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So Bad It's Funny

Author: Luke Joplin ( from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
26 October 2002

I can't believe somebody can give this film a 10! It's atrociously bad, although sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it seems a Mexican soap-opera... The first scenes at the parade are brilliant, though. See it for laughs, at your own risk!

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Riveting suspense that builds to an emotional climax

Author: billy jean from Fresno, Ca
21 June 2002

This movie is the best independent film I have seen. I have 9 hours of college credit in psychology, and this movie hit on so many emotional levels - fear, guilt, betrayal, angst, and truly is a thriller! It should be compared to the independent greats such as: Blood Simple, Pi, Halloween, etc... not recommended for young adults, it is undoubtably an adult thriller! If you love Hitchcock, you will love "The Man Next Door".

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I love this movie

Author: slayer_chick6154
19 October 2004

Yes, I love this's so lame, it's excellent for drinking parties with friends =P I don't know if there actually is, or was, a person that thought that this movie was good, but I find that VERY hard to believe. I watched it with friends and we laughed our asses off. Especially the line about the smell of fish coming from upstairs. I find it quite impressing that you can tell the smell is coming from upstairs. Furthermore, there was a rotting corpse..THAT DOES NOT SMELL OF FISH! But anyway, I'd totally recommend this movie if you a) wanna have a good laugh or b)are a young filmmaker and you wanna learn what NOT to do when making a movie..

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Totally amazingly bad

Author: Fishman1966 from United States
20 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Beyond words, it is just astounding how awful this thing is, I won't even call it a movie. The truly amazing thing is that the premise is OK, the acting is so-so, but I truly couldn't care less about these people.

It's the longest,most boring horror movie ever made and I pride myself on seeing stinkers.

Ed Wood's were amusing, but this thing just plain stunk. The ending, nice wrap-up I suppose, but just as boring the rest of it.

And here's the BIG question, her parents were gone for ten years, how long was Grandpa married to the wicked step-grandmother? He FINALLY realizes that she's been treating his granddaughter like dirt. Yeah, that's believable.

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Awful, dreadful, and boring

Author: Doominator777 from Oklahoma
22 December 2002

Not since Ed Wood have we seen someone able to pull this feat off. Writing, directing, and producing and being amazingly bad at all of them.

Okay, so this is better than an Ed Wood film but not by a whole lot.

"The Man Next Door" follows the carnage of a Ted Bundy like killer, mainly focused around his game with a young high school senior. She has had mental issues since the death of her parents ten years ago. Since then she has been raised by her Grandfather and step-Grandmother. With his cunning wit and charm mixed with her perceived lack of mental stability and a very hard, stern step-Grandmother he seems to have her in the palm of his hands.

If that sounds like a TV movie it is probably because it should be only I think even the Lifetime movies of the week are above this.

The acting isn't stale, it is decomposing, very slowly before our very eyes. The supposed twist are predictable and expected.

One of the main flaws is the lack of any reason we have to believe our lady heroine has any serious mental issues. There is nothing to even remotely suggest this. I guess we are to just go by faith that she had some real breakdowns back in the day even though it is never seen or mentioned.

There are only two good things about this movie. The director does give us some different camera angles but it doesn't make up for everything else in this movie. Also, it is nice that the cops aren't made out to be complete fools like in most movies.

There are some other things in this movie that have glaring holes but I dare not point them out here in case you are actually wanting to watch this movie.

So, if you're at Hollywood Video and see this one in front of you in the horror section, just repeat this to yourself "Put it down, take a step back, turn to the left and then calmly but promptly walk away." 1 out of 10.

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Billy Jean of Fresno must've been joking

Author: aj-to from Netherlands
10 October 2006

but he sure has a bad taste of humor, then. He so to see was the only one (and hopefully will always be the only one) that gave this film a 10. This must've been after numerous bottles of vodka, because I don't see how you ever can earnestly even give attention to this product. For my part, I only do it in an attempt to prevent people from spoiling their temper and wasting their time. This is by far the worst movie I ever saw, and even the predicate 'movie' gives it too much credit. Believe me: if you hate yourself, are in a really sick mood or seek for some stimuli to throw up (for instance after a wild party) - go see this film. If one or all of these reasons are absent: stay cheerfully away from this aberration.

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