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  • Combs many years ago settled in Dakota and married an Indian squaw, and he is now living with her and their little girl of eight years in their log cabin home. One day while riding he meets a horseman bringing him a letter from a New York lawyer telling him to come east at once as he had been left a fortune. Returning home he shows the letter to his wife and retires to make arrangements for his journey. She ponders and thinks, and suspects that when once he strikes the Great White Way with plenty of money at his disposal he will probably forget his half-educated Indian wife waiting longingly for his return. She begins to feel that she now stands in his way and in the way of their child's advancement, so taking up a large hunting knife she stabs herself, and on his coming out to bid her farewell he finds her lying on the ground apparently lifeless. Falling on her body he bemoans his fate, and taking up the knife she has used curiously examines it. His little daughter seeing him with the knife wet with blood in his hand is horror-struck and thinks he has just killed her mother. Scared, she runs to the neighboring Indian camp where are her mother's father and other relatives, telling them of the awful deed they start to avenge the crime. Combs takes to his horse and there is a running fight across country, but being mounted he manages to outdistance his foes with the exception of one who is very fleet afoot. Arriving at a precipitous cliff he has to abandon his steed, and securing the end of his lariat to a projecting bough he begins to climb down the face of the rock. The Indian, however, before he reaches the bottom, cuts the rope letting him fall half stunned. Quickly recovering and half limping, half crawling, he still endeavors to escape but feeble and crippled it is an easy task for the fleet native to overtake him and binding him with ropes to head him back to the camp. The Indians sentence him to death by means of one of their peculiar methods. A heavy rock is clung from a tree over his face, he being securely bound on his back under. His daughter is given a knife to cut the rope that will cause the rock to fall, but at this moment his wife rushes up, for she had only been in a swoon and the knife had not penetrated very deep; she quickly explains to her friends how she had tried to kill herself and strong hands free the prisoner. Mutual explanations and pardons follow and the Combs take their departure and return to their home, for he feels that he will be happier with his family on the plains than if he goes east and claims his legacy. The native life in this film is true to every minute detail, and therefore outside of a most exciting and thrilling story the film is of a very interesting character.

    - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
  • Combs, a settler in the Dakotas, receives word that he is the heir to a large fortune. He eagerly prepares to go and claim it, but his Native American wife White Fawn is dismayed. Fearing that she will lose her husband if he goes east, she stabs herself with a knife. When Combs finds her, he is overcome with grief. He bends over her and pulls out the knife, only to have their daughter see him in this position. She draws an erroneous conclusion from the situation, and runs for help, leading to some tumultuous developments.

    - Written by Snow Leopard
  • A frantic child reports to the tribal chief that her father killed her mother. The tribe chases and captures the man, dragging him back for tribal justice.

    - Written by Anonymous


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