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Chicago Sun-Times
We like these people, which is important, and we are amused by them, which is helpful, but most of all we envy them, because they negotiate their romantic perplexities with such dash and style.
Screwball farce, romance, domestic tragicomedy and literary frolic rolled into one.
If there's true magic to be found in the proceedings, it's in Garai's dexterous performance.
A delightful coming-of-age movie that teeters on contrivance but never topples.
Chicago Tribune
Smith's story is a charmer: touching, funny, romantic, perceptive, absorbing and full of color and character. And the movie, which has been respectfully and affectionately handled by people who obviously love their source, captures most of those qualities.
It's surprising no filmmaker has adapted Dodie Smith's novel before now, and pleasing that Mr. Fywell and company have done such a responsible job with it. It's one of the season's most captivating surprises.
What isn't fair is the film's R rating, which makes this charming coming-of-age tale virtually inaccessible to the audience sure to cherish it most.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Sadly too often (and I'm unsure whether this is the result of voices that echo when bounced off stone walls or because the acting is all over the place), the characters create the impression that English is their second language.
New York Daily News
A Jane Austen-like tale of sense and sensibility, with some of the wit, but, alas, none of the linguistic legerdemain.
Entertainment Weekly
Smith's book is a charmer, but the keys to this ''Castle'' have been misplaced.
Miami Herald
The film is weighted down by a dour sensibility at odds with the book's insouciant charm.

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