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Except For The Lip-Synching, She's A Fine Performer

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
7 December 2006

Only because a friend loaned me this and I had never seen Spears sing (hey, I am a fairly old geezer, long past being in the Britney generation), I decided to take a look. It surprised me; it wasn't bad. It actually was very entertaining and some of the skits she did were pretty funny. I have to admit; I was least to a point.

This is a feast for the eyes, not just male eyes on Britney, but the wild special effects, lights, colors, explosions,'s quite the Las Vegas show. I expected "bubble gum" type songs, and some were, but not most. What I saw that I've never seen before on DVD in a live concert is someone lip-syncing! That doesn't say a whole lot for her singing ability if she has to resort to that. However, to be fair, she is dancing so much that it would extremely difficult to do both at once. Nonetheless, it takes away from the credibility of the whole thing. On the plus, at least her songs sounded the way she wanted them to. If done live, they might have been....well, not so good.

Since this concert was done two months after 9/11, there is a nice dedication to our troops and a simulcast to four military bases. I'm sure the guys enjoyed looking at her. Anyway, this whole thing was a lot better than I anticipated. I'm not too impressed with her personal life but she puts on an entertaining show, even with the lip-syncing.

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A good concert minus the in between things

Author: joltjohn from w
23 December 2002

From what I've seen, a Spears concert is not only simply singing, but a theatrical production of sorts. Props, sets, the occasional special effects and background videos, not to mention Spears trying on a new costume with nearly every song. With her HBO broadcast from Las Vegas, it was obvious that Spears and company were going to try to take this all to another level. While Spears looks terrific in costumes that continue to cover less-and-less as the concert continues, there are some decisions that are just plain strange: for no apparent reason, Jon Voight turns up about halfway through to read a poem. The between-songs chatter is often corny and occasionally unintentionally funny (I think Britney even started a conversation with the audience with "Can we talk?" I'm suprised I didn't hear, "No! Sing, dammit!" from the crowd noise in the surrounds in the 5.1 audio mix). A "Behind The Music" skit about halfway through is terribly unfunny, which is dissapointing, given the fact that Spears has shown that she has solid comedic timing on "Saturday Night Live". In fact, the skit comes off like the worst of SNL. She opens with former No.1 single "OOPS I DID IT AGAIN", tied to a spinning wheel she rotates for the first verse, before coming on to the large stage to finish. She follows it up with (YOU DRIVE ME) CRAZY,.... OVERPROTECTED follows. Dressed in a very ... catsuit-type attire she puts plenty of oomph into one of the freshest and funkiest tunes of the show. Next is the enjoyable medley of BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY / LUCKY / SOMETIMES. She is dressed quite scantily, and that's always appreciated. BOYS, one of her more different sounding tunes, allows Spears to put her ... to good use, as she writhes around on stage and interacts, quite intimately, with her dancers. STRONGER and NOT A GIRL, NOT YET A WOMAN come after this. I LOVE ROCK 'N' ROLL is one of the more energetic performances as she pips away on a raised platform, before she hangs from the ceiling mid-air, in a stunt you could see the Backstreet Boys or NSync pulling off. Her urban influenced track WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE ME has plenty of synchronized dancing and energy. LONELY would have to be one of the better performances as she interacts with a computer generated version of herself, seen on a big screen. The song is almost like a duet. Very cool. Ballad DON'T LET ME BE THE LAST TO KNOW gives Britney time to breathe in a rather uninspired performance which is very lifeless and in this she sounds like a drag queen. Sorry Ms Spears, this was the shows' downfall. She picks up the pace with the cheery pop tune ANTICIPATING. Plenty of colour, this peformance is vibrant and very much for the young. She incorporates the audience into this one, by asking them to sing along and clap their hands to the chorus. This all changes when she strips off to a tiny, shimmery skirt and green bra top,for the pumped up performance of I'M A SLAVE 4 U. This is an awesome performance with plenty of heat and no doubt her male fans will have a field day, thanks to Spears' bust and her attire. You'll see what I mean. After thanking everyone for coming out, she appears back on for an alternative take on her biggest hit to date, BABY ONE MORE TIME. This is where she is drenched in a shower of rain for the performance which is not the ...BABY, we remember hearing. But seeing a wet Spears is satisfactory enough. I strongly recommend this to any Britney fan. You'll have fun. Top of Form 1 "Britney Spears - Live from Las Vegas" is a feast for the eyes and ears. 8/10

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Oops...Britney Spears Did It Again!

Author: MovieManiac123 from Haverhill, Massachusetts
25 August 2002

Oops...Britney Spears Did It Again! She played with our hearts got lost in the game. Ohh Baby, Baby. Oops you think she's in love. That she's sent from above! She's not that innocent! Ohh Baby. Yes she is not that innocent with her little 'shower' at the end of the show. Since I'm a Britney fan once again this is great (See My 'Crossroads' Review). Enough Said. MPAA Rating: PG for sexual material including brief nudity

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In which a young star demonstrates all that she's learned, knows, and believes about show business and performing up to this point.

