Timeline (2003) Poster


Plot Keywords

professor student
france castle
village combat
warrior cave in
archaeologist battle
wormhole ruins
monastery archeology
time travel time machine
adventurer cult film
arson blood
mace showdown
sword duel swordplay
sword and fantasy swashbuckler
hand to hand combat cavalry
infantry spear
shot with a bow and arrow ambush
steel helmet shield
duel disarming someone
fictional war siege
battlefield war violence
kingdom tough guy
hero reluctant hero
adventure hero action hero
historian tractor utility vehicle
doctor hundred years war
fire friendship
stabbing escape
capture electro shock
beer archery
tunnel carving
statue falling from height
silver city new mexico airplane
mobile phone cell phone
telephone call computer
eyeglasses drink
drinking policeman
police lucky charm
rooftop cannon
man on fire subtitled scene
horse horse riding
fight death
murder scientific research
teacher year 1357
archeological dig surrealism
friend box office flop
one word title shot with an arrow
love lost father
kiss deception
bow and arrow arrow
teacher student relationship fish out of water
medieval times tour guide
torch sword fight
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back secret lab
secret experiment scottish accent
revenge prototype
motorcycle marine
mad scientist locker room
knight hospital
helmet grenade
female archaeologist explosion
experiment on oneself altering history
burning building body armor
beer drinking axe
artifact ancient sword
airfield rescue
father son relationship 1300s
sword flaming arrow
catapult trebuchet
based on novel

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