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Wonderful perspective of a twisted childhood.

Author: (tpubjjkk) from United States
23 March 2002

I loved the way this movie shows a child's slightly skewed vision of what adults say to them and how they see the world. This movie has a great story line and group of characters that show various perspectives. Definitely a must see comedy for all adults who had a strange childhood.

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Twisted !!!

Author: sgtal98-1 from Dolton, Il
31 July 2002

This is a brilliant, twisted, and witty view of the world through the eyes of a somewhat cynical 10 year old boy, and his pals. Mr. Wilson has taken great pains to bring all of our childhood fears out into the open in this piece.

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Gahan at his fiercest, funniest ...

Author: unclemongo ( from Houston, TX, USA
17 June 2002

For those of you who've read "I Paint What I See" and truly gotten inside Gahan Wilson's view of the world, this animated bit of insanity will be the best thing since sliced, mold-ridden bread with worms crawling in it.

With a viewpoint both childlike and abysmally twisted, Wilson takes the viewer on a tour through a boy's life, from undead dissected alley cats to two-dimensional nude waitresses ... and beyond.

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It's not easy being a kid

Author: Matt Kracht ( from New York
20 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Three animated, slice-of-life stories about the trials and tribulations of a highly neurotic, wimpy, ten year old boy. The animation isn't great, but I've never really been a fan of Nelvana. The voice work is pretty good, but the writing and directing are a bit uneven. Even though the movie is only 70 minutes, it's still got some singing, dancing, and other filler.

The first story concerns mortality, animal rights, creepy teachers, and impressing the opposite sex. Our neurotic protagonist agonizes over whether it's ethical to dissect a dead cat, culminating in a nightmare where the dissected cat haunts him.

I liked Ed Asner as the cat's ghost. His characterization was full of hilariously over-the-top hostility. It wasn't particularly witty to resort to constant use of profanity, but I still laughed. I can understand how some people would find this tiresome or offensive, but it worked for me. I enjoyed the absurdity of the situation, made all the more surreal by Ed Asner's potty mouth.

The second story is about sex, pornography, and sexism. After undressing a sexy waitress with his eyes, our neurotic protagonist once again agonizes over ethics and wonders whether this makes him a sexist. This story doesn't really have any standout characters and abandons the grotesque style of the first story. Instead, it goes for a more erotic style, full of ironic nudity.

The third and final story is about Halloween, urban legends, and monsters. Looking to impress his friends, the protagonist faces his worst fear and goes trick or treating at the house of a reputed witch. Not too much happens, and the witch seems a bit underwhelming. They could have really gone hardcore with this, making her both disturbing and scary, but it ends up being a wannabe Disney villain. Of course, the witch doesn't really exist -- it's just a kindly, old woman who enjoys having visitors. Predictable, at best.

Still, it was an enjoyable movie, if you're in the mood for a cynical take on adolescence.

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If Gahan Wilson were dead he'd be spinning in his grave...

Author: Bob Fingerman from New York City
9 June 2002

But he isn't dead, so it's puzzling how he'd allow something this bad to bear his name (as well as a bastardized slapdash imitation of his unique drawing style).

Gahan Wilson is one of my all-time favorite cartoonists, his gag panels for Playboy, The New Yorker and many other periodicals having provided many laughs over the years. He is also one of the first cartoonists whose work so moved me I was inspired to become a cartoonist myself. When I first encountered the comic strips, "Nuts" -- which featured the "The Kid" -- in National Lampoon back in the '70s, it was revelatory. I marveled at the subtlety, empathy, and truth in these strips. When they were collected as a trade paperback I saved my allowance money and bought a copy, which I still have.

So, suffice it to say I've been a fan of Wilson's oeuvre since I was about four. I'm now almost 38, so it's been a long-term love affair with his work. More's the pity then, that this animated made-for-TV abomination is so horrible. From the irritating and oft-repeated "nya-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah" song that introduces each of the segments, to the wretched animation, this thing is a total disappointment. I can't imagine that Wilson was happy with it. He didn't write it, so at least he isn't to blame for the script. Made for Showtime, this is one of those premium cable offerings that overuses cursing for cursing's own sake. I have no problem with cussing; in fact, when used well it can achieve a certain poetry, but sometimes, as in the case of this piece of &^%$, it's only there because they could put it there; it adds nothing.

It really is a shame that "Nuts" wasn't tapped as direct source material, because that would have made for a thoughtful and infinitely funnier offering. This thing comes off as a very poor imitation of "South Park", a show that does everything well that this does so poorly. "South Park" understands kids, understands taboos (and how to make and break them and keep it hilarious).

Avoid this at all costs.

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Disappointing and mediocre

Author: lasherxl from Slightly North of Hell
26 October 2012

I don't mind animated or kids films I review them on their merits, but this just seemed so terribly underwhelming. After watching films and TV shows for kids both as a kid and later as an adult I've always felt mad when I see something dumbed down for kids. As if children are retarded versions of our adult selves, instead of the amazing knowledge sponges i've experienced.

This is another one of those films that panders to the lowest common denominator and leaves everyone wanting more. Personally I feel whenever I see a kids film it should make me feel a tinge of what that moment was like, whenever everything seemed to have a bit of magic and wonderment in it.

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Kidding Around

Author: ztonus from U.S.A
26 February 2002

This reminded me of all those movies that talks about kids and sex. No, it's not child porn, but it doesn't get that much better.

Of course, this animated movie is cut up into different episodes about a kid learning about life. There's only one storyline that I actually liked. After the kid sees a naked woman, his brain goes boob-crazy and he starts seeing big breasts (and pubic hair, to boot) on everything and everyone!! The women aren't bad, but when he sees them on dogs, that's going a bit far!!

So-so animation with a storyline that isn't over puberty as of yet. If you want sex and comedy, I'd recommend Booty Call!!!

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