Author: jingster666 ( from Venice, CA
21 November 2001

Our favorite blond, nubile, performing sex symbol brings together all the many and disparate elements of her considerable repertoire into the definitive and ultimate Britney Show. And what a statement she makes!!! She sings, dances, prances, smiles, pouts, cries, flies (yes, flies!), takes a shower!!!, and treats us to a patented Britney Spears Fashion Show as only she can do it. And all done in the big-arena, state-of-the-art, exploding, smoke-filled environment of Las Vegas glitz. One gets the distinct feeling that this show represents a watershed moment, a compendium of all that is Britney to this point, a statement of virtuosity in which one can almost see her in a mortarboard and gown, proud to receive her degree and ready to proceed on to postgraduate work. She's absolutely done it all at this level. The movies are next and one just knows absolutely that she's going to knock us all dead at that level, too! A great, great show!!! She did it again. Hail, Britney!

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Britney Dazzles Las Vegas

Author: duanecotterell from Wales, United Kingdom
24 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This concert was the best I have ever seen, she truly dazzles the Las Vegas audience and the rest of the world with 90minutes of chart topping hits like Oops!...I Did It Again to Overprotected to the raunchy I'm A Slave 4 U. The opening is unmissable with an astonishing performance of Oops!...I Did It Again and the finale is just as good with a re-mix of Baby One More Time and Britney looks stunning while performing Lucky in the united states coat. This concert is truly unmissable. worth buying the DVD!!! List of tracks used from album Baby...One More Time: Baby...One More Time (Re-mix), (You Drive Me) Crazy, Born To Make You Happy, Sometimes. from album Oops!...I Did It Again: Oops!...I Did It Again, Lucky, Stronger, Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know. from album Britney: Overprotected, I'm A Slave 4 U, Boys, I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, I Love Rock 'N' Roll, What It's Like To Be Me, Lonely, Anticipating.

Never before has Britney performed so well and with so much energy. Britney gives it her all in this concert from bungee jumping to playing a jewellery box ballerina, Britney is a one-woman explosion of talent. Also included on the DVD are video's for I'm A Slave 4 U, Overprotected, and I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman plus the US trailer for Crossroads.

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Not a girl, Not yet a Woman...

Author: Akasha330 from United States
18 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This concert shows Britney at her best on her "Dream Within a Dream Tour" in Vegas. From the first explosion to the last bungee-stunt, this show is THE spectacle to see. Britney has endless energy throughout every song, infusing the music with her awesome dance moves. Not only were her backup dancers amazing, she was right with them for every move. The lights, the costumes, and the props all add to the visual element to the show, which has a theme of different dreams that are common in people (being chased, being trapped, falling are examples). She has songs for the kids (such as Lucky, Sometimes, and Anticipating) while she also throws in her developing "adult" independence (Overprotected, I'm a Slave 4 U, Boys). Satellites were set up at different military bases around the country, so that the audience and the viewers at home could all show support for those in the service, as this show was broadcast just a short time after the tragic attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. The picture quality is crisp with excellent wide angles and close-ups, and the 5.1 Dolby Digital track is full with bass and a hint of being in the MGM Grand Arena. Though Britney's actual live vocals are rare in this show, you may find yourself not noticing it eventually, as Britney herself is the one-woman-show; with the Vegas spectacle behind her, that is.

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"It's a little hot in here, right?"

Author: gregvaughan ( from New Jersey
11 August 2002

...announces Britney, before peeling off her top and performing "I'm A Slave 4 U" dressed in skimpy bra, micro-skirt and knee-length boots. Watching this HBO special, I'd been semi-interested until now, but THAT got my full attention!! Man, I couldn't get to the 'record' button fast enough! Say what you will about the music, Britney is an AWESOME spectacle for the eyes!

You've gotta hand it to her, nobody has managed to combine with such success the Debbie/Tiffany wholesomeness that wins over the kids & mums crowd, with the Madonna/J-Lo raunchiness that hooks in the lads. With a multitude of skimpy, figure hugging outfits, each one designed to showcase her supremely honed 'n' toned body, the worlds most famous spokeswoman for chastity puts on a fine crutch-grabbing, breast squeezing, dry humping display, even gyrating with two chicks at one point (all too briefly!!), and trying out a new sexy scowl (needs working on, Brits), before the whole thing reaches its grand finale with the Princess of Pop purring through a slow, steamy rendition of "Baby One More Time", while drenched by a torrential rain storm.

That's entertainment!

