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Jeopardy it's not

Author: edmundmuskie from America
28 September 2003

I liked this show, it was kind of funny, had some interesting questions. The concept was there were three geeks always on the show and a guest geek. The three main geeks were the TV Geek, the Movie Geek and the Music Geek, then there was a guest geek, the Simpsons Geek, the James Bond Geek, the Star Trek Geek and a few others. Three contestants would try to challenge these geeks and prove they had more knowledge of the various subjects. There was a round where the geeks were directly challenged, which were always fun, but there was something missing from this show.

First of all the host of this show was real stupid. His name was Keith van Straaten, he was real stiff and awkward. Tiffany, the co-host of the show, the Beat the Geeks version of Vanna White was fair, but she added very little. The Geeks themselves were very funny. The problem with the show was it was so dark, too much like Who Wants to be a Millionaire in that sense.

The prizes were real stupid too, all you got was some collection of Trauma Horror movies, or maybe a home entertainment system. There was not much incentive to go on this show, which might have been part of the reason it was taken off the air. If the show was reformatted a little bit, not so dark and a little more humor involved, a good host, it might have been better, but it was taken off the air in 2002. Still if you get a chance to watch it, it won't be too bad.

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very cool

Author: kimpham54 from London, England
27 May 2003 i miss this show it was so clever and funny...gave me a reason to like watching trivia games. them and their attitude which was very funny but their broad knowledge was very impressive. bring it BACK

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My personal favorite

Author: tromatical ( from TEXAS!!!!!!!!
27 July 2002

This is my favorite TV quiz show, and I'm not just saying that because I want a position on the show as "The Troma Geek". This show is fast and it is funny. The only negative thing about it is it's revolving cast: since it began, they've had two hosts and three music geeks. Still, Mark, Paul, and Tiffany, the show's mainstays, do a wonderful job. It is my opinion that this cast cast is the best yet. I look forward to seeing more of this show.

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The best game show in a long time.

Author: capthowdy350
6 March 2002

How could you not love this game show? All of the trivia is about movies, television, music and other genres of pop culture. This is a highly entertaining show that's about entertainment! So tune in and test your knowledge, if you look at this website, you should enjoy this program!

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For proud trivia Geeks!

Author: Spider-Lou from Bristol, CT
5 March 2002

The ultimate anti-game show, where contestants answer questions in four categories: 1) music 2) movies 3) TV 4) a separate misc. category every show. Then later, four Geeks, respectively representing these categories, are challenged by the players, who get easy questions. But the Geeks must give up their medals if they miss their harder questions! And folks, these Geeks really do know their senseless trivia. When they answer right you'll be amazed! When they don't answer right, you'll be shocked! The final round pits one person against the Geek of choice. The questions ranged from easy to difficult.

Rather than being intellectual like "Jeopardy" or endless like "Who wants to be a Millionaire", it's merely brain-easy trivia. The all-knowing Geeks were the stars, and Comedy Central wrongly let them go by canceling this trivial fun-fest.

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J. Keith: the perfect host

Author: gaystereotype from indiana
15 January 2003

I have absolutely no idea why J. Keith was replaced by Blaine Capatch. Not only was J. geeky, cute and the right age, he also had very good hosting skills. Blaine is (or was) not cute, and rude. We got enough theatrical rudeness from the geeks themselves, which was plenty. J. neutralized the tension between the contestants and geeks. Bring the show back with J. Keith!

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The most annoying game show on TV!

Author: net_playm8
25 April 2002

I think this show could be good. I love trivia games but rarely know the answers on this one because the questions are too youth-oriented, but that is not my gripe. I just don't like the way the show is put together. The host is dull, and although made up to look like a geek with short hair and black-rimmed glasses, he seems pretty dull-witted too. And the geeks! Why do the producers give them those stupid lines to say to the contestants?? I want to punch the music geek every time he opens his mouth; the only real joy I get from the show is seeing him lose. And his hair! As David Spade told Michael Bolton, "No matter how much you got in back, we all know what's goin' on up top!" If you like those SNL scripted opening monologues where fake audience members ask the hosts dumb questions, you'll like "Beat the Geeks." If you want a smart, funny game show, watch "Win Ben Stein's Money."

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Author: brutalpink from north carolina
19 August 2002

i love beat the geeks...when i first started watching it i thought it sucked but the geeks possess a charm that draws me to them. a few minor changes like the prizes from troma have also really enhanced the show. it's probably the only show i would like to be on. blaine capatch is the epitome of that really cute geek that you aren't supposed to like (but do) and he brings with him even more appeal. as with many other excellent and under appreciated shows- beat the geeks will most likely be canceled in the near future but hopefully comedy central will be able to produce more innovative entertainment in the vain of beet the geeks and avoid crap like win ben stein's money.

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TV isnt as low as it was

Author: Bill
10 November 2002

this show is great. its in lowbrow your face comedy is funny. the geeks not only are funny, but they are excellent in there fields of knowledge. but unlike most game shows, the geeks have weakness. they actually get some of the easy stuff wrong. the geeks are actually human as opposed to jeopardy where you need 11 doctorates and 20 years of college to get the easy questions right.

this show is also educational. i know a great amount of all three of the main areas of trivia, but i learn something knew from each episode. the guest geeks are cool, but they need more variety in the geeks. like have a geek for a specific movie, tv show, or band more often. and who else thinks the playboy geek is just a pervert who's only girlfriends are the centerfolds?...haha

the host isnt that bad, blaine is in your face and looks like a geek. but J Key has a geeky voice. im sure J Key went to bigger and better things by using his geeks fame, so i understand bringing in a host.

the prizes also dont suck. trips to movie studios, new york, sound systems, home theater systems, and roles in B horror movies. those are geek prizes and they actually are worth something.

they also need to show ways how the public can be a contest or a guest geek. i would love to try my luck as a contestant. or even as a guest geek. i got the knowledge to kick almost anyones ass at saved by the bell. bring it on.

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Such A Great Show

Author: adaros from Toronto
12 July 2003

for any movie or tv lover out there this is a great show. the geeks are amazing at their knowledge of music, tv, and movie - yet the movie geek certainly proves that he knows almost everything about every movie (he so hard to stump!!) anyways it's a great show because it's tests your knowledge as well as being fast-paced and having a great 22min show. you just can't help but laugh been Blaine yells "the Geek-QUALIZER!!!!!". great show, good laughs, and a way of widening our movie knowledge! yet i think there needs to be harder questions for the movie geek, because i haven't seen anyone beat him yet!

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