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Chicago Sun-Times
David Gordon Green's second film, is too subtle and perceptive, and knows too much about human nature, to treat their lack of sexual synchronicity as if it supplies a plot.
Entertainment Weekly
It's thrillingly original, lyrical, and wise, and the filmmaker conveys the mutable intensity of young love with the authoritative originality of an important filmmaker.
Like his (David Gordon Green's) debut feature of three years ago, the exquisite "George Washington," this new one has my heart, and I think it will have yours.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The verdict? Green passes with flying colours -- his is a huge and hugely impressive talent.
San Francisco Chronicle
A movie that eliminates Hollywood gloss and pop cliches -- and in their place offers an honest look at young love and its pitfalls.
Girls isn't fabulous, but you do feel its characters really have connected.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Smartly acted, achingly simple love story.
A small movie about big emotions, with Green capturing the rush of love and sting of heartbreak with great vividness.
Miami Herald
Precious without ever being cloying, All the Real Girls is a wise, delicate and immensely touching romance.
New York Post
It's the little things that resonate in this tender and sincere tale of first love.
New York Daily News
The central relationship here is curious but not engaging, except for the pleasure of watching Deschanel, making All the Real Girls just a filmmaker's exercise in impressionistic style and mood.

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