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Sex & Nudity

  • Many female characters (both friend and foe) are dressed in very revealing outfits; Umah, the Seer and some of the lady Cabal vampires show the most amount of skin.
  • As Kain drinks the blood of the Seer she regards him with a sensual tone of voice.
  • 3/10

Violence & Gore

  • Kain fights his various human and demonic foes with a multitude of weapons, mostly of the sword/bladed variety as well as a few club-related weapons. Each successful attack or combo will cause blood to be shed, and upon killing his enemies Kain can feed off them, telekinetically extracting their blood from their corpse.
  • If Kain performs a powerful grab attack with any large bladed weapon he can cleanly decapitate specific enemies or townsfolk.
  • The "Fury" and "Berserk" Dark Gifts up Kain's penchant for bloodshed that much more, with the former providing a devastating single blow and the latter stringing together a flurry of speedy strikes.
  • 8/10


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Eternal Prison is a nightmarish structure based on torment and agony; the entire place is made up of cells, crumbling stones, dozens of chained hooks and torture devices. The inmates are driven insane by the methods, almost all of them containing horrific displays of sewn-shut eyes and mouths. Some of the inmates are shown mutilated of their limbs and left impaled on wall-mounted hooks, only able to make pitifully begging moans (this is the worst offender of the level).
  • As with other games in the series Blood Omen II is based on a dark, gothic horror scheme. The bulk of Meridian and the surrounding areas are dark and dismal in approach.
  • 7/10

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