The worst parts are when Britney stops dancing, to pursue the shows tedious Dreams 'theme', where she indulges in some toe-curlingly mawkish chit-chat with the audience (sorry "the beautiful people"), a cheesy ballet, an ill-advised comedy sketch, and most cringe making of all, Jon Voight's bizarre cameo, reading a fairytale to a moppet 'Britney' (see other reviews for the gruesome details).

But when she gets back to her energetic bump'n'grinding -- choreography courtesy of Madonna/Janet Jackson -- she's something to see! I eagerly await Britney's next phase. Some suggestions: she could introduce the lap-dancing routine that became such an integral part of Janet Jackson's show, or maybe it's time for a 'Justify My Love' phase, where she goes beyond the PG-13 rating...

Ever had a dream...?

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Like the golden girl (or woman, whatever) says, "Let's give it up for HBO, whooo!!!"

Author: Victor Field from London, England
7 July 2002

As with Paula Abdul back in the day (the day in question being the late 1980s), I enjoy Britney Spears both for her entertainer aspects and for her cute face, stunning abs, hypnotic legs and buns etc - as attractive as someone like Samantha Mumba is, I would sooner chew off my feet than listen to her output, something I can't say for little Miss Spears. (Which means yes, I'll probably like "Crossroads.") I'm even staying on her side after her PR mishap over here - it's not like she's killed anybody...

Having enjoyed her other TV specials (including Sky's broadcast of one of her London concerts - "Oops! Sky One did it again!" as the girl said in one of the show's promos), it was a given that HBO's "Britney Spears: Live In Las Vegas" would be a must. And the show does deliver for her fans; visually it's enthralling, with the choreography, the set design, the effects (like "Lonely" featuring Britney in action with a closed-circuit TV twin) and Miss Spears' various outfits keeping the attention - "It's getting hot in here," she says prior to removing several clothes at the start of "I'm A Slave 4 U" - and the songs themselves, though odd in some cases (what possessed her to do "I Love Rock'N'Roll"? Ah well, still beats Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman doing "Something Stupid"), are proficient bubblegum pop at worst - even "Boys," her current single at the time of writing, is still preferable to most songs that get to #1 in Britain - and almost art at best.

Britney herself is a delight as always; never the world's greatest singer but she does do her best to give value for money, and on the ballads she can make you go "Aaahhhh" with the best of them. Although reducing "Born To Make You Happy" (my favourite of her songs) to part of a childhood medley doesn't quite work - and the framing device with Jon Voight is just embarrassing - the biggest fault with this show is dependant on where you see it. Your humble writer saw it on British TV's Channel 5 in a 75-minute slot (with commercial breaks); the show has an official running time of 90 minutes on video and HBO, meaning that the members of the Britney Brigade who saw it on TV here missed at least 20 minute - see reviews on for an idea of what's missing. The UK TV version also has an additional credit tacked on after the HBO one, calling it "A Carlton Production for Channel 5." At least the culprits admit responsibility (Carlton has a well-deserved reputation in this country for poor quality programming).

If it had been the full version, I would have rated it the full 10. (And had Britney allowed the cameras to watch her change between acts a la Janet Jackson's Hawaiian concert, I'd have given it 11.) But even in a cut version this is a gem.

Like the one the old lady threw in the water at the end? "Like that."

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Like a Nyquil-induced fever dream

Author: zmaturin from Rushmore Academy
19 February 2002

Catching this on TV was an odd experience- it was like a Rob Zombie concert, but instead of cool music and monster imagery it was a salute to a "Cherry 2000"-esque robot which lurched and jerked about the stage, belting out pre-recorded, pre-formed pop songs with all the skill and precision of Teddy Ruxpin.

The high point of delirious stupidity is when drunken "Noah's Ark" star Jon Voight (who must sit during his whole appearance, save he stumble off the stage and land head first in the orchestra pit in a puddle of his own Scotch-flavored vomit) appears, slurring a bedtime story to a "young" Britney.

The rest of the show is spastic, sub-"Mickey Mouse Club" dancing briefly seen between pre-recorder video bits. Appearing lost and queasy in this multi-media propaganda event is the clueless sex-puppet Britney (who is made of 85% recycled materials). She seems like one of those cherubic young girls whose soul-less, bitter moms force to prostitute themselves up for subhuman beauty contests, only this beauty contest is lasting Britney's whole life and the grand prize is having middle-aged fathers fantasize about her in the shower.

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Wonderful Theatre

Author: hobbitbob from Denver, CO
31 July 2003

I happened upon this at blockbuster the other night,and figured "what the heck!" After all, one can always turn the sound off and just watch her wiggle, yes? Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. While I don't listen to bubble gum pop, I have to admit the show itself was great theatre. Yes, she lipsynched, but don't we expect her to? And yes, the "support the troops" bit was nauseating, but once again, it's trendy. All in all, if you've nothing better to do, give this a watch.

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