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Robin Tunney and the Music Score Make This Good Film also Delightful
Claudio Carvalho2 January 2012
In San Francisco, Zoe (Robin Tunney) is a shy and outcast in her working place that adores the love songs she listens to the radio. Zoe goes to a bar with her coworkers and she spends the night talking to a colleague that also like mushy songs. She drinks with him and when she goes to her car to take her cellular to call a taxi, a stalker forces her to drive away. A police officer sees the intruder in her car and asks her to stop the car. However, the guy forces Zoe to run over the policeman that is hit and dies. Zoe has a car accident and the aggressor escapes.

Neither the police nor her defense lawyer believes on her words and Zoe is arrested for murdering the policeman. She is confined at home with an ankle bracelet under the surveillance of Daly (Tim Blake Nelson), a lonely man that falls in love with Zoe. She tries to find a way to leave the spot to chase the criminal and prove her innocence.

I bought "Cherish" on DVD a long time ago, and only today I have watched it. It was a pleasant surprise, since Robin Tunney and the music score with wonderful songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's make this good low- budget film also delightful. The conclusion is satisfactory but could be better and better. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "No Lugar e na Hora Errada" ("In the Wrong Place and Time")
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Foot locker
jotix10021 November 2004
"Cherish", directed by Finn Taylor, is worth a look because it's much better than some other more pretentious movies that fared much better, be it because hype, or wider distribution. The talent gathered here is young and wonderful and the great sound track, mostly from the 80s works extremely well.

We first meet Zoe, an insecure young person, as she comes to work in an office where she sticks out like a sore thumb. Zoe is an original in her own way, but she tries too hard to fit in. Her mostly sophisticated coworkers reject her on the basis of looks. Zoe is heavily into music. We see her dialing her local radio station to ask the D.J. to play favorites, which he always has ready. Her 'radio' name is Natasha!

Something horrible happens to Zoe after a party. A policeman is killed and all points out to Zoe being the culprit. Thus begins a house arrest in which Zoe is made to wear an ankle strap that will monitor her movements. Daly, the police department in charge of this operation, becomes fascinated by this young woman. Suddenly, this man will be seeing things differently as he falls for Zoe in a no-win situation.

The viewer is in for a treat because of the immensely winning performance of Robin Tunney. She is a fantastic presence as Zoe. We get a feeling of claustrophobia as we watch her confined to a seedy loft for a crime she has nothing to do with. Tim Blake Nelson, who we have seen on plays in the New York stage, makes an incredible contribution to this story that is set in the Bay area.

"Cherish" will win anyone with an open heart.
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It is by far superior to any other in its multi-genre this year.
jdesando20 June 2002
A young woman,Zoe,is placed under electronic house arrest for a crime she did not commit. The eccentric and energetic `Cherish, ' written and directed by Finn Taylor (`Dream with the Fishes') has the virtues of romance and thriller with a good dose of odd love. It is by far superior to any other in its multi-genre this year.

Robin Tunney plays Zoe as a cross between Frankie Potente in `Run, Lola, Run' and an updated Audrey Hepburn in `Breakfast at Tiffany's.' She indeed runs for her life, in a sequence clearly influenced by `Lola,' and she hangs out on an apartment terrace wistfully looking at life as Audrey did almost a half a century ago.

Tunney is natural and attractive dealing with the loneliness of exile and a possible romance with the rep for the electronic imprisoning device.

Her antagonist is a male version of Clint Eastwood's nemesis in `Play Misty for Me'-a cunning loner whose affection for music and Zoe is pathological. This insanity allows for an eclectic soundtrack rich with the songs of the ‘50's and 60's and an emphasis on the eccentric contemporary Noe Venable, perfectly suited to the situation.

And the music is a star-the pop lyrics give meaning and nostalgia in a world where Zoe is confined by four walls but liberated by her imagination to become a passably good roller skater and lovable neighborhood oddity. Association hit "Cherish" is the titular song whose demented lyrics reflect the antagonist's sick obsession with a girl he can never have.

Confinement has released her imagination. Finally, an intelligent movie this summer to share the spotlight with Hugh grant's `About a Boy.'
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I want to see it again!
bebetuck17 June 2002
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's the type of flick that you want to see again, and real soon, because you have the sense you missed a lot the first time around.

