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This Show Is Hilarous!

Author: Ross ( from Melbourne, Australia
28 September 2002

This show is so fun I get glued to the TV.Keep on the good work Brian Wood!But you know's Hilarous!Watch it today,watch it tomorrow it doesn't matter..when you watch it.Keep watching and laugh yourself silly.

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It's just SO funny!

Author: Angela from England
5 November 2002

Why are some twins different? Watch The Cramp Twins and you'll see that not all twins are the same, Wayne and Lucien Cramp (Wayne is the blue kid, Lucien is the normal coloured kid!) Wayne is pure evil, terrorises his brother, lives on sugar loves collecting Junk. Lucien is eco-friendly, eats healthily and is a vegaterian, knits, and hangs around The Swamp with his best friend Tony Parsons, who by the way is REALLY tiny! Thier mother is a complete neat/clean freak and their father just wants to be a cowboy all the time. They all live in Soapcity. I first caught The Cramp Twins on Cartoon Network and just thought it was so sureal, it just so funny, and it helped that i like work of the main characters, Wayne is voiced by the fab Tom 'SpongeBob Squarepants' Kenny and Lucien by Kath Soucie who is Phil and Lil from 'Rugrats' and Rodney and Megan from the equally fab show 'Baby Blues', i have looked at a lot of web sites about voice actors, and no mention of Cramp Twins are on there, i'm assuming you don't get it in America, which is weird, but hopefully, some of you may have seen it.

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Started off great, but now it is quite repetitive, predictable and unoriginal

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
13 June 2010

When The Cramp Twins first started, I loved it. But the later episodes are really repetitive, unoriginal and random, not to mention predictable. The story lines were often simple which isn't a bad thing, but while the early episodes had humour that was funny, the later episodes don't work up to that level, in fact the humour in the later episodes is juvenile and really random.

The animation was pretty good, the colours were bright and the characters were interestingly drawn, while I was never a fan of the theme tune I often loved the incidental music. The writing was to start off humorous and engaging, but like the humour it became juvenile. I had mixed feelings on the characters.

I always liked Lucien and Tony, and I did like Wayne until the writers went overboard and made him a completely unlikeable jerk. The parents had their moments but they weren't enough to make them completely likable, while I never could stand Wendy. On a plus side, the only really consistently good asset was the voice acting, both Tom Kenny and Kath Soucie are great as Wayne and Lucien. Overall, it was a good show but then it became random and juvenile and I didn't like it as much. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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wt flip

Author: shaun-brake from southampton
22 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wayne is 10 so is his brother and so why is he saying girl pants its childish he isn't he is meant to be a mature child not a 2 year old saying GIRL PANTS ha ha ha ha all day I'm sure everyone gets bored of it and 10 year old nerd Lucien shouldn't be hanging with 3 year old tramp tony and why oh why is Wayne such a lmao and try acting like a 2 year old going girl pants did it then the dad doesn't even care atall he just goes heehaw ride em cowboy all day then even tries to spend $2,000 just for a bear toy just wrong and Wayne is just spoilt and when he doesn't get his way he blames Lucien all day everyday even saying hes not his brother terrible families

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Just another cheesy cartoon series

Author: anthony-rigoni from United States
12 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There were good cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kirby Right Back at Ya! But this... Not so much. Now, I'll sing my review to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song.

It's the story of a boy named Lucien, who looks like Marcy's homosexual brother. He's a stereotypical nerd and loser just like all of the rest.

It's the story of a boy named Wayne, who's completely and definitely insane. He reminds me of Bart Simpson, except he has blue skin.

This TV show is nothing but a pile of horse crap because the animation is tacky and the story plots have made no sense. That's how 4kids created the Cramp Twins.

The Cramp Twins, The Cramp Twins.

This TV show is nothing but a piece of cat crap.

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A Laugh Riot!!!!

Author: Piccolo_King from D-e-S
4 May 2012

The Cramp Twins is a supremely entertaining show that'll never fail to tickle your funny bone. Set in the fictional town of Soap City, the story is about two brothers in the Cramp family and their day-to-day adventures and experiences.

