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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, pervasive language and brief strong violence

Sex & Nudity

  • It is a very sexual movie.
  • No actual nudity, but extensive explicit dialog, revealing clothing, and sex.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot in the head: blood and organic matter spray into and on a fish tank where we see fish nibbling at the pieces as they sink into the water, and we also see blood dripping copiously from the man's head wound. A man cuts the thumb off a dead body with a plastic knife (we hear sawing, crunching and tearing and later see blood in a tissue). A woman takes a kitchen knife, slits her wrists and blood pours from the wounds. A woman describes (in detail) to a group of young men how to use the fingers to pull out an eye ball and leave the victim with no visual memories. We see a morgue with dead bodies in plastic bags. A man is gagged, shoved into a clothes dryer and threatened by another man. A man tells a man to cut a young man's thumb off. A man yells at a man and woman and waves a gun around. A man yells at a young man and shoves him against a wall, men yell at many people throughout the movie, two women yell at each other, and a woman and a man yell at each other. A man gives a woman an injection in the buttock. A man kidnaps a young man and they yell at each other in several scenes. A man threatens a man. A man breaks a laptop computer over his knee.


  • 124 F-words and its derivatives, 13 sexual references, 18 scatological terms, 20 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, 1 religious profanity, 11 religious exclamations, 1 derogatory term for the mentally challenged, 5 derogatory terms for homosexuals.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Suggested MPAA Rating: R for strong sexual content and language including some violence

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where the man gets shot in the head is pretty disturbing, largely due to the fact that it's unexpected. It occurs about 3/4 of the way into the film, which up to that point has been fairly light and comical.
  • OK for ages 14+

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