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Washington Post
Works on two levels. First, it's a pure celebration of riding the waves. -- Second, Blue Crush is a clear-eyed portrait of the unique kind of power that women possess, a power that shows us that victory doesn't always mean vanquishing someone else. Either way, it's thrilling.
That's what Blue Crush is getting at: girls going for the gold in a sport that's traditionally been the domain of men.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Frankly, with so much to feast my dazzled eyes upon, I barely noticed that the plot was missing in action. And that's because the action itself is so pure.
Chicago Sun-Times
I expected another mindless surfing movie. Blue Crush is anything but.
Baltimore Sun
Blue Crush is such a blast to look at, it seems a shame to talk about its formulaic plot, cliched dialogue and absolute predictability.
Boston Globe
Not the sanctioned wet T-shirt contest you might be anticipating. The Pacific is the hottest body here. And director John Stockwell handles the frivolous material with an integrity that I have to admit I found disappointing. The movie isn't nearly dumb enough to be much beach fun.
Overcomplicates its plot and spends a lot of time floundering around in the shallow end.
Charlotte Observer
When there's no dialogue, this film stays right in the pipeline. When characters open their mouths, it ends up in the tripeline.
Just one big wipeout.
New Times (L.A.)
Unless you count "Lilo & Stitch," this is the first of several surfer-girl movies out of the gate, and it seems clear that in the rush to put it out there, a script was the last thing on Universal's mind.

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