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Chicago Sun-Times
In America is not unsentimental about its new arrivals (the movie has a warm heart and frankly wants to move us), but it is perceptive about the countless ways in which it is hard to be poor and a stranger in a new land.
New York Post
It's a wistful yet penetrating film, shot through with magic realism and life-affirming humor, that gets you deep down where you live.
Has a warmth that's utterly enchanting, and a tenderness that's genuinely touching. This is a real gem.
Wall Street Journal
Magic suffuses this film -- performances that approach perfection, or achieve it, moments of exceptional grace as a troubled family plays out a contemporary version of a classic immigration saga, healing itself in the process.
Touching, but not cloying, uplifting and hopeful but never sappy and also just plain funny. There is not a false note among the five core performances, nor a false word in Sheridan's script.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Wondrously emotional film, one that sneakily dismantles your defenses and purges grief you didn't realize you had.
The Hollywood Reporter
Layered with elements that are both amusing and touching but never threatening to collapse into a big heap of sentimental mush.
Entertainment Weekly
Has moments of biting tenderness, yet the movie made me wish that Sheridan had let in more of America.
An emotional wipeout.
When you see a director going for that lump-in-the-throat mood, instinct takes over and you want to dig in your heels. Sometimes it's best just to let yourself be swept away.
New York Daily News
If you're looking for a bit of an uplift, you could do worse among the gloom of so many holiday dramas.

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