The use of music is huge in this movie. Although completely different, I am drawing up memories of High Fidelity. Both movies feature music as its own entity or major theme in the story, not just as a backdrop to help tell the story. As a music lover, I just dig this.

Robin Tunney was phenomenal as Zoe. I think even if I didn't enjoy the other characters and the plot so much, this movie would be worth seeing just for her performance. She did an excellent job of portraying Zoe's journey. Her performance never felt pushed or strained; she just WAS Zoe, from the first scene to the last. Of course, this is what actors are paid for! I just felt she did an extraordinary job of capturing the character.

I love the way this movie was presented. It didn't abuse, or rely on, special effects. Rather, they were used at just the right time to help tell the story.

This movie has just enough of everything you want in a movie to make it suitable for all the types of moods you might be in when you see it!
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May not work on all levels, but it sure is fun
otis von zipper6 June 2002
Robin Tunney plays Zoe, a woman who finds herself trapped in her own home through the home arrest program after being falsely accused as a cop-killer. Tim Blake Nelson plays the home arrest worker who often visits to check on the equipment. The new film by Finn Taylor works like a romantic comedy, but also contains elements of a thriller. Cherish could easily have become buried in pretense or a messy mixture of genres, but it succeeds though, primarily by focusing on the complex character created by Tunney.

Most of the film takes place inside the loft apartment Zoe has been confined to. Gradually, she finds ways to expand her circle of territory, which mirrors her personal growth. The irony is that when she was free Zoe never connected with anyone, but when under arrest she is able to reach out and develop friendships. Tunney does a great job of playing an intelligent, but obviously flawed character. Tim Blake Nelson has a much smaller role, but he does a lot with it. When he becomes obsessed with Zoe he shows it in small ways, staring at a photo, buying her a radio. It's the kind of behavior I think we've all experienced when someone captures our attention. Other cast members that pop up in small but memorable roles include Jason Priestley (rather unrecognizable as a smarmy co-worker), Liz Phair, Nora Dunn and Brad Hunt as a stalker. But special mention should be made of Ricardo Gil, an amateur actor (he regularly works as a photographer) who plays Zoe's neighbor, a gay Jewish short person. Seems a bit extreme when writing it, but the nice thing is that Gil plays the part well never delving into pathos or caricature. The soundtrack is fun with several cheesy pop songs from the 70's and 80's, which often are played for comedic effect like when our stalker dances around to Hall and Oates's `Private Eyes'. What Taylor is aiming for though, is showing us people who want to use pop songs as a means of expression. It's a great twist to the usual method of just inserting an appropriate tune.
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The spirit of independent films
mdocmorris8 March 2004
A fine exploration of love and obsession and a woman's journey for identity wrapped in an implausible plot, 'Cherish' is an admirable film full of well-rounded, comedic performances by a mostly unsung cast. Robin Tunney, who some of you may know from the remake of 'The In-Laws', stars as Zoe, a ditzy, confused young woman at the beginning of the film. She defines herself by her pitiful relationships with men, which through plot circumstances I won't reveal, result in her being confined to a seedy apartment somewhere in San Francisco, awaiting trial for a crime she didn't commit. Gradually, she discovers her strength as a woman, both physically and emotionally, through her relationships with her apartment mates, local neighbors, and most significantly with Tim Blake Daly, who portrays the cop who monitors her confinement. Great musical score that comments on the movie's themes, some great comic bits by the supporting cast and excellent direction by Finn Taylor. San Franciscans will snicker at the journey Zoe takes through the city to return to her apartment when she is allowed a day of escape, and some folks may scoff at the rather absurd plot, but I found this to be a very adorable film and recommend it to any film buffs who have grown bored by the usual Hollywood mush.
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So much Potential and yet ARG......
ParkerGolightly14 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Oh this movie had so much potential and I still recommend it as the soundtrack rocks and Robbin and Tim are both beautiful and so lovely to watch, but....this is an example, to me, of a good movie just made too fast or something, I was bummed because it just has such great potential, there were just way way way too many inconsistencies and unbelievable situations... i.e. the whole attic/shoot thing she was always jumping around in, the lovers never catching on, the new red cordless at the end of the movie, the wood plank suddenly not on the door just after she placed it there moments before....and the ending? (Spoiler Alert) actually just before the ending the fight with Mr. just didn't seem truthful, but I do like the fact that she took off and didn't get "saved" by her cute man and yet the emailing alludes to the possibility of them hooking up, even if at first he seemed what I'm saying, rent it, but don't expect truthfulness to the situation...
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An independent sleeper to 'Cherish'
Michael Pilkington13 July 2002
Fine breakthrough performance by Robin Tunney ("The Craft") and 80's soundtrack drives this independent sleeper. Tunney plays a computer animator named Zoe who likes to fantasize and listen to 80's pop music. One night, Zoe's life changes for the worse after a stranger hops in her car and makes her run over a police officer by accident and he gets away. As a result, she finds herself under house arrest with an electronic bracelet uncomfortably attached to her ankle and limited to 57 feet of space in a run-down apartment until her trial. While dealing with confinement and solitude she tries to improvise. A parole officer (Tim Blake Nelson) checks up on Zoe quite frequently and even tries to help her find the assailant responsible. And yes, there's chemistry between the two. Want more info? You'll have to see this movie for yourself.

