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Philadelphia Inquirer
Cheesy and loads of fun.
Chicago Tribune
There's something light and insubstantial about this movie. It almost floats away as you watch it.
Chicago Sun-Times
I felt too much of the movie consisted of groups of characters I didn't care about, running down passageways and fighting off enemies and trying to get back to the present before the window of time slams shut.
Entertainment Weekly
Special kudos go to Walker, for his dead-on impression of a time-traveling 2x4, and the perpetually hysterical O'Connor, who delivers one of the most grating performances in history.
Clunky adventure story.
You'll be checking your watch a lot during Timeline. Though most of the cast is strong and the movie has moments of suspense, ultimately the mystery in this action thriller is so far-fetched it's ludicrous.
The Hollywood Reporter
Glorious so-bad-it's-good entertainment.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Plays out like a 1950s B-movie with a fat special-effects budget. Brain-numbing dialogue, incoherent action and glaring improbabilities aside, it's a bearable combination of sci-fi paranoia and historical fantasy that drags modern viewers, and the robotic hero of "The Fast and the Furious" movies, Paul Walker, back to the centre of the Hundred Years War.
Boring and repetitive.
New York Daily News
An instant contender for cult status on the midnight-movie circuit, where lines like "Do we look like quantum wormhole specialists?" will be given the respect they deserve.
Wall Street Journal
Timeline has negative energy to burn. There's even less of it by the end than at the beginning.

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