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Old-style animation slows down after a snappy start, but it's lively enough to keep kids from fidgeting too much.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's only 76 minutes long, but although kids will like it, their parents will be sneaking looks at their watches.
The visual effects are lovely to behold, and the songs by Bonnie Raitt, Tim McGraw and k.d. lang are fairly catchy.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Whatever the narrative shortcomings, these characters have the warmth of antique painted storybooks, unlike the eerie plastic simulation of Pixar characters.
Wall Street Journal
Any shortfalls in Home on the Range a conventional but perfectly pleasant entertainment, have more to do with the ABC's of storytelling than with the D's of animation.
Entertainment Weekly
The conservatively cheery artistic style suggests that the animation team has been reading Sundance merchandise catalogs.
San Francisco Chronicle
This 76-minute Western tall tale isn't out-and-out bad, but strictly formulaic and an underachievement from the studio that made the dazzling "Snow White."
Philadelphia Inquirer
Despite lovely songs from k.d. lang and Bonnie Raitt (written by Beauty and the Beast composer Alan Menken), this range is about as serene as a hen party.
New York Daily News
An intended throwback to the halcyon days of colorful studio cartoons, more in the Chuck Jones style than Disney, and the animation of its characters and Western motif is fine. But the writing of co-directors Will Finn and John Sanford and their characterizations are embarrassingly bad.
The Hollywood Reporter
This amiable, Western-themed animated effort from the Walt Disney Co. is a clear attempt to return to the more lighthearted cartoon style that was so prevalent before its onslaught of stately musical epics.
Chicago Tribune
Isn't good satire or good slapstick. It does have those lyrical, catchy Menken tunes, and the film perks up whenever Raitt or lang sing one of them. But much of this movie is deadly.

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