What makes "Cherish" entertaining is that this movie revolves around Zoe. Writer/director Finn Taylor wants us to identify with Zoe. We shouldn't laugh at her, but with her and to sympathize with her. She uses music as a tool, a way to overcome misery. In fact, just about every character uses music in their own way. For those who love music are in for a treat. The soundtrack contains songs by Hall & Oates, Soft Cell, Modern English and Tom Petty to name a few.

If you're tired of summer blockbusters and want to see something different and entertaining, this is the movie to track down for the whole family. That is, if it's playing in your area. My evaluation: *** out of ****.
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Charming, funny, with a touch of romance
ArizWldcat31 May 2004
This is one of my favorite independent films. Yeah, the storyline may not be original, but Robin Tunney and Tim Blake Nelson do such a good job that you just love their characters (at least I did) and you want everything to turn out well for them. When I saw this in the theater originally, I loved the soundtrack, as it fit the storyline so well. The 80s songs featured are so cheesy and they fit the stalker theme. This film is so obviously low budget, but the actors involved made the story interesting, and I got so wrapped up in the story that I didn't care about the "little things." The DVD is well made, with an entertaining commentary track and an interesting "making of" featurette. What more could a film geek want?
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Good stuff!
Snoopy17 September 2003
I liked this movie! A lot of problems with new indie films is that they try to be too artsy (with rapid cuts or industrial music) or too dark where you wind up loathing all of the characters. This movie was neither. The soundtrack was ecclectic and quirky. You were able to sympathize with all the characters.

Nelson and Tunney had great chemistry and were fun to watch together. The genres (comedy/drama/thriller) meshed very well together to make a cohesive, entertaining piece.

Good job :-)
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Not cherished but well liked!
txcanela11 July 2003
I like this movie. As far as perfomances go, Tim Blake Nelson's Daly was great! It was worth the watch and worth the listen because the music was great too. Cherish is unrequited love at it's best! Of course I liked Zoe (good performance by Tunney) but it was Daly that I related to most of all. In my world I am Daly, always waiting and hoping for that elusive bliss to be reciprocated! A solid 7 out of 10!
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Interesting premise goes badly wrong
tmk120 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The first third of this film was promising, but it got so badly out of hand by the end that I can't seriously recommend anyone bother watching it. I found it really difficulty to be sympathetic to this main character who didn't seem to be affected by the death of a policeman--even if she wasn't responsible. Her main concern during her confinement seems to be how to foil the ankle device, not thinking about her screwed-up life, or how to clear her name.

Worst of all, there is so little motivation for many of her actions that the whole thing just falls apart. The ending made me furious--she goes through a thoroughly unbelievable search for the guy who got her into this mess, uncovers plenty of evidence to clear herself then breaks her own foot to escape! That's not just stupid, that's insulting. Maybe they were bending over backwards not to have her just fall into the arms of her rescuer, but that could have been a far more satisfying scenario.

