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‘The Comeback’ Finale Strains To Find Redemption (Spoilers)

‘The Comeback’ Finale Strains To Find Redemption (Spoilers)
The Comeback” has ended its comeback on HBO, completing what amounted to a victory lap for a show that was ahead of its time, yes, but despite cultish devotion, never really victorious.

Perhaps that’s why the finale came as such a surprise, exhibiting a sentimentality that provided a sense of closure but which simply felt incongruous with much of what transpired within the show’s fictional world, much less the realities of Hollywood that it sought to lampoon.

Several movies came to mind while viewing the final hour (and Spoiler Alert if you haven’t watched), in which Lisa Kudrow’s character, Valerie Cherish, completed what amounted to a “Shawshank”-like redemption, crawling through a torrent of excrement (literally, in an unnecessary twist) to come out cleansed on the other side.

Like “The Paper Chase” – in which the protagonist, having chased law-school grades the entire movie, finally decides that
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Film Review: ‘Annabelle’

Film Review: ‘Annabelle’
The scares are cheap but periodically effective in “Annabelle,” a cut-rate spinoff from James Wan’s superlative haunted-house hit “The Conjuring” that (partly) makes up in crude shock effects what it lacks in craft, atmosphere and just about every other department. Designed mainly as a starring vehicle for the eponymous, creepy-as-hell doll (who easily outclasses her human co-stars), this WB/New Line quickie will slake the thirst of die-hard genre fans put out by the abysmal “Dracula Untold.” Mere casual fright fans are advised to wait for the proper sequel, “The Conjuring 2,” due in 2015.

Among the many objects from paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cabinet of demonically possessed curiosities that got their closeups in “The Conjuring,” the indisputable scene-stealer was Annabelle, a pigtailed, rosy-cheeked wooden moppet who looked like Howdy Doody in drag, or Raggedy Ann after a long night in the wrong part of town. Now, in “Annabelle,
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'Annabelle': Film Review

'Annabelle': Film Review
Inanimate objects are deployed to endless would-be-scary effect in Annabelle, and it’s not just the supremely creepy doll that is its star. In this prequel to last year's hit The Conjuring — one of the most effective haunted-house movies of recent years — cheap jolts are provided by an errant sewing machine, a record player spinning The Association’s hit "Cherish," heavy books, a malfunctioning elevator and even an unattended Jiffy Pop popcorn pan. The filmmakers literally throw in everything but the kitchen sink. Usually, movie spinoffs attempt to up the ante — witness this summer’s The Purge:

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50 brilliant movie opening credits sequences

  • Den of Geek
From a range of eras and genres, here's Jenny and Alex's light-hearted pick of 50 great opening title sequences from the movies...

Odd List

We don’t go to the cinema much, because we hate people. We also don’t go because there’s always the risk of accidentally going to see the wrong film. It's not helped by the fact that there's no way of telling until it’s too late, because there are no bloody opening credits on lots of modern films. And by the time you do realise, you’ve eaten all your popcorn and you can’t be bothered to move.

The movies on this list won’t give you that problem. These opening credits are perfect scene setters for the movies that follow, so you won’t have to worry about awkward popcorn wasting moments. It's not a top 50, rather a selection of 50 interesting credits sequences,
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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS, Suits and More!

Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: With Go On cancelled, any chance Matthew Perry will return to The Good Wife next season? —Kim

Ausiello: Not only does exec producer Robert King want Perry, he tells TVLine he plans to do “whatever we can to get him.” The ground is particularly fertile for a Mike Kresteva comeback in the wake of the Florrick campaign’s ballot-tampering cover-up (a scandal that could reverse the election results in Kresteva’s favor). “If we get Matthew, he will be involved with that,
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"Glee" Graduation: The Last of Our Favorite Senior Performances!

  • TooFab
Puck - "School's Out"What's a high school slacker (Mark Salling) to do when he thinks he's not going to graduate? Why, stop caring of course, and rock out to Alice Cooper's "School's Out."Quinn - "Cherish/Cherish"Dianna Agron's Quinn had quite a year ...wait, scratch that. Quinn's had quite a high school career! Pregnancy, break-ups, goth phase, paralyzed, this girl has seen it all. At least for a brief moment this year she got to enjoy the stage when singing a mash-up of The Association and Madonna with Mercedes, Sam and Joe (Samuel Larsen).Mike Chang - "Scream"Definitely best known for his amazing dancing, the lack of singing from Harry Shum Jr.'s Mike Chang is a running joke on the show. It was pretty awesome though when he and Artie (Kevin McHale) recreated the epic Michael Jackson/ Janet Jackson "Scream" video during an Artie dream sequence.
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Glee’s Valentine’s Day Tribute to Whitney Houston – No Filler Here

It was a very special Valentines Day on last night’s episode of Glee. When most shows use Valentines Day as an excuse for filler episode Glee stood out from the crowd with fun songs and hot topics. They paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston as well as introduced some new guest stars. In an episode filled with love and loss there was plenty of “heart”.

We finally met Rachel’s (Lea Michele) dads Hiram and Leroy played perfectly by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell respectively. The duo was perfectly over dramatic and explained a lot in terms of Rachel’s personality. It seemed as thought the dads were fully on boar

d with Rachel and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) ridiculous wedding but it turns out they were only trying to fool her with reverse psychology. In a house built on honesty, respect and dance the lies didn’t sit well with Hiram.
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‘Glee,’ Season 3, Episode 13, ‘Heart’: TV Recap

‘Glee,’ Season 3, Episode 13, ‘Heart’: TV Recap
Fox Scene from “Glee.”