Although they are twins, Lucien and Wayne share little in common. Lucien is the Nature-loving gentle soul always looking for ways to protect and nurture the swamp, while Wayne is the aggressive angry boy who likes spending time at the junkyard with close friend, Dirty Joe. Their opposite mannerisms often put them on collision course with hilarious results. Voiced by the brilliant Tom Kenny, blue-colored Wayne Cramp really makes this show stand out. His sadistic yet lovable attitude will have you in splits. Despite being averse to Nature, he is successfully able to recycle and re-use various household items on a daily basis. Lucien, however, is into Nature but doesn't possess any of these attributes. And that's all part of the ironic charm that makes The Cramp Twins the wonderful social satire it is. It delightfully examines the abuse inflicted on the environment by greedy corporations and heavy industries.

Overall, the show is well written and voiced by a talented cast. The animation art is easy on the eyes and quite innovative. A must-watch. Kudos to Brian Wood!

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Toons at their best!

Author: starkravenmadd from north carolina, usa
27 September 2004

The Cramp Twins is best described as a warped view on adolescent life. Lucien and Waye are at each others throats constantly yet still remain brothers at arms when the heat is on from other sources. Their mother is a clean freak, and dad is a cowboy nut, so no wonder they have issues! The show can drag at times, and is not always side splittingly funny, but the overall effect is wonderful. Speaking as a twin I can relate to the Cramp's various troubles. If nothing else the Cramp Twins will leave you giggling, and if you are up to the oddity it can leave you rolling on the floor.

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The Worst cartoon?

Author: Maxim Tretyakov from Russian Federation
21 June 2007

First I watched this cartoon 2 years ago, after three episodes I understood that this is stupid cartoon about stupid unreal people. First Cramp family. Brainless father, mother with soapy brain, aggressive Wayne, Lucien, who supposed to be smart, is just to obsessed with ecology, healthy food etc... Winkle family is another strange family, rich, fat, stupid aggressive father, Wendy, who is too obsessed with Wayne and hate all other children and people etc. Parsons family is just... just ancient, they have never visited school, they don't have paper, they live near Cramp family, but in a house made of junk near bog. If characters and situations from many other cartoons can be projected on real people, these are too unreal and not funny, that is the reason for not to watch this cartoon.

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Terribly Annoying Show!

Author: r-downey1 from Belfast, Northern Ireland UK
13 November 2004

A few years ago when I was a bit younger, I used to not mind this show(I'm now 16). But when I saw it again last month I must say that it was just plain boring and annoying to me. It's still full of the same old rubbish and nothing has changed.

It is all about two twin brothers called Wayne and Lucien Cramp who have nothing at all in common and look nothing like each other. Lucien is like a nature boy who's always hanging round an old swamp and Wayne's like a hard man who likes playing with metal and junk from a scrap yard for some reason. They both dislike each other and are always fighting and at war with each other and after watching several or more episodes of the series this becomes really irritating and just makes you want to jump into your TV set and strangle them both.

Overall this show has its few moments but for most of the time its just annoying. I'm shocked its still on TV after three or four years now. I give The Cramp Twins 3/10 stars. There are many far more impressive kids shows on TV today, do not waste too much time on this one.

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Used to be good, but now, its BORING!!!

Author: POPADLJM from United States
17 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**Possible Spoilers** When I first saw this show on Cartoon Network, I gave it a try, and I liked it. But when I saw every episode, it got boring. There has to be more episodes. It sucks now especially that there's always a commercial after the theme song.

The characters are weird. There's Lucien who's an eco-geek and a good-for-nothing loser. ( I mean, who names their kid Lucien ) There's Wayne who has no friends his age and is hooked on sugar and junk. Tony, Lucien's best friend, is a swamp midget, and Mari, Lucien's nerdy girl friend who wears her pants too high.

Overall, this show's okay and is a little funny. It's funny when Wayne calls Lucien "girl-pants", "mud-features", or "eco-geek".

Comparisons to other cartoons:

Better than: any cartoon on Nickelodeon ( Especially The Wild Thornberrys)

Not as good as: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

My rating: ***1/2 / ***** ( 3.5 out of five )

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