I really loved "Dream with the Fishes" but after seeing this I won't be so quick to seek out another film by this director. The guy clearly has some issues with stalking women. This COULD have been a really good film, but it ended up just pissing me off.
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Loved this movie!
mw54200326 July 2004
I happened upon this movie and loved it! It's nice to see a movie that's really worth your time. It was so simply done - taking place for the most part in one room. It didn't require big explosions, etc. I think when a movie like this is good, it really says something about what it takes to make a good film. I'm not familiar with the actor who played Daly. But I will look for more of him. In the beginning of the movie, the Daly character is not attractive. But as his character and relationship to Zoe progresses, you just love him. I just wish that he and Zoe could have ended up saying goodbye or something. I wanted something more for him. I loved it!!!!!
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One of those unique films you wish you could watch again for the first time
christina48720 November 2003
Someone recommended this film and I didn't know anything about the plot, the soundtrack, the actors, etc. And I LOVED all the surprises. This film is loaded with great retro relics, including a couple of roller skating scenes. This is one of those films that goes hand-in-hand with Office Space, The Secretary or Donnie Darko for their unique perspectives. Too bad scripts like this are so few and far between.
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Had me glued to the TV watching it
grlewycky3 August 2013
Just stumbled upon this movie on one of the movie stations and since I love Robin Tunney and never heard of this movie and ended up watching it and later recording it.

She plays an amazing role for a difficult situation brought on by a stalker and being at the wrong place at the wrong time when she was just having a simple easy life with a job she really liked.

She is quite clever in a few parts and has some love twists with some unexpected.

Movie has a great selection of 80s music, suspense along with a few twists and surprises and a good cast.
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what was there to like?
cherbu21 June 2002
This movie gives all it has to give in the first 10 minutes. Hackneyed, predictable script exacerbated by unimaginative direction and repetitive camera work. plot stalled between dull fantasy of female hysteria and a condescending out-of-touch vigilanteism. a major psychological turning point for the protagonist involves an iron and her hair style. anything good in it seemed ripped off from pretty in pink, amelie, run lola run, just to name a few. sound track uninspired (even "the wedding singer" was better in this regard).
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Would Have Cherished Better Writing!
Python Hyena27 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Cherish (2002): Dir: Finn Taylor / Cast: Robin Tunney, Tim Blake Nelson, Nora Dunn, Jason Priestley, Lindsay Crouse: The title may have significance but indirectly in terms of describing the plot, which may have been inspired by the superior Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window. The title may indicate the heroine's love for vinyl music or her obsession of two men, one being a stalker who plasters her photos all over his apartment walls, and the other being a technician in charge of the ankle bracelet she must wear during house arrest. Robin Tunney stars as an office worker isolated socially using music to cope with stress. When leaving a club she is attacked by a stalker, which leads to the death of a police officer when her car swerves into him. The stalker isn't seen, and Tunney was under the influence of alcohol. Directed by Finn Taylor who also made Dream With the Fishes. Tunney holds her own bringing out the desperate anguish of a woman trapped by injustice and fear. Tim Blake Nelson as the visiting officer is really a potential romantic fling, which prevents the character from being more interesting. Nora Dunn is given the standard role of lawyer, and Jason Priestley steals moments as Tunney's obsession. Lindsay Crouse plays a therapist who will attempt to help Tunney get her crap together. Theme regards the things that we should cherish but take for granted. Score: 5 ½ / 10
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A stalker, a cop killing, an ankle bracelet, and lots of music
blanche-215 August 2012
Robin Tunney stars in "Cherish," a 2002 film featuring Jason Priestley, Brad Hunt, and Tim Blake Nelson.

Tunney plays Zoe Adler, a pretty young woman with all kinds of appeal to men, which is fine with her. One night, she's about to hook up with a hot guy named Andrew (Jason Priestley), who's going to drive her home because she had too much to drink. She realizes she left her cell phone in her car. When she goes to get it, a man gets into her car and forces her to drive. When she sees a policeman walking toward them, she refuses to drive any longer. The perp guns the pedal and the cop is killed, and the man escapes.

Zoe is arrested, given an ankle bracelet, and put into a run-down apartment until her trial. There, she tries desperately to amuse herself by ironing her hair, spying on the people above her by climbing up through the closet, roller skating, looking in a mirror and pretending she's talking to a guy she just met, and anything else she can think of. She also becomes friends with the wheelchair-bound gay guy downstairs and the person who comes to check on her ankle bracelet, Daly (Nelson). He develops a crush on her and wants to help her prove her innocence. Meanwhile, her stalker, who took her cell phone, is still around, and she's desperate to learn his identity and get some evidence against him.

