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Season 4

20 Feb. 2006
Raven, Sydney and the Man
Among many only one girl singed up for Raven's fashion club and she is mean to Raven. Cory learns that Bar Mitzvah is a very profitable custom and wants to throw his own Bro Mitzvah on his 13th Birthday.
24 Feb. 2006
Pin Pals
Raven decides to choose meeting her favorite fashion designer over the bowling competition with Chelsea and Eddie.
3 Mar. 2006
Dues and Dont's
Because of Raven's vision she thinks she is gonna get her own personal office at Donna Cabonna's. Its chaos when she brags about it in school and everybody comes for visit at her "office". Meanwhile Cory and Eddie fights over a winning lottery ticket.
17 Mar. 2006
Unhappy Medium
Nikki Logan an actress wants to hangout with a real psychic to help her understand her character in the movie. Meanwhile Cory learns that he could make money advertising on his body.
24 Mar. 2006
Adventures in Boss Sitting
Things gets difficult to manage for Raven when Devon and Donna Cabonna both show up at Raven's house on same time. Meantime Cory and Cindy agrees to see other people.
31 Mar. 2006
Hook Up My Space
When Raven gets a surprise room makeover, she tries to force Cory to create the room she envisions.
21 Apr. 2006
Driving Miss Lazy
Eddie got his drivers license. Raven, Chelsea and Eddie contributes and get a Car. Eddie is arrested and mistaken as a Bandit. Cory is tricked into buying a chick magnet cologne.
12 May 2006
Be Prepared
Raven calls Boyz in Motion for her boss to make a video of emergency preparedness promotion but ends up separating them from each other. Meanwhile Cory and Victor are preparing their own emergency evacuation plan.
24 Jun. 2006
Juicer Consequences
Chelsea and Corey both criticize Raven for thinking about herself all the time. Cory is having trouble with a bully at junior high.
8 Jul. 2006
Sister Act
Raven enters a beauty pageant with her 8-year-old friend Sydney. Raven's enemy Muffy, and her little sister also enter the pageant.
28 Jul. 2006
Checkin' Out
A "Raven" and "Zack and Cody" cross over Episode in which Raven is temporary secretary of her boss but she messed up and ask Zack and Cody to help her. Meanwhile Chelsea and Stanley both tries to hold a world record.
5 Aug. 2006
Fur Better or Worse
Raven's design is selected by Donna but Chelsea and her group protest against using real fur at Raven's work place. Eddie and Cory gets conned by Stanley, Again.
12 Aug. 2006
Mad Hot Cotillion
Raven is grounded for a week, no phone, no T.V and no friends. The Juicer a school bully ask Cory to help him out with a girl he likes but the girl likes Cory instead.
18 Aug. 2006
When 6021 Met 4267
Raven and Eddie both look for online dates. Only to discover that they have been "dating" each other.
25 Aug. 2006
Soup to Nuts
Raven pretends to be sick at home to avoid her principal.
15 Sep. 2006
Members Only
Thinking Eddie is a ladies' man, a new fraternity offers to make him a member.
22 Sep. 2006
The Ice Girl Cometh
Chelsea and her mother invite Raven to join them in a cabin for a bonding experience; Corey and his band try to get Victor's DJ friend to play their song on the radio.
6 Oct. 2006
Rae of Sunshine
Raven is forced to go on a camping trip in a stupid outfit so she can help Sydney make some new friends. Cory wants to enjoy a movie without any jibber-jabbering so he picks Eddie and Chelsea over Larry and Willam.
25 Nov. 2006
The Dress Is Always Greener
Raven is offered a job as a designer by Lora Stelladora who is the Arch Nemesis of Donna Cabonna, she gets caught up between both of them by not quitting the old and accepting the new job. Cory and Eddies tries to make money from Chelsea's potato which happens to look like President Abraham Lincoln.
15 Jan. 2007
Teacher's Pet
After getting a new teacher, Raven's class assumes that it can take advantage of the situation. Cory's band looks for a new singer.
2 Mar. 2007
The Way They Were
Its Eddie's Birthday and Raven invites Eddie's separated parents to the Birthday Party. Cory, Larry, William and a hired Chef cooks for the party.
10 Nov. 2007
Where There Is Smoke
Raven finds a cigarette in Corey's pocket and is convinced he is smoking, even though he denies it. But in true Raven style she goes ahead to find out the truth, which turns out to be shocking.

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