Call it eerie timing, but every fan of “Glee” was looking forward to Mercedes’s rendition of the power-pop ballad “I Will Always Love You,” made famous by the recently departed Whitney Houston. And the verdict?

Girl blew it out of the park.

Mercedes stuns her fellow classmates with a heart-rending love song that becomes a homage of the 48-year-old fallen star. We’ve never seen her at such a lovers’ crossroad, torn between her found-again
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Glee Recap: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Glee Recap: Crazy, Stupid, Love
Love (and possibly lunacy) was in the air for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Glee. Rachel’s dads (LeRoy and Hiram) returned from the City of Lost Parents and tried to use reverse psychology to overturn their daughter’s engagement to Finn. Artie and Rory battled for Sugar’s affections. Glee Project co-winner Samuel Larsen made his debut as a Christian student adjusting to the non-home-schooled life. And the show’s writers hastily erected a papier-mâché wall to keep apart Mercedes and Sam. (Plus, Karofsky returned! Yay!)

If you were too busy shouting “Tinnnnn Roof! Rusted.” to follow the entire hour,
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Heart Lea Michele and Glee Promos

  • Boomtron
Calling all Glee fans! It’s time to Gleek out once again when this Tuesday’s Valentines episode entitled Heart airs on Fox. To give fans a quick glimpse into the episode, short teasers have been released – two of which you can view right here on Boomtron! The video clips shown below highlight just two of the many story lines that will be occuring in the episode. A brief description of the Valentine’s episode is as follows; “In honor of Valentine’s Day, Will challenges the New Directions to find and perform the world’s greatest love songs. Meanwhile, Rachel’s (Lea Michele) two dads Hiram and LeRoy Berry pay a visit to McKinley High.”

Heart will feature no fewer than eight song performances, most of which are romantic in nature. Mercedes (Amber Riley) will be taking on Whitney Houston`s version of I Will Always Love You – a
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Glee: Listen to the Songs from the Valentine's Day Episode "Heart"

Glee: Listen to the Songs from the Valentine's Day Episode "Heart"

Glee is featuring a Valentine's Day episode (on the holiday itself) this week and it's been decided that the episode will be dedicated to Whitney Houston, who passed away over the weekend.  Coincidentally, Amber Riley has already recorded a performance of "I Will Always Love You", which was already scheduled to air during the episode.

The February 14 episode of Glee, titled "Hearts", sees love in the air around McKinley High.  Will assigns the kids love songs as this week's challenge, while Rachel's fathers decide to visit the school after the news of Rachel and Finn's recent engagement.  Jeff Goldblum and Stokes Mitchell will be appearing (and singing!) as Rachel's fathers.

Expect a lot of songs to be performed in this episode.  The song list includes:

-"L-o-v-e" by Nat King Cole (sung by Mike Chang and Tina Cohen
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'Glee': Listen to Samuel Larsen's Valentine's Day debut and other songs from 'Heart'

Last week's Ricky Martin-led episode of "Glee" was light on the tunes, but the gang's Valentine's Day outing, "Heart," packs in almost as many songs as the epic Michael Jackson tribute, and includes quite a few notable tracks.

In the first of several "Glee" debuts Feb. 14, "Glee Project" co-winner Samuel Larsen teams up with Chord Overstreet and Amber Riley for a cover of Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine's duet "Stereo Hearts." It's a faithful interpretation of the original -- we just want to know the context of the song. 

Meanwhile, Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell team up for Cole Porter's "You're the Top," which is all sorts of amazing but we're assuming will be cut down considerably for broadcast. Good thing we can hear it all online.

Elsewhere, Larsen's "Glee Project" co-winner Damian McGinty finally covers his dream artist, Michael Buble, but the song choice
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Music: Music Review: Cold Cave: Cherish The Light Years

The problem with too many synth-pop revivalists is that they approach the genre as little more than a cold corpse to reanimate. But Wesley Eisold, the man behind Cold Cave, clearly sees his own synth-pop as part of a still-vital continuum. By that token, Cold Cave’s sophomore album, Cherish The Light Years, absolutely teems. From the blurry, breathtaking opener, “The Great Pan Is Dead,” to the whiplash goth of “Burning Sage,” the album extends every pixilated hook and keystroke hit by Soft Cell, New Order, early Simple Minds, and Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode. Eisold’s previous experience, as ...
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Sarsgaard Looks Into Bluegrass Roots

Peter Sarsgaard is set to star in a biopic of famed bluegrass musician Bill Monroe according to The Wrap.

Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys band pioneered the genre in a career that spanned six decades and nearly twenty albums. The film is expected to follow the mold of Johnnie Cash biopic "Walk The Line" and Finn Taylor ("Cherish," "The Darwin Awards") will direct.

Sarsgaard has brought Callie Khouri ("Thelma And Louise") onto the independently-financed production to re-write an early script draft. The pair's other halves, musician T. Bone Burnett and actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, both worked on "Crazy Heart" and Burnett may be involved in a similar capacity here.
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Mouth Off Episode 14 – Clash of the Titans & Whip It

  • HeyUGuys
Easter Monday is upon us and what better way to enjoy the bank holiday than with the dulcet tones of the Mouth Off podcast?

This week I’m joined by HeyUGuys writers Emily Breen and Craig Skinner, as well as our usual guest /Film’s Brendon Connelly, and we take a look at two films out this week, Louis Leterrier’s 3D/CGI behemoth Clash of the Titans and Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It.

We also pick out a few of the week’s news items and trailers to discuss and the (now) regular feature the Movie Resurrection Round Table (that is its name this week…) where we champion an overlooked film we love, four great choices this week and as always I’ve added the trailers to the foot of this post.

As always do leave your comments and suggestions below, we want to make this podcast
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