Many scenes in this film come off like music videos, as music -- and good music -- is an important part of the film. Hall & Oates, one of my favorite groups, is well represented, as well as the title song, "I'm Not in Love," "Tainted Love," "Get Up and Move," and many others. A scene toward the end of the movie is a rip-off of Run, Lola, Run, complete with the pulsating rhythm accompanying it.

Tunney is an underrated actress, and as usual, she's excellent here, giving a quirky, sexy performance. The casting is interesting - Nora Dunn plays her attorney, and Ricardo Gil gives a good performance as her neighbor Max, who besides being in a wheelchair, is a dwarf.

All in all, though a few questions go unanswered and the ending is ambiguous, this is a very good movie, well worth seeing.
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I saw two different versions...??!!
ruthann-renaud3 August 2009
I saw this movie a few months ago on a local TV station on the late, late show. It looked good and I stayed with it to the end. It's a good chick flick with enough to hold anybody's interest. The fact that Zoe's apartment becomes a prison and she makes do with what she has gets interesting and intriguing. Zoe's relationship with the man who keeps attaching her monitoring device was also quite interesting. That was several months ago. The other night, the same station rebroadcast the same movie on the late, late show and what I saw came across as a totally different movie--different plot twists, etc. from what I saw several months ago. Perhaps an alternate version exists...please check.
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Quirky story
mrchaos335 July 2003
Cherish is one of those films that people like to call `quirky.' It is a strange little story about a fantasy-prone woman named Zoe who winds up under house arrest for a crime that she didn't commit. She finds ways to cope with her situation, which at first doesn't seem that bad. There are worse ways to do your time than in a huge Ikea furniture decorated loft in San Francisco, but the limitations of movement soon become obvious, and you realize that anywhere can become a prison if you aren't allowed to leave. Robin Tunney rises above the messy script to actually give Zoe some life, while Tim Blake (O Brother Where Art Thou?) Nelson's love-sick deputy is an understated gem of a performance. If nothing else Cherish is a good antidote to the smash-‘em-up summer blockbusters currently clogging up multi-plex screens.
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jjmoney27 February 2002
I saw this movie recently, and I honestly have no idea how it got into sundance. I'm too annoyed, actually, to even give a plot synopsis. Basically, the movie is overly precious and tries valiantly (and somewhat offensively) to be "indie" by offering up a useless supporting character who is a "little person", confined to a wheelchair, and also...gasp...Gay! Maybe if the script were even remotely well written, this could have worked, but obviously the writer/director thought he could validate this insipid film by being "edgy" and "daring" enough to portray such a "brave" character. Yeah right.

Is this a goofy, charming little romance? no. Is it a thriller? It sure tries to be, especially in the last 15 minutes or so, but fails miserably. A note to the director: if you want to make a thriller, you should make sure there aren't plot/logic holes in your script large enough to drive a truck through. or a wheelchair, operated by a gay midget. I'm not even going to say anymore. Some women I was with actually enjoyed this maybe there is an audience, after all.

Personally, I thought it was junk.
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It's addictive
jeaton14 July 2006
Something about this movie is simply addictive. It seems so real and personal; This film doesn't even have a hint of Hollywood in it. It's not filmed classically, it has moments where you're not sure whether or not you're in the psycho's fantasy, or in Zoe's. There is so much that contributes to this movie. The music, the romance, the thrill, the characters, this movie has it all.

The first time I saw this movie, I couldn't get enough of it. I had to see it again. I recommend it for people over the age of 13, and especially girls/women. I felt like I could connect to Zoe and her struggle. Definitely a must see!
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I've watched this a dozen times!
mythbuster718 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! The soundtrack, the scenes, all blend together perfectly. The "growing hair" scene with Noe Veneble playing in the background makes you feel Zoe's loneliness at being confined in her large, far too-empty apartment. Also, Tim Blake Nelson's character "Daly" is truly Zoe's protector, and it's very endearing to watch their relationship blossom. I was a little disappointed in the end when Zoe sends Daly the e-mail. I was curious to see what he typed to her in response to her out-of-the-blue communication to him. Maybe we'll bet lucky and they'll film a sequel! Overall, this movie was simply done, true-to-life, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys independent films.
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