." However the show's child starlet Ally Parker wants to try life as a normal kid in the public school system after years of on-set tutoring. This episode, which doubles as a pilot to a spin-off series, focuses on her attempts to do so with the help of her nerdy cousin Carly, and the problems both she and Corey have when she returns to the set.
16 Jan. 2006
The Four Aces
Raven, Chelsea and Eddie volunteer at a senior citizen center, and Raven takes a liking to the grumpy old woman she's assigned to. Especially when she finds out she used to be a moderately